Movie Stars Who Became Famous James Bond Movie Icons

Famous James Bond

The Famous James Bond Movie franchise has been providing us with the best entertainment and the best movies since the early 1960s. Sean Connery was the first James Bond who starred in the all-time hit movie Dr. No. After that, various actors to date have played the role of Agent 007 and have kept the legend of the most charming, ruthless and M’s best man with the License To Kill alive. The creators of the James Bond movies have always tried and laid more stress on creating the Famous James Bond Movie character akin to the novels. Also, they try to add many new things to make the character, or the movie itself looks more futuristic. 

All the Bond movies have given people some amazing technology, gadgets, the latest fashion, ways secret services work and new villains. The character of James Bond itself appears to be quite charming along with all the Bond Girls who add more to the glamour that viewers want to see. Also, the character of James Bond tends to have the charisma that is very trendy and glamorous for both the fashion and movie industry as well. You can check out many of these movies using services by Silver Spectrum channels. Spectrum provides users with the means to enjoy all the action and glamour of James Bond movies in HD quality picture and the best sound. Let’s have a look at the movie stars who made Famous James Bond Movie over the years:

Claudine Auger 

Claudine Auger was a French actress who also became famous as a Bond Girl named Dominique “Domino” Darvel in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball. She got the title Miss France Monde and also the first runner-up in the Miss World contest in the year 1958. As Domino, she played the role of an Italian woman named Dominetta Petacchi. The story behind her role is that Claudine was on a holiday when Kevin McClory noticed her and recommended her for the audition of the movie Thunderball. For the role, she had to take lessons to master the English Language. However, she got Nikki van der Zyl who dubbed her voice for Domino

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Daniela Bianchi

Daniela was the first runner-up of the Miss Universe contest in the year 1960. She was also voted as Miss Photogenic by the press which seemed to get her into the Bond movie franchise. She began her movie career in the year 1958 with her voice dubbed by Barbara Jefford in the movie From Russia with Love. Daniela played the role of a cipher clerk sent to capture James Bond. After that, she starred in many movies including Operation Kid Brother. The movie is famous by the names OK Connery and Operation Double 007. This was a spoof of the James Bond movie. The cast included Neil Connery who is Sean Connery’s brother, Adolfo Celi, Bernard Lee and many others

Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith who is known as Miss Caruso was not able to survive in the famous James Bond movie, Live and Let Die nor in the Bond franchise. She played the role of an Italian contact in the movie. She appeared in many other comedy movies and shows and in a few stage roles as we. She retired from the limelight as she had to raise her daughter but returned in the year 2015 as a contestant in the show Bargain Hunt. 

Timothy Dalton

Dalton played James Bond in two bond movies. Moving forward he had to quit the movie in the 80s after being involved in a lawsuit that lasted for a few years. The basic idea behind Timothy Dalton’s version of James Bond was to revive James Bond and the character’s charm that is set by Ian Fleming. To get this done, he had to be more serious and stern and not alienate the fans after watching James Bond movies for almost a decade. 

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Sean Connery

Sean Connery’s version of James Bond was one of the most inspiring James Bond characters and many critics and fans rated it as was one of the most perfect representations of 007. It was confident, charming and had the perfect idea of when to deliver a quick one-liner. This aspect of the James Bond character makes Sean Connery’s version of James Bond something more substantial and something that does justice to the role 

Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore is known to portray the character of James Bond and gave the world some amazing James Bond movies of all time. His version of the character was one of the fashionable and trending characters for the people of the 70s. Moving forward in the 80s, Roger Moore became a little old and a little out of shape for the role but in a very short time, Sir Roger Moore became one of the icons and a standard that paved way for many James Bond movies and stars in Hollywood.


James Bond movies no matter how old, are always popular. All the characters have become one of the most followed and the trendsetting individual who were looked at as Icons and Titans of the movie industry today and for times to come.  


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