Things To Know About South African No Deposit Bonus for Online Casinos in 2022

South African No Deposit Bonus

Most top gambling sites serve South African gamblers with their fantastic games, which include hundreds of great deals like bonuses that allow the gamblers to play on their sites without spending some cash. These gambling sites allow them to start playing on real cash online casinos without risking their gambling budget. 

Suppose you’re from South Africa and gambling online for the first time. In that case, this blog will tell you the essential things you should know about no deposit welcome bonuses. This bonus is among the favorites when it comes to welcome bonus at best south african casinos. So you must read this blog before jumping into an online gambling journey.

No Deposit Bonus: Two Types

No deposit bonus has two types where you can choose between getting some free gambling cash or free spins for online slots. Here’s how they work:

Free Cash

This type of no deposit bonus offers a small amount of cash, enough for you to play a few games from the site. However, you can only use this at that particular casino. Moreover, you can’t take the free cash out, but you can withdraw the winnings.

The free cash bonus varies. It usually ranges from R100 to R400 or around USD5 to USD20. However, some casinos provide even more significant amounts on rare occasions.

The bonus will let you access a wide range of games offered by the gambling site. It will allow you to play some table games and slot machines.

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Free Spins for Online Slots

Unlike a free cash bonus, you can only use the free spins on online slots. Typically, the gambling site will link this bonus to one or two slot games. These slots could be the site’s most popular or the latest from well-known vendors.

A gambling site typically offers 5-50 free spins as a bonus. However, while most free spins may pull you to a lower range, it allows you to bet real money on each spin.

Why is it Special?

Welcome Bonuses like no deposit are special promotions offered by online casino operators to new gamblers. Most players always look for sites with this offer, and site operators know they should offer it to attract new players.

With this being said, both operators and gamblers benefit from these bonuses.

Why do South African Online Casinos Offer No Deposit Welcome Bonuses?

South Africans have access to tons of online casinos worldwide. Hence, the competition is tight, and each casino must impress every player.

Online casino operators do this by using various appealing promotions to gamblers. If they entice the player with their gift, they can get them to try their games. This gives them a better chance for the player to like their site and eventually deposit and become a regular player. The gambling site lets the newbies experience gambling with real cash through a no deposit welcome bonus.

Operators find it effective since many gamblers aren’t comfortable spending real money the first day they visit a gambling site. No deposit bonuses solve this problem. Moreover, operators can use it to promote their new games.

How Would You Benefit from No Deposit Welcome Bonuses?

Everyone loves receiving free stuff. Offering a gift is a universal act of kindness. So, getting some free credits to gamble on casino games is like receiving a fantastic gift.

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Typically, you are required to deposit some cash to a gambling site before you can start playing. You may start playing and potentially win real cash through a no deposit welcome bonus without putting your Rands at risk. Of course, the free stuff won’t make you rich overnight, but you have a chance to bag at least R1500.

How to Claim No Deposit Bonus?

You can get your bonus in various ways. Still, there is a critical condition to qualify for it – it must be your first time creating an account at a particular gambling site. Only brand new players can get this welcome bonus. All you need is to fill out a form, and you are good to go in a few minutes. 

So, here’s how you claim your no deposit bonus:

Through Code

Before obtaining it, the online casino may ask you for a bonus code. These codes are normally found in online casino advertisements and during registration.


Gambling sites have cashier pages where you can select the bonus you want to claim. It is commonly found on the site’s login page.


This bonus is the easiest to claim. Just verify that you’re a brand new player without any existing account before joining. Once your account is live, you will automatically receive the bonus.

Customer Service

After creating an account, you should contact the gambling site’s support team via email or chat to make a request. You can then expect the welcome bonus, typically a few hours within the day.

Social Media Platforms

Most online casinos are active on social media platforms, so they can reach out to their players to offer them special promotions. After creating an account, you may contact them through their social media account to request the bonus.

Final Thoughts

The no deposit welcome bonus is a fantastic way to try various games on gambling sites without worrying about losing your gambling cash. However, you must read the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly, as withdrawing your winnings using the bonus has prerequisites. So ensure that you understand the conditions to keep you from nasty surprises.


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