Pain On Right Side Of Body Can Indicate Health Conditions


If we can, at all, be kind to this pandemic, then we may thank it for making us more health-conscious. During the onset of the coronavirus crisis, we realized how important our immunity is. The best way to secure it is through a healthy lifestyle. You always have a choice, and your life depends on them. So, if you want to lead a fulfilling life, you ought to take care of your wellness. Please be conscious about ailments like pain on right side of body and others. Often, minor health conditions lead to significant complications. However, you can avert it without creating any fuss.

Minor Health Conditions Deserve Major Attention

Often we do not pay much heed to common health issues like the common cold, body ache, or stomach issues. We misunderstand or misread the signs. These minor and ‘common’ health abnormalities create critical health issues in the long term.


It is one of the most common and risky health issues troubling millennials and other age groups. A slight increase in body weight is average but, you need to control it when it continues. Considering the increasing number of obese people, we must keep a check on our BMI. You must check it at regular intervals and make sure it’s within the normal range. If you do not treat obesity with sustainable solutions, then it may aggravate serious issues.

Upset stomach

Every third person you meet at work or during your commute might be suffering from an irritating stomach. It is primarily because of an upset liver. You might have treated this as a common issue, but there can be severe underlying reasons behind it. Undigested or poorly digested food adds impurities to blood, creates a hormonal imbalance, and invites several diseases.

Frequent cough and cold

A typical cough and cold bother you for a while. It is too common to treat it separately. However, if you are infected, then you must read the signs. Your immune system could not protect your body from it. That’s why the cold affected you. It is a sign that your immune system is low. You could be involved with far more acute diseases if your immunity is low. So, you should not ignore minor abnormalities, even if that is pain on right side of body.

Dental or oral issues

Mouth hygiene is essential. Often due to lack of care and time, we compromise with oral hygiene. We suffer from oral issues like bad breath to dental problems like tooth decay, and others. Poor oral hygiene may even cause indigestion leading to other health issues. So, you see how an insignificant-looking health condition can lead to severe diseases. Some may even pose a risk to your life if kept untreated for long.

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It is one of the most common and lethal diseases affecting most people across the world. Prolonged diabetes directly affects your kidneys, vision, and gradually other body parts. It is one disease that you must treat as soon as you are diagnosed with the issue. I would instead suggest you keep a check on your sugar levels even if you are affected yet. It will help you to keep yourself protected from it. Besides, prevention is always better than cure.

Why You Must Be Concerned With Pain On Right Side Of Body

Superficial effects are the results of several underlying abnormalities. So, when you experience any health discomfort or illness, there must be severe reasons behind it. Here I am talking about experiencing pain on right side of body. You have multiple organs on your right side, but lower abdominal pain should bother you the most. When you experience pain in your right abdomen, it could be due to issues with organs there. On the right side of your abdomen, you have the liver, gallbladder, appendix, a part of the stomach, small intestine, colon, and kidney. Females have the right ovary and fallopian tube on the right side of their lower abdomen. Besides these, even infection or blood clots in the right lung may even cause pain in the lower abdomen (right side). Here are some of the common causes of pain on right side of body.

Liver infection

When an individual suffers from a liver infection, one experiences pain on the right side of the abdomen. Commonly, the pain spreads on the right side with fatigue, nausea, yellowish skin, and dark urine. Some additional symptoms include abnormal weight loss, swollen feet, especially ankles, and getting frequently bruised.

Gallbladder stone

do Pain on the right side of your lower abdomen could also be due to a gallbladder stone or infection. In case of any disease in your gallbladder, you will experience acute pain in that area. The pain may even stretch to your back and especially trouble you after heavy meals. Gallbladder stones and infections also include other symptoms like high fever, jaundice, and mud-colored stool.


It is quite a common health condition, in most cases, requires an operation. Sharp pain in the middle or right abdomen is one of the most common symptoms. The lower side of the right abdomen may get swollen and become tender. Other symptoms include fever, vomiting tendency, constipation, diarrhea, and a few more.

Colon infection

Colon infection is even quite common, carrying a typical symptom – cramps on the right abdomen. It carries more symptoms like unusual weight loss, traces of blood or mucus in excreta, abnormal bowel habits, etc. Usually, infections or cancer cells block the colon; it may result in painful cramps and constipation.

Kidney stones

Often, pain on right side of body and specifically on the right abdomen is associated with kidney issues. The formation of stones in kidneys is even quite common and painful ailment. It causes sharp pain in the lower abdomen that may move behind the ribs and even into the groin. Frequent and abnormal fever, burning sensation, and blood while urinating are some other symptoms of kidney stones.

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Preventive Measures Against Pain On Right Side Of Body

The issues that I elaborated on above are immensely painful, and you surely do not want any of them. Current lifestyle and living conditions have further multiplied the risks. However, there is still hope because you can take some effective measures to avoid such health conditions. The only thing to remember and not compromise with is that you need to be honest with your efforts.

The right nutrition

We become what we feed our body. Food has had a dominating role in our lives and living. The food that you eat does much more than feeding you and getting you rid of hunger. It supplies the required nutrition to your body that uses it for body growth, functioning, and improvement. When your body does not get the necessary nutrition, the body parts malfunction. It triggers unwanted health conditions, sometimes leading to acute diseases. Experts have repeatedly suggested that you can prevent diseases with a proper diet and even cure them.

Ample of water

Drinking water is one of the best and important thumb rules for being fit. Water carries minerals and is a highly effective cleansing agent. The standard amount of water that an adult should drink is four liters. It keeps your body hydrated, excretes toxic waste from the body, and keeps you healthy.

Regular workouts

When it comes to good health and wellbeing, there is no substitute for exercise. You must exercise every day, religiously. It is a regular dose of activity that you must give to your body. You must do that to burn excess fat, keep your body agile, grow, cut down stress and be fit. Exercising every day is essential to attain a healthy body and shard mind.

Proper sleep

You must have heard this ample of times that 8-hours of sleep are a must. That’s because, during sleep, all of your organs are at rest. It is essential to give them this amount of resting time. During this time, a body digests the consumed food, channelizes energy derived from it, and cleanses all your systems. So, when you sleep for the required time, you get rid of all the unwanted material. Your systems function correctly, and you gain pink health.

Periodical checkup

Pain on right side of body is quite a concern because it is often related to diseases in critical organs. So, you must commit to visiting physicians at regular intervals. Regular checkups are essential to avoid any unwanted health conditions. It is also important to trace how well you are progressing on improving your health. When you are physically healthy, you feel good, think positively, and reflect on your mental health too.

What I discussed and suggested above are essentials for living a quality life. While issues are a part of life and living, you must also focus on the remedies. Pain on right side of body can indicate critical health conditions. So, make sure to consult your physician if you are experiencing it. Early detection helps in easy and early recovery, so remember the symptoms and take steps as required.