Style, Fashion, Class: 4 Luxury Watches And Their History

Luxury Watches

A lot of time has passed since all watches evolved from being made to tell the time to today where it is mostly worn for fashion, class, and style only. Many people even wear their watches, even if it is not working anymore. But that is not a bad thing because these are now part of our fashion. There are many watches to choose from.

Luxury watches vary in color, design, brand, and size. Since many companies make the top of the line luxury watches, it may be hard to choose which one is the best and match your style. Below are 4 of the top luxury watches to know more about their history.

The Santos De Cartier

One of the top watches on the list is the Cartier Santos watch. This brand is considered one of the oldest wristwatches made in humankind’s history, which was first designed in 1904. The Cartier Santos watch was first created due to the difficulties and inaccessibility of pocket watches.

It was first thought of by Louis Cartier for his friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was a Brazilian Aviator since he was always having difficulties in reaching for his pocket watch whenever he was flying. Thus, the first watch for the wrist was ever made to be easy to tell the time.

The Rolex Luxury Watches

The second watch on the list is the Rolex watch. This watch has been linked to the visionary Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. At the age of 24, Hans founded a company specializing in London’s timepieces in the year 1905. It started as a dream for him to design a watch that is being worn on the wrist.

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Since wristwatches are not very accurate at that time, there are a lot of flaws to them. This made his dream into a reality and reachable since he began to think that wristwatches can be elegant and dependable.

The Hublot Wrist watches

Created by Carlo Crocco in the year 1980, the very first gold Hublot wristwatch was made. This is the first watch with natural black rubber and is making a debut, which turned into an inspiration for many watchmakers throughout history and became famous worldwide.

The first gold Hublot, Carlo Crocco, was born and raised in a watchmakers’ Italian family. This is where he got all his ideas and his talent in creating and designing watches. It was around mid-1967 when he developed his first watch, and in 1980, he established and founded his first company.

The Chs Tissot & Fils

In the Jura region of Switzerland, there is a little town called Le Locle. This town is generally a clock creating a machine with half of its population specializing in making clocks. This is also where the father-son duo of Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot was born and bred.

In 1853, Tissot began as a comptoir, an assembler of parts obtained from individual makers in that region, just like any other Swiss companies that were founded in that era. By the year 1858, the son Tissot, Charles-Émile, went to Russia and was selling the Tissot pocket watches all around the Empire with the Czar’s blessings.


There are many more luxury watches all over the world and many more amazing stories to tell. However, these four brands are the most popular and the most expensive ones available in the market. 

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To know more about these famous watch brands, make sure to give them a try. Who knows? You may find the best brand that will suit you, and at the same time, you would know its history.


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