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Shop Rite Supermarkets, which is formerly known as Shop-Rite as well as Shop Rite. Shop Rite is a retailer cooperative of supermarkets with around 6 stores in different states, which are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, new jersey, new york, as well as Pennsylvania.

In the Keasbey, which is in New Jersey, the Shop Rite has around 48 different individually owned and operated affiliates, which is over 296 stores. These all are under its corporate and distribution arm, which is Wakefern Food Corporation. On the other hand, Wakefern itself owns as well as operates around 28 different locations throughout the subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets and in addition, this is the largest affiliate within the cooperative. 

Moreover, Several Wakefern members own as well as operate single Shop-Rite stores, where on the other hand, most own multiple locations.

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Shop Rite has been the largest retailer of food in New Jersey for almost the 70 years as well as it is also considered as number one in the entire New York metropolitan area. From the year 2011, Shop Rite is also the largest retailer of food in Greater Philadelphia, which is pushing long-dominant Acme Markets to second place. Moreover, back in the year 2013, to the third place.

Some more details about the Shop Rite supermarkets & My shop rite experience survey:

  1.   Shop Rite is a retailers’ cooperative subsidiary type of company.
  2.   Shop Rite is a supermarket and a grocery industry.
  3.   Shop Rite was founded back in the year 1746, which is almost 73 years ago.
  4.   Shop Rite was founded in Newark, New Jersey, as well as in the United States.
  5.   Shop Rite has its headquarters in the Keasbey, New Jersey, and in the United States.
  6.   Shop Rite is currently serving in more than 300 different locations with different stores.
  7.   The parent company of the Shop Rite supermarket is Wakefern Food Corporation.
  8.   Official website of the Shop Rite is
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Only some of us know, that Shop Rite is present in only 6 States of the united states, and even after this Shop Rite has a very heavy presence in all these states but if you reside in any of the outside states than chances are more of that you have not heard even about the name of the Shop Rite.

Let us take an example; Shop Rite is one of the largest food retailers in New Jersey as well as in the New York Metropolitan area. Shop Rite is present in New Jersey, which is not just a fluke either; it has been on the number one position for more than 70 years.

It can be the reason that the lack of expansion of Shop Rite beyond state lines is due to the fact it is not a franchise. However, it is owned only by 50 members of a cooperative, and many of these people are owning as well as operating their grocery stores also.

Interestingly, the Shop Rite supermarket chain is owned by the small cooperative of just 50 members, which is helping in the employment of more than 50,000 people.

Shop Rite starts in the year 1946, and as it is growing in today’s world, Shop Rite is asking you to you’re your valuable feedback through its online portal, which is my shop rite experience survey.

Moreover, in return, you people will receive a chance to win a reward or a prize of $ 500 as a gift card from the Shop Rite.

More details about the prize and rewards of the feedback survey of my shop rite experience (

  1.   You will get a reward or a prize of around $ 500 as a gift card from the Shop Rite supermarket.
  2.   There are around 22 total prizes, which are   awarded throughout the feedback survey duration to its customers on survey.
  3.   Shop Rite has a Total Prize Pool of $ 11,000.
  4.   Is not it sound so cool? Yes, it is. Do give your feedback.
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  1. For taking up the feedback survey of the Shop Rite supermarket you have to do a compulsory purchase from any of the Shop Rite store.
  2. The feedback survey prize or reward for the Shop Rite feedback survey is a gift card by the Shop Rite of around $ 500.
  3. There are around 22 prizes and rewards in total.
  4. Eligibility for this is a legal and eligible resident of the new jersey, new york, and united states.

Steps to take my shop rite experience ( to get the reward:


  • Online method:
  1.   For taking up the feedback survey of Shop Rite online you will need to buy something from a Shop Rite store and keep the purchase bill receipt safe.
  2.   Then you have to go online to the official website of the feedback survey of Shop Rite and that is
  3.   Now you have to answer all the survey questions, which are asked to you in the feedback survey of Shop Rite and you will get a chance to win a gift card of $ 500. 
  • Email method:
  1.   You have to write your full name, your complete address, the day and night phone numbers, and your real age on a 3″X5″ card.
  2.   Now you to mail that card in an envelope to the following address:

Shoprite “Customer Experience” Sweepstakes

PO Box 407, Macedon, NY 14502-0407

Rules and regulations to be followed to take part in the feedback survey of Shop Rite supermarket:

  1. A purchase is required to take the feedback survey of Shop Rite.
  2. An individual must be a legal and eligible resident of the United States or states such as CT, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA.
  3. An individual must be 18 or more than that to take up the feedback survey of Shop Rite. 
  4. Limit for the feedback survey is 1 entry per entrant per month.


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