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my starbucks rewards

Just by hearing the name of Starbucks, the delicious cold coffee and the tasty iced shaken tea pops up into the mind. Am I right? There is more to it, such as My Starbucks Rewards.

Well! I guess there is a big yes, from many of you. There are many more beverages available in Starbucks but coffee of the Starbucks is simply the best. 

For the people, who are not familiar with the Starbucks that much, let me explain generally, what Starbucks is and what does it do?

So, Starbucks is an American coffeehouse company, which was established in Seattle, Washington in 1971. It currently has its coffeehouses in more than 30,000 locations around the globe. Starbucks is mainly known for its coffee and especially for its second wave coffee. Back in around 1990’s, Starbucks used to serve handmade coffee to its customers but now keeping the quality of the coffee and the same taste required by the customers Starbucks started using the automatically driven espresso machines. By using this machine, they come up with great taste as well as efficiency in the work too.  

Starbucks serves a huge variety of the coffee. Some of them are whole bean coffee, Frappuccino, third wave coffee, second wave coffee, espresso, pumpkin spice latte, and loose leaf teas and some variety of pastries as well. Starbucks brand pre packed coffee, ice creams and packed drinks are available in some beverages and food items shop too.

Around in year 1996 the very first coffeehouse of the Starbucks outside the North America was opened.

Howard Schultz was the CEO of the Starbucks until the year 2017 and after him; Kevin Johnson took his place and become the CEO of the world famous coffee house Starbucks.  

Net income of Starbucks in the year 2017 was around 2,885 USD$ and employees working at that time was around 277,000. 

Starbucks has become like heaven for coffee lovers. Why only Starbucks? Because, Starbucks gives the taste, which a customer needs. In addition to that, Starbucks gives the quality of the product with a good environment to enjoy the super tasty coffee. 

What is Starbucks for life & My Starbucks Rewards?

starbucks for life

Starbucks for life game is generally launched for the Starbucks rewards loyalty program members. 

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Starbucks for life is generally a reward-making thing. In this Starbucks will give My Starbucks Rewards to the people who win the competition. Starbucks for life game was become so famous when it was announced. Starbucks for life was generally a game in which 14 lucky winners who hold Starbucks registered cards can win the credits of any one item everyday for the next 30 years in a row.

Some winners of them can also win 10 karats of gold!

In other words, Starbucks for life can be understood by that the winner will be receiving the credit on a daily basis for 30 years by which the winner will be able to buy any one food or beverage item for free. In Starbucks for life game alcoholic things, and pre packed or bottled food items are not included.

This My Starbucks Rewards scheme is applicable in United States only. This game is organized by Starbucks for four years (fourth time last year). In this Starbucks for life, game people are given a chance to win rewards from the brand Starbucks. To redeem the reward winner must have to show the registered Starbucks cards or we can simply say membership card.

In Starbucks for life game, there are some rules and regulations, which are to be strictly followed by the winners. Rules and regulations like credits, which are won cannot be transferred to anyone and they get expire within one day or 24 hours. Therefore, it should be used in one day for sure. 

Can anyone win Starbucks for life game?

my starbucks rewards

To start Starbucks for life game one has to visit website and purchases they do will lead the users to game pieces. These game pieces are generally based on the theme of holiday animals or the north poodle.

Starbucks for life game has other rewards also.

Like around 54,270$ can be won as a reward by lucky seven customers, 45 lucky customers can win Starbucks for the year, 225 lucky customers can be winner of the Starbucks of the month, 750 lucky customers can win the Starbucks for the week. Nevertheless, is this actually true? Can somebody actually win even a single Starbucks coffee?

The answer is a big NO! For, many people in the world not because there is something fishy in Starbucks for life game. This is because there are very less people who actually won something in this huge publicity. Many people who hold Starbucks registered cards cannot even had free coffee for their whole life. The people who go to Starbucks once or twice a week or a month winning this game is next to impossible.

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How to play Starbucks for life game and Get My Starbucks Rewards?

my starbucks rewards

To play this Starbucks for life game we can go to the website and get a chance to win rewards. Before that, you have to follow some important and necessary steps.

  1.   You only can participate in this game when you are a Starbucks registered member and you hold a Starbucks registered card for that. 
  2.   Now go to the website as I told you before. 
  3.   Now when you purchase a food item or a beverage from Starbucks with the registered Starbucks card you will earn a gameplay from the same. 
  4.   You can also earn a gameplay by just completing the challenges given to you on the website.
  5.   You can earn around two game plays per day.
  6.   You have to collect all three pieces of the game in the row.
  7.   You are now eligible to earn prizes, rewards, and bonuses.


Starbucks is one of the very famous names in the world, which is known for its different, and unique food items and beverages with a delicious taste as well as satisfying quality. Most of the people in the US as well as in other parts of the world choose Starbucks over the other brands for coffee.

Starbucks for life is a holiday contest, which is launched by the American coffeehouse company Starbucks. Starbucks for life game is very interesting as well as challenging. Nevertheless, this game is not for everyone it is for registered loyalty members only. Even registered members do not get the chance to win Starbucks for life for a single time. Starbucks for life is a very good project for the people.

In this game, credits, which are won by the winners, are only eligible for one day as they get expire in 24 hours. The credits of the game Starbucks for life are in non-transferable form which cannot be transferred to anyone. For redeeming the credits you have to sign up on a website and order a food item or beverages and you will get gameplays for that. By game plays, you will get a chance to win the Starbucks for life game. 

This game was launched in different tiers like Starbucks for life, Starbucks for year, Starbucks for months, and Starbucks for week. Starbucks select one registered member every week. 



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