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Sobeys Inc. is one of the largest food retailer chains in Canada. Sobeys is considered the second-largest food retailer chain in Canada. Sobeys is a subsidiary kind of company. Sobeys Survey comes under the retail industry. Sobeys was founded back in the year 1907, which is almost 112 years ago.

What a great legacy! Amazing!

History of Sobeys?

Sobeys was founded by John W. Sobey. Sobeys was found in the Stellarton, Nova Scotia that is in Canada. Sobeys has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Stellarton, as well as in Nova Scotia too. CEO of the Sobeys is Michael Medline. Sobeys is a kind of grocery store chain in Canada. The parent company of the Sobeys is Empire Company. Sobeys has many subsidiary companies as well, which include Big 8 Beverages, Safeway, FreshCo, Foodland, etc. etc. The official websites of the Sobeys are corporate. and as well. is the official retail website. 

Sobeys has around 1500 active food stores around Canada, which comes under different banners. Sobeys has around 24 billion $ CAD sales according to the reports in the fiscal year 2017. Sobeys is the subsidiary company of the Empire Company Limited. Empire Company Limited is a Canadian Company, which is considered as a conglomerate. Sobeys was initially started as the meat delivery business in Canada and Sobeys was developed and expanded into a grocery business as well. John W. Sobey initially started selling the meat on a horse drawn cart. John W. Sobey used his horse drawn cart to buy, pick, and carry up the meat and deliver the same to their customers. 

Around in the year 1924 or 1925 John W. Sobey’s 16 years old son, Frank Sobey tell his dad and convinced him to expand the Sobeys into a grocery store and to add some more meat, vegetables, and some more things in the business he was already running. Moreover, back in the year 1939, I guess John W. Sobey agreed to expand the business and add some more things to sell. Today Sobeys is known for its giant and wonderful departmental and supermarket store all over Canada.

Sobeys CEO Marc Poulin once told in the news that, “we have got to fight for every single customer, on every single day.” Because of this fight for becoming famous and most liked food store, Sobeys decided to close around 50 Sobeys food store because they were not performing as they are expected to perform. Sobeys then focused totally on performing food stores only.

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 Prizes and contest details of Sobeys Survey:

sobeys survey guide

  1.   Sobeys offers its loyalty and valuable customers around 1000 $ Sobey’s gift card.
  2.   There is no necessary purchase required for Sobey’s contest.
  3.   You can take part in the Sobeys contest by an online method, offline method as well as by In-store method. 
  4.   This costumer survey of Sobeys is also known as Sobey’s receipt survey.

Rules to be followed by the participants for Sobey’s contest:

  1.   No necessary purchase is needed for participating in Sobey’s contest.
  2.   Take the Sobeys survey online with the purchase or if you do not want to purchase anything, you can also take the help of the store associate. 
  3.   If you take the survey with a purchase, you need the receipt.

Helpline: if you need any help you can contact the store people on this email id

Steps to follow for participating in the Sobeys survey or Sobey’s receipt survey:

  1.   Go to the official website of the Sobeys survey contest. 

Participating in the Sobeys, survey contest is very easy and convenient. You can participate and complete the whole survey thing in less than 5 or 6 minutes. Use any browser for participating in the Sobeys survey contest. 

  1.   Select the language which is known to you:

For the easy accessibility and your convenience choose the language which is preferred to you or which is known to you enough. There are generally two choices of the languages that are English and French language. After selecting the language, thing click on save and next option available on the screen.

  1.   Submit the Sobeys store number and location number on the screen:

For verification of your visit to the Sobeys store at any of the location, you have to enter and submit the store number and location details. In other words, we can say that you have to enter the store number and location details to verify that you have visited the Sobeys store and purchased something from there. If you do not have any idea about the store number or location details you can simply check your purchase bill receipt of the Sobeys. The store number is clearly mentioned on the purchase bill receipt of the Sobeys. 

  1.   Verify the Sobeys store locations:
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When you enter, the Sobeys store number and locations details you have to verify the same as well. In other words, we can also say that you have to verify the store location on the next screen on which you are automated. Follow the instructions given on the screen and hit on the option next.

  1.   Transaction number of the purchase order:

Now in the fifth step, you have to write the transaction order id of the Sobeys store. You have to enter the transaction number of the purchase, which you have done with Sobeys. A transaction number is clearly mentioned in the purchase bill receipt of the Sobeys. Transaction number of the Sobeys is generally of four digits and that too is mentioned in the purchase bill receipt of the Sobeys.

  1.   Mention the date and time of the purchase from the Sobeys:

You have to mention the date and time of your purchase in the Sobeys survey contest as well after entering the transaction number of the purchase. You have to make sure that the date and time you are mentioning in the Sobeys survey is right and correct and matching your original visit to the Sobeys store. In short, the date and time should be correct and should match with the visit.

  1.   Finish the Sobeys survey:

You have to answer all the questions, which are asked to you to finish or complete the survey. All the questions, which are asked in the survey are related to the experience you have with Sobeys stores and your opinion and feedback about the Sobeys store in some sort or other. Sobeys try to seek honest feedbacks from their valuable customers. 

You need to answer all the questions asked. Generally, the questions are like rate your experience with the Sobeys store, how was the quality of the food, how was the environment of the Sobeys store, how was the behavior of the employees at the Sobeys store, etc. etc.

You have to rate your satisfaction level in the Sobeys survey contest so that the Sobeys can improve their quality and services if any improvement is needed. 

  1.   Click on submit the Sobeys survey:

At last, after doing all this process you have to click on submit option. So that your response and feedback will be saved and you can get a chance to win the reward from the Sobeys.


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