Protein Pancakes Save Your Health & Taste Buds!



Food is directly related to our wellbeing. Forget nutrition; we can talk later about it. Food is that instant mood booster that we all are in love with. Pancakes are trending, did you try protein pancakes?

During this lockdown, didn’t you come across friends who have made them in homes? My timeline has been flooded by photographs of such homemade pancakes.

Why are people going crazy over the humble and yummylicious pancakes? Protein pancakes are my personal favorite. That’s not just my pick but even by a large number of people across the world. Let’s dig into some more facts and unearth little insights that would make you fall in love with humble pancakes.

Protein pancakes tastes even better
Good food is a great stress-buster

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Why Are Pancakes on Your Mind? Would You Prefer A Protein Pancake Over Regular Ones?         

Pancakes are a trending food. Wonder why simple and humble wraps went into the spotlight and still there? It has matured from a cinnamon and sugar made food to a versatile wrap. Food professionals and connoisseurs have been giving it a refreshing touch almost every day. It looks like fresh born, exotic food on your plate. However, it has been there for as long as you can remember. Here’s why we are falling in love with pancakes all over again.

  • Looks exotic: Honey pouring or poured over perfectly round something is too tempting a sight to resist. We love it! It looks out-of-the-planet, something you must try. So, it is the look of the food that got us hooked to it.
  • Your essential carbohydrate supply: There’s nothing more to ask when you can dig into food with fewer carbs. A protein pancake can be just that. Usually, pancakes are made with enriched flours. You must not take it often because too much of enriched flour is not suitable for your health.
  • Easy-to-make: No good food can be cooked in a short time. It is the common myth that we were living with. It’s easy to make pancakes, but it tastes great. We crave good food, homemade food loaded with essential nutrients, and satisfying. A pancake is a perfect fit for your menu during your stay at home.
  • Great taste: We have mentioned this before, too that pancakes are delicious. The audience has always welcomed new elements. It looks great and tempting. So a bite into a pancake is more fulfilling for people.
Protein pancakes are even tasty
Digging to pancakes

A pancake tastes good, but the sense of fulfillment on having it is what enhances the experience. This is why we feel it tastes great and not just good. Often it is said that protein pancakes are not as good in taste like regular ones. It is, however, a myth because taste varies from person to person and on perception. If you do not like the taste then you can always tweak it a little bit.

  • Everyone is having it: Human psychology likes to follow what’s popular. Once an idea manages to get some eyeballs, it naturally gets popular. Others join widespread phenomena, and it further gets popular. Something similar happened with pancakes too. Some and others liked it joined in, and it became a trend. It has been attracting more people every day.

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What’s The Indian Connection Of Pancakes?

The world moved apart, giant pieces of land moved in other directions and formed continents. Humans settled across different parts of the globe and carried with their lifestyles. Often native foods of one place have been found to have originated in some distant land. So, when pancakes became popular in India, we traced for its Indian connections. There’s isn’t any! However, India has its own versions of pancakes.

Pancakes are flat cakes, usually thin and round in shape made from starch-based batters. Over the years, individuals have improvised on the basic ingredients and discovered its variants. Even though we don’t have any connection to pancakes but considering its basic nature and form we have quite a good number of close friends. These have been a part of India’s staple diets and very popular.


Travel towards the southern part of this subcontinent and you would find it everywhere. It’s a staple food of this region and popular. People across states in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala can have this any time and every time. Besides the traditional ingredients, you can add a few others and it becomes a dosa variant.


Comparatively smaller in size and thicker than dosa, uttapam is also a staple food in southern India. Unlike dosa, you can add a mix of veggies to this batter and prepare delicious uttapams.

    Gola roti

This is a household food across the eastern region, particularly in West Bengal, Assam, and parts of Bihar. You mix wheat flour or while flours with water, add a pinch of salt and sugar for taste. You can cook the batter as you cook dosa. Gola roti is not a staple diet but mostly taken as snacks across east and north-eastern India.

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Nutrition Facts Of Pancakes – Are they a good source of protein?

Pancakes taste great and a serving of it can be a fulfilling meal. However, since pancakes are made with enriched flour so taking multiple pieces can disturb your health. Even protein pancakes may seem good but the basic ingredients remain the same. So, it is not very healthy either. Healthy or not healthy, pancakes are delicious.

Nutrient content in pancakes
How healthy are pancakes for you?

We bring you some nutrition facts about pancakes. Take a sneak-peek into the belly of your beloved pancakes.

Usually, butter and syrup accompany a pancake; you cannot have just the pancake. So, we take the two while analyzing the nutrient constituent of pancakes. Here is the nutrient content of two pancakes with butter and syrup. The estimated weight of the pancakes would be 232 gm (approx.)

Carbohydrate: 90.9 gm

Fat: 14gm

Calorie: 520

Sodium: 1104 mg

Protein: 8.3 gm5

Fibre: Nil

Sugar: Nil

Let’s elaborate on these nutrition counts. Carbohydrates are essential for the human body because it is the primary source of energy. However, you must secure it from a healthy source. Unfortunately, neither regular pancakes nor protein pancakes are such a healthy source. It supplies high calories but no fibre at all. Enriched flour is not that harmful but when combined with butter and syrup it increases the sugar level in your blood. So, pancakes can be a delicious treat for your taste buds but not very healthy.

Easy And Yummylicious Pancake Recipe

Catch-up the trending pancakes but balance it well for a healthy spoonful. We suggest you some common but healthy and delicious pancake recipes must try over this weekend.

Recipe for health protein pancakes
Banana oatmeal pancakes – a good option to enjoy protein pancakes

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Sounds good? This one is a lot healthier than regular pancakes with oozing syrup. It is also not one of those protein pancakes that you are scared of. Try this!

Ingredients that you would need for making ten pancakes
  • Unsweetened almond milk (1/2 cup)
  • Two eggs
  • One banana
  • Rolled oats (1 and a ½ cups)
  • Baking powder (2 tbsp)
  • Salt according to your taste
  • Vanilla essence (1 tbsp)
  • Authentic maple syrup (2 tbsp)
   The Making
  • Put the banana, milk, oats, eggs, syrup, baking powder, salt and vanilla essence (if you want it) in a blender and blend it well
  • Keep blending these ingredients until it becomes a very smooth batter
  • Take a skillet and heat it moderately
  • Apply butter or oil over the heated skillet
  • Pour the batter on the skillet ensuring it evenly fills up space
  • Allow it to cook for about two to three minutes
  • Turn it over and allow the other side to cook for about a minutes or two
  • Pour a handful of maple syrup
  • Add toppings of your choice

For the toppings, you can use the common authentic maple syrup or fresh berries. You can also add a scoop of ice-cream, or chocolate chips, or sliced bananas or thinly sliced almonds.

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Explore the calling of your taste buds and you can fairly improvise pancake recipes. We suggested one to begin with. Healthy or not, a yummy pancake in a month is harmless. So, make your pancakes – regular or protein pancakes and do let us know how it turned out.