Allergic to Nutmeg? Here are a few nutmeg substitutes for you!

Nutmeg substitute
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Spices are the soul of a dish. Every country has a variety of species that can add magic to your food. Countries such as Turkey, India, Bangladesh, and China are rich in spices. Every year thousands of spices are exported worldwide to add flavors to your favorite pasta or pizza. Nutmeg is one of the most amazing spices found in several parts of the world. Countries such as India, Indonesia use this spice in different cuisines. However, in some countries, the use of nutmeg is banned. Thus, we will discuss a few nutmeg substitutes in this article.

What is Nutmeg? What are its uses? Check the list of nutmeg substitutes below!

Nutmeg substitute
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Before discussing Nutmeg substitutes, let me give you a brief introduction to nutmeg.

Nutmeg is the most popular ground spice which is derived from its fruit. Moreover, it belongs to the family of Myristicaceae. It is one of the most common sources of volatile oils. Nutmeg butter is also derived from nutmeg.

If we talk about its smell and taste, nutmeg has a very strong smell but a sweet taste. Moreover, it has a warm touch and is used in a variety of dishes and beverages too. Furthermore, nutmeg adds flavor to potatoes, bakery items, pudding, vegetables, sauces, sausages, meat, etc. Also, it is used in beverages like eggnog to give it a sour-sweet flavor.

 But the original question here is: What if you are allergic to nutmeg? There are millions of people who are allergic to nutmeg in this world. In that case, Nutmeg substitutes will help!

Check out the list of various nutmeg substitutes so that you can enjoy our food.

List of the spices that work as Nutmeg substitutes

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Apple pie spice: Nutmeg substitute

Apple Pie is one of the most popular spices. It has a warm and very strong flavor, making it an ideal nutmeg substitute. Moreover, as the name suggests, Apple pie is a perfect choice to add flavor to apple pie and other apple-based dishes. Also, some people say that it tastes similar to Cinnamon. However, some suggest that it is a combination of Cardamom, ginger, and Allspice. You can use Apple spice in every dish that requires nutmeg. However, please be cautious while adding apple spice to any dish. Try adding only half the nutmeg amount as apple spice is much stronger and more intense. Also, adding an excess apple spice will overpower the original flavor of our dish. Your dish will taste like you are eating Cinnamon.

Garam Masala: Nutmeg substitute

India is a land of spices. Indian spices are popular and in demand all over the world. Moreover, they are imported to different parts of the world. Countries like Europe, Turkey, and China love Garam Masala. It has become an important aspect of their kitchen essentials. Also, they add Garam masala in every other dish to make it spicy and delicious. Garam masala gives an authentic flavor to the dishes, especially chicken. People do not miss adding garam masala to increase the taste of their chicken. Also, some marinate the chicken using different spices, and Garam masala is one of them. It is a perfect source of Nutmeg substitute if you are looking for one!

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Cardamom: Nutmeg substitute

If you are looking to try something sweet, Cardamom is your spice. Cardamom has a soothing aroma that can mesmerize your soul. When we talk about its flavor, it does wonders with your dish. It has a piney taste and boosts the flavor of our dish. Also, try using Cardamom in your tea. You will love it! People in India add Cardamom to their tea daily. It is good for your health and has an amazing flavor.

Moreover, cardamom dust has several uses. You can add the cardamom dust on the top of your pudding or payasam. You will love the flavor! Its authenticity makes it a perfect nutmeg substitute.

Ginger: Nutmeg substitute

Ginger has warmth, a strong flavor, and a zing to it. All these qualities make it an ideal choice for a nutmeg substitute. Just like Cardamom, you can make ginger tea. Ginger tea is consumed especially in the winter season. Its warmth and peppery flavor have several benefits. Also, adding a small amount of ginger to your tea can save you from chilly weather. Also, ginger is the best nutmeg substitute if you are allergic to nutmeg. You may add it to your food as it can change the flavor of the simplest dish. 

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Cloves: A Perfect Nutmeg Substitute!

A perfect blend of sugar and spice! Cloves are widely used as a ground spice. Did you know? Cloves are derived from aromatic flowers. Cloves are actually the buds of a clove tree. They belong to the same family of herbs as nutmeg. This is the reason that they have similar tastes and warmth. Adding cloves to any dish, especially soups and sauces, can bring out its savory flavor. You can use cloves as whole or in powder form. Also, you can add 203 cloves while boiling chicken. You will thank me later!

AllSpice: Nutmeg substitute

As per the name, Allspice means the mixture of different spics, correct? This is the definition that comes to mind when we talk about Allspice. However, this is not the case! To your surprise, AllSpice is a powerful form of Allspice berries. It tastes similar to that of nutmeg, peppercorn, cloves, Cinnamon, or the combination of these spices. You can add it to different dishes because of its sweet and sour taste. From cookies to Sausages, it is used in every dish. You name it! Also, it is the key ingredient in Jamaican seasoning. It can turn a boring dish into the most delicious one.

Pumpkin Spice: Nutmeg substitute

Pumpkin spice is the dominant ingredient used to prepare Pumpkin Pie. Without this, your Pumpkin Pie is incomplete and tasteless.

Pumpkin PIe is a perfect blend of cloves, nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Allspice. That is why it is possible to use it as a nutmeg replacement. During the early 20th century, several households used this spice for seasoning. But they were not available in the market officially. However, in 1934, McCormick & Company released it officially.

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Moreover, it is one of the best seller spices in America. Also, in 2003, Starbucks made Pumpkin Spice latte. It is the popular winter season drink that people adore.

Mace: Exact Nutmeg substitute

It is like the exact Nutmeg substitute. It is not common knowledge that Mace is the outer cover of the nutmeg. Therefore, Mace possesses the same warmth, flavor, and sweet-savory taste. You can trust this spice as it tastes like just nutmeg. Moreover, Mace is reddish-brown and has multiple uses. It is one of the most popular preservatives for pickles as it gives the most delicious after flavor. Also, you may use Mace seasoning on vegetables, baked goods, meat, and fish.

This crimson outer layer is available to use after the separation process from nutmeg. Further, it is beaten and left for drying out for 10-15 days till it changes its color. Dry Mace is smooth and flat horn-shaped long pieces.

Cinnamon: Nutmeg substitute

The most common ingredient anyone available in your Kitchen cabinet is Cinnamon. Cinnamon is warm and tastes like nutmeg. Therefore, you may use it in your curry, baking items, salad seasoning, etc. Moreover, Cinnamon is available in the form of long sticks. They look like drum sticks but smaller. Also, you can grind them to obtain the powder form.

Cinnamon is a special condiment that has several benefits. It also adds flavor to the breakfast cereal. It has several health benefits too.

  • Cinnamon is a great substitute for nutmeg. It is well-known to lower blood sugar level
  • Moreover, it is the medicine for PCOD. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It repairs the tissues and helps fight infections.
  • Cinnamon lowers the risk of heart attacks and helps reduce the chances of premature death.
  • It also helps balance hormones and is best to cure type 2 diabetes.
  • According to the studies, if you consume Cinnamon regularly, it protects against Cancer.


Q: What can I use instead of nutmeg in my recipes?

A: You can use various spices that have a similar flavor or aroma to nutmeg, such as mace, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, or garam masala.

Q: How much of the substitute should I use?

A: Generally, you can use the same amount of the substitute as the nutmeg called for in the recipe, except for cinnamon and cloves, which are stronger and should be used in half the amount.

Q: What are the benefits of using a nutmeg substitute?

A: Using a nutmeg substitute can help you save time and money, avoid allergies or intolerances, or add variety and creativity to your dishes.

Q: What are the drawbacks of using a nutmeg substitute?

A: Using a nutmeg substitute may alter your dish’s taste, texture, or appearance or affect its nutritional value or shelf life.

Q: How can I store and preserve the nutmeg substitutes?

A: You can store and preserve the nutmeg substitutes in airtight containers in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from heat and moisture. Ground spices may lose their flavor and potency over time, so using them within six months to a year is better.

Conclusion: Nutmeg substitute 

In the end, I hope you find this article worth your time. Today, we discuss several Nutmeg substitutes, their uses, and their benefits. 

Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!