Savonlinna Congress organizes meetings to meet your needs

Large, small, important and atmospheric meetings are held through the castle or the outdoor jacuzzi. We have the know-how to organize international meetings in Savonlinna and elsewhere. What suits you best is arranged through us. We have experience from demanding, international meetings to family gatherings. We will tailor a meeting that suits you. Take contact!

Opposite Olavin Castle, you will find idyllic boutique hotels such as Lossiranta Lodge and Tavis Inn.

Lettutupa for smaller meetings

The authentic and cozy Lettutupa is located in a house built in 1915 in the old town of Savonlinna on Kalkkiuuninniemi.

You can book a space or a meal according to a long formula. We specialize in soups and Finnish food. We use a lot of organic ingredients.


The cozy home in the cultural landscape of Savonlinna is suitable for events of about 20-25 people.

The space can be rented for parties or gatherings. From the windows of the hall you can see the Olavinlinna Castle unobstructed.


Olavinlinna for larger meetings

You can book Olavinlinna for meetings and events.
There is also a food service and program


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