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South Africa KFC is the largest fast-food chain in the Southern part of Africa. There is this really cool thing about South Africa KFC & SAKFC Survey, all the Chicken there are raised in South Africa itself.

About South African KFC

SAKFC Survey

In 2016, there were more than 828 KFC outlets making the KFC a market leader in South Africa. Of those 828 outlets, about 90 per cent are franchise-based and only 10 per cent are actually owned by the company.

The fact that only 10 per cent of the restaurants are owned by the company is a very good advantage for the company. Since in 1987 the United States Congress passed a law that any company which owns any South African assets will be turned illegal.  

Due to this law, KFC sold its 60 company-owned South African restaurants to a South Africa holding company called Devco.

One of the most amazing things about these KFC is that they serve the local pap dish.

South Africa is one of those countries where KFC does not sell the soft drinks of PepsiCo, majorly because the presence of KFC there is very small. However small the presence be, they are still the largest there.

The very first KFC was started in South Africa in 1971.

The story of KFC’s presence there is very interesting. When the CEO of the holding company of KFC went to South Africa for a safari with this family, to his surprise, he found that the country is actually very developed. When he saw the market potential, he decided KFC had to be present there too.

The managing director of KFC has an interesting story to tell too, the story of how he became a Managing Director of a company as large as the KFC. He started very small, he was a waiter at KFC when he got the opportunity to be the Managing Director for entre Africa. Today, he is managing all the KFCs of the continent, and the number of KFCs there is 1000.

This is the scope of job advancement at KFC! From being a meagre waiter to be the Managing Director of the entire continent is pretty amazing job growth.

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Did you know, you can contribute to the growth of South African KFC chain? Well, you can make them larger than you are, all you need to do is go to and fill this survey.

SAKFC Retail Survey Objectives

Whenever a company, especially one like SAKFC adds something new to their to-do list then there is always a cost related to it. They always try to make sure that the returns of their projects and return on their projects are more than what they originally invested. Now that return can be tangible or intangible, doesn’t matter.

In this case, however, the return is surely intangible.

If you want to know why a big company like SAKFC would do a customer survey, then here are a few reasons:

  •  To ensure they are satisfying the needs of their customers,   
  •  To get to know their customer better.
  •  Direct communication with customers will ensure that any grievance reaches to the management as soon as possible so that it can be solved.
  •  To improve various aspects of the restaurant by working more on décor and that kind of stuff. Prizes

No, you don’t have to give away your services for free, you actually get something back, let’s see what that something is.

Prize: KFC South Africa Sweepstakes Entry

Sweepstakes Prize: 1 of 3 R5000 monthly cash prizes

SAKFC Survey Details

Survey Prize: KFC South Africa Sweepstakes Entry

Sweepstakes Prize: 1 of 3 R5000 monthly cash prizes

Sweepstakes Drawing Frequency: one per month

Purchase Required: Burger or Burger Meal

Entry Methods: Online, Phone

Winner must respond in 7 days

How to take the SAKFC Survey

There are two ways to take the SAKFC Survey, either by your phone or by this online link, whichever suits you, go for that.

SAKFC Survey

  •   Online

The steps to take the survey are very easy and you can finish this process within a few minutes. Follow the steps to win exciting prizes!

  1. Either you should have an older receipt or buy a burger or a burger meal and then save the receipt. Make sure you make this purchase at an eligible location since all the locations aren’t eligible for prizes.
  2. In the search tab of your browser either type SAKFC or click on the following link:
  3. Now, read the rules and regulations carefully, fill in all the appropriate details and then click on the next button to start filling the survey. You will be asked to fill in a code, find that code on your receipt.
  4. Answer all the questions of the survey honestly.
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As soon as you finish the survey, you will get an automatic entry to Sweepstakes.

  • Phone

Follow the steps given below to fill the survey via your phone:

  1. Save your receipt.
  2. Now, dial *120*532*KFCCODE#, only replace KFCCODE with your code that you will find on your receipt.
  3. Now, complete the survey.

SAKFC Survey Rules

There are a few rules that are mandatory for anyone who is applying for the survey, to follow:

  1. You must make a purchase to be eligible for the survey.
  2. You have to be a legal South African Resident to be able to take the survey, in case you win, you will have to show a valid passport.
  3. You cannot fill the survey without the receipt, so keep the receipt with you.
  4. You are eligible for the SAKFC survey only if you buy a burger or a burger meal.
  5. To be eligible for the survey, you must belong to either of the locations:

KFC long street, KFC Station, KFC Woodstock, KFC Rosmead, KFC Parade, KFC Adderley Street, KFC Mowbray, KFC Goodwood, KFC N1 Value Centre, KFC Parow, KFC N1 Mall, KFC Parow Mall

  1. You cannot transfer your prize to someone and you cannot exchange it for cash.
  2. The winner has to claim their prize within 7 days of the drawing. 
  3. FAQ:

    1) What is the SA KFC Survey?

    Answer: The SA KFC Survey is an online customer satisfaction survey conducted by KFC South Africa to gather feedback from customers about their dining experience.

    2) How can I participate in the SA KFC Survey?

    Answer: To participate in the SA KFC Survey, visit the official survey website, enter the unique code found on your KFC receipt, and follow the instructions.

    3) What is the purpose of the SA KFC Survey?

    Answer: The purpose of the SA KFC Survey is to improve the customer experience by gathering feedback on various aspects of the KFC restaurant, such as food quality, service, and cleanliness.

    4) Is the SA KFC Survey mandatory?

    Answer: No, the SA KFC Survey is voluntary, but participating can earn you a free meal or other rewards.

    5) How long does the SA KFC Survey take to complete?

    Answer: The SA KFC Survey typically takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Contact KFC South Africa


Phone: 0860100222


  1. Hi I’m nosipo kumalo protea Glen Soweto I will say my survey is 100%you don’t take too long questions just 10to15min and it’s very clean and they were friendly to us

  2. I went to KFC in Strand on Sat 18 01 2020 bought R99 all in one
    When I arrived home I was so dissatisfied 3pieces of dry chicken so small i phoned and spoke to the manager Luthando she said that i cn bring it back and this is the last time because I should have made chicken choice i did not know I am very dissapointed and grieved.

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