Pharmaprix ® CA Spring Contest : Win $1000 For Real


Here is the time of Pharmaprix spring contest again. Participate in the Pharmaprix survey and get rewards up to 1000 $ and other prizes. This contest was launched by the Pharmaprix. Be in touch to be updated about the latest news and prize announcement by the Pharmaprix about its contest. You can earn rewards by both the ways with the purchase and by without a purchase too. Entry is open to all the legal and eligible residents of Canada.

You have to register yourself with email id and some other personal details. 

Pharmaprix is a famous chain of pharmacy. Pharmaprix is commonly known as shoppers drug mart. Shoppers drug mart is also known as shoppers drug mart Inc. Pharmaprix is a Canadian chain of pharmacy. Pharmaprix is operated by shoppers drug mart. Pharmaprix has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and Quebec. There are around 1300 pharmacies, which are running under these two pharmacy names. Pharmaprix is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada. 

The Murray Koffler founded shoppers drug mart back in the year 1985 on the 4th November. Shoppers drug mart runs with the slogan “Live Life”. Shoppers drug mart sold life brand, quo, Rialto, daily basket, and native organic. The parent company of the Shoppers drug mart is Loblaw. Official website of Shoppers drug mart or Pharmaprix is 

Rewards by Pharmaprix spring contest:

pharmaprix spring contest rewards

  1.   Grand prizes:

Around 10 prizes of 1000 $ as the gift cards by shoppers drug mart or Pharmaprix.

  1.   Instant prizes:

Shoppers drug mart also give rewards instantly. There are 25 Instant prizes, which are around 50000 PCO points.

Procedure to follow for participating in the Pharmaprix spring contest:

  1.   First of all, you need to spend some money around 10 $ on some purchase of qualified products in any of the Pharmaprix store.
  2.   After this, you will get a coupon gift card or a unique pin code for the contest.
  3.   After this, you have to register yourself on the Pharmaprix online on Pharmaprix spring contest website.
  4.   After registering yourself on the contest website you have to log in on the website of the Pharmaprix spring contest.
  5.   After logging in you have to enter the correct unique code, which you were given at the time of purchase.
  6.   Moreover, if you have many no. Of pins, you have entered them one by one or we can say that you have to enter the first unique code first and then enter the next unique code given to you. 
  7.   In addition, you can enter up to five unique pins per day and not more than that. 
  8.   In addition, you can only enter around 28 unique pins in total in the whole contest period and you are not allowed to enter more than 28 unique codes in the particular contest period of Pharmaprix spring contest.
  9.   At that time, instantly you can win up to one of the 25 instant PC optimum points.
  10.   In the whole contest period, you have almost 100 chances to get a reward from one of the10 prizes of 1000 $.
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How to play Pharmaprix spring contest to win rewards:

  1.   Playing the Pharmaprix spring contest to win rewards with a purchase of the qualified product.
  2.   Playing the contest to win rewards without any purchase of the qualified product.

Playing Pharmaprix spring contest without any purchase:

  1.   Visit the official website and click on play the match game.
  2.   To play the spring contest you need to help different people in finding out the best product for them according to their needs and comfort.
  3.   There are in total of four matches for you to play. Each match is locked for some time and it unlocks on the certain day itself. 
  4.   If you get the first match right and sent to the next match you will get around 5 ballot entries for winning the grand prize of 1000 $. 
  5.   If you fail in passing the particular you will still have another chance for winning that particular level and get those 5 ballot entries and the grand prize of 1000 $ as well.

Rules to be followed for Pharmaprix contest:

  1.   Purchase of any qualified product is not necessary for winning the grand prize of 1000 $. 
  2.   To participate in this contest, an individual must be legal and eligible Canadian or US resident. 
  3.   In order to participate in the Pharmaprix spring contest, an individual must be of the age of majority according to the Canadian laws and rules. 
  4.   An individual working in the Pharmaprix is not eligible to participate in the Pharmaprix spring contest. 
  5.   An individual who was the ex-employee in the Pharmaprix is not eligible to participate in the Pharmaprix spring contest. 
  6.   An individual who is in contact either directly or indirectly with any of the employee or the person who is working for the Pharmaprix must not participate in the Pharmaprix spring contest.
  7.   An individual can punch in maximum 5 unique pins and not more than that.
  8.   Pharmaprix contest started with around 9.720,000 contests unique pin cards, which have only 1 unique code each of them. 
  9.   Each of the unique code can be used only once in the whole contest period.
  10.   Each of the unique code expires automatically after it is used the first time or the spring contest comes to an end.
  11.   An individual can use and enter around 28 unique pins in the Pharmaprix contest.
  12.   An individual must have to keep the original unique code receipt, purchase bill receipt, contest cards, and email notifications in order to verify themselves in case of winning the grand prize. (If an individual wins)
  13.   The total limit of ballot entries by each person in the whole contest period is around 3.190 per person. However, if you face any problem and you have any confusion you can visit the official website of the Pharmaprix spring contest which is mentioned above in the article.
  14.   Winner draw date of the contest was April 25, 2019.
  15.   There will only be given 3 calls to you if you win. You will be contacted only 3 times by the Pharmaprix spring contest. If you did not answer with the 10 working days of the last call. You will be declared as a disqualified participant of the contest.
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Key points to keep in mind while playing:

  1.   Pharmaprix spring contest is online with or without purchase type of the game.
  2.   Purchase is not compulsory in Pharmaprix spring contest.
  3.   Pharmaprix spring contest is in an online mode.
  4.   There are around 10 grand prizes of 1000 $ (shopping spree in gift cards).
  5.   There are around 25 instant prizes of 50,000 PC optimum points.
  6.   There is a maximum of five unique code entries per day in the contest.
  7.   There are maximum 28 unique code entries in the whole contest period in the spring contest.


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