Skincare Myths Busted; Lets Set the Fact Sheet Straight


Skin is one of the most important organs and thus its maintenance also comes with a lot of baggage. Skincare is an important aspect. It does not only depend on the products that you are willing to use for this purpose. It is so much more than that. Yes, it is true that good products lead to good skin but they can also be ineffective if you are using all of them without any proper prescription or information. 

But there have been a pltheora of information that has been circulating around for quite some time. Thus, it is high time that we address all such matters and bust the old tales of misconception that have been enjoying quite the headlines.

Before all this we have to shed some light on why is skin care so important. According to skin doctors in Lahore, given below are some of the key reasons for this. So, make sure to pay attention:

  • Skin care helps to restore your skin in good condition
  • It makes you look more youthful
  • Skin care also keep all the skin diseases at bay
  • Good skin means a boost in your self-confidence

Now that we have an idea why good skin is pertinent not just for the sake of it but for your overall confidence boost. Let us dispell some of the myths related to skincare.

Skincare Myth no 1: Rub Alcohol on Your Skin to Kill it

There is no denying the fact that alcohol is an active part of various skincare products. This is mainly because alcohol tends to get dried at a faster pace. Thus when it used in careful concentrations it is safe to use and does not cause any serious repercussions. 

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But if you have heard somewhere that rubbing alcohol is good for acne scars, then you cannot be more wrong. Because high concentrations of this alcohol might lead to skin drying and also cause serious irritation on the skin. 

In addition to all this, alcohol usage also leads to stripping off all the necessary essential oils from the skin. The skin then might produce too much oil. Overproduction of oil then participates in clogging of the pores which in turn make the acne worse.

Skincare Myth no 2; Use Hot Water to Open the Pores

We all admit that washing your face with warm water is a soothing and relaxing experience that everyone loves. In addition to being a relaxing experience, warm water also causes the removal of excess oil from the skin. But all this is subjected to the use of warm water and not hot water. 

While the use of warm water is highly relaxing, hot water tends to do the exact opposite. Hot water causes dryness, skin irritation and might also lead to skin burns if you have a sensitive skin. 

That is why make sure to check the temperature of the water before you decide to use it on your skin. 

Skincare Myth no 3: Toothpaste Can be Used as a Spot Treatment for Acne

We all have heard this one at one point or another in our lives. This myth has achieved this level of headline because toothpaste commonly use alcohol and menthol. Both of these agents are pro when it comes to the prospects of skin drying. While they are at this job, they tend to shrink down the pimples as well as acne. 

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But despite of this myth being this popular, you should definitely rely on your doctor’s prescrition or some over the counter medications that can come to the rescue. These medicines mostly contain a salicyclic acid or a benzoyl peroxide to tame all the acne. 

Skincare Myth no 4: Sunscreen is Only for Daytime

This myth needs to be busted now more than ever. Although it is true that you should use sunscreen at day time because it is an ultimate safety shield against all the UV rays that are dying to make your skin exposed to various pollutants. But the factor that you all need to consider here is that with the passage of time sunscreen tend to fade even with those products that have the highest SPF. 

Thus, it is not only needed in daytime, you should also try to use this one at multiple times a day. Some dermatologist also recommends you to use it after every two hours for good and beneficial results. It is not only in summers that you need to use, you can also make good use of this one during winters as well. 

The Bottom Line

We all have been brought up in the light of these skincare myths that have been circulating around us all for quite some time. But make sure to consult with a dermatologist if you need further assistance and, in the meantime, update your information with the above-mentioned knowledge. 

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