Preventing Hearing Loss: How can I keep my hearing healthy?

Preventing Hearing Loss: How can I keep my hearing healthy?

The world around us is filled with sounds. We enjoy the sound of rain, birdsong, music, and the voices of loved ones. Healthy hearing allows us to interact with the outside world and society. A person deprived of hearing becomes fragile and defenseless, losing one of the invisible threads that connect him with the world. The situation is aggravated by the fact that no one is safe from hearing loss. Is the problem dangerous? Maybe doctors exaggerating it?

Is hearing loss a dangerous disorder?

Most people don’t pay enough attention to their hearing health. Every year we check our eyesight or the condition of our teeth. Rarely, however, do people have an audiological examination. Why is this so? Healthy hearing is taken for granted. Yes, we hear sounds and interact with the world and society, but no one thinks that this is possible because of the way our hearing organs work.

Meanwhile, more and more people have hearing problems, which is a serious problem. Hearing loss changes a person’s life. The inability to hear interferes with everyday life. Some additional difficulties arise, for example, when talking on the phone.

The hearing organs play a crucial role in stabilizing the body, and many patients have problems with their spatial orientation. These people often fall. And for older people, falls often cause serious consequences, including fractures.

When hearing loss occurs, the brain rearranges its work. It shuts down some parts of the brain and strengthens others. Such behavior leads to a gradual decline in a person’s cognitive abilities.

Physiological problems also come with hearing loss. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones. What do we do when we feel uncomfortable in the company? We try to leave the company. So do people with hearing loss. Because they can’t communicate normally, they gradually distance themselves from friends and loved ones, isolating themselves from society. Such behavior also develops psychological difficulties, such as depression.

So, hearing loss is not just about not being able to understand people. Hearing loss is a dangerous disorder. It decreases a person’s quality of life.

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Who is at risk?

The modern way of life, especially in big cities, negatively impact health, including hearing health. Constant noise, stress, bad habits, and poor diet negatively affect hearing health. No wonder more and more people are experiencing hearing loss. The number of cities is rapidly growing today, hence the unpleasant trend.

In fact, anyone can lose their hearing. No one is safe from it. Nevertheless, audiologists distinguish several risk groups. People in these groups have a high probability of hearing loss:

  • Genetic predisposition. You can get it at any age if you have a family history of hearing loss. The older you get, the more likely you are to have hearing loss
  • Injuries to the ear or head. The organs of hearing are complex and fragile. Even minor ear trauma can lead to unpleasant consequences, including hearing loss
  • Occupational noise exposure. Prolonged noise exposure is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Living in large cities creates a constant noise environment. People living near such places (major freeways, subway, airports, etc.) are exposed to noise. Many professions today are associated with prolonged noise exposure. For example, musicians, construction workers, and subway workers often have hearing loss. They must always wear earplugs or headphones

Do you fall into these risk groups? Then you must take care of your hearing health if you want to hear well for as long as possible. Remember to get hearing tests at least once (twice for some occupations) a year. To do so, make an appointment with an ear doctor Staten Island. The consultation won’t take a lot of your time. It’ll help you to notice any hearing problems in time.

Top 5 tips for hearing health

Like any health problem, it is better to prevent a hearing loss than to treat it. Keep in mind that hearing loss is gradual. A person gets used to the new acoustic conditions and notices the problem late. The earlier you seek help, the easier and faster it is to recover your hearing.

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However, it is better to keep your hearing healthy and not have to go to a hearing care professional. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Do you value your health? Then follow these tips to help you keep your hearing:

Avoid prolonged noise exposure

Noise exposure is detrimental to hair cells. These cells perceive sounds and transmit signals to the brain. Not only the sound of a working machine is dangerous, but also the monotonous humming sound of a subway. Music concerts and festivals are also dangerous for your hearing. Try to avoid such situations or use protective earplugs/headphones.

Control the volume of the headphones

Modern headphones are powerful electronic devices that produce a loud sound. Often they exceed the threshold of 75 dB. In other words, listening to music with headphones at high volume can severely damage your ears. Therefore, do not exceed the recommended threshold of 75 dB. In addition, limit the listening time to no more than 2 hours a day. Otherwise, headphones will harm you!

Spend time in silence

Hearing needs rest too. It’s good for us to have a moment of silence sometimes.

Don’t self-medicate

Never self-medicate! It is better to trust your doctor. Take a full course of medicine. Why is it important? Infectious diseases, even the common cold, can have unhealthy complications if not treated properly. Hearing loss is one such complication.

Clean your ears right

Many people use cotton swabs to clean the earwax out of the ear canal. Do not repeat their mistake! Cotton swabs often cause earwax plugs and other problems. Ask a professional about how to clean your ears properly.

Follow these guidelines. They are not complicated, but you’ll save your hearing from negative external influences. Your hearing will thank you! Enjoy your favorite sounds and the voices of your loved ones!


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