The Best 5 Luxury Watches for Everyday Living


Wearing luxury watches can sometimes be overwhelming for the wearer and the people surrounding one of these timekeeping devices’ bearers. You want to look smart and sophisticated but at the same time, to stay low-key. It’s important to note most of these luxury watches were made for everyday use, and going back to its roots is a good idea.

These timekeepers were not made to be kept in a glass box or your jewelry cases. These were made to be worn. Wearing these watches express your taste for the finer things in life while still being grounded with the people around you. Here are the top 5 luxury brands you should consider wearing every day.

The Cartier Santos de Cartier

Originally, Santos de Cartier was made for Cartier’s close friend, a pilot in 1912. Interesting enough, nowadays, these watches aren’t what you would consider aviator watches. These were also made and sold as the cheapest in Cartier’s lineup. Not the case right now, but this heritage makes it the perfect daily watch.

It’s the simplistic design, and various bracelet configurations make it the perfect everyday watch. Its straightforward design makes it easier to wear daily. But being a Cartier and a Santos at the same time, know that you are wearing an iconic piece and its presence will announce itself. Overall, the perfect blend of sophisticated and simple.

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Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950

The Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 is a beauty. Not just because of its beauty but definitely because of its size. This watch is huge on the wrist but not too huge. With its rugged look, it can take whatever comes with being a daily watch. This may be an expensive watch, but it sure is worth it.

Rubber bracelets and the big bezel will eat up any condition it gets immersed in. This watch pairs well with any outfit and will tie it all together. Match it with daily smart casual attires and sit back and watch as the Panerai elevate your style.

The Rolex Explorer

Of course, there will be a Rolex on this list. Out of the brand’s lineup, the Rolex Explorer screams to be used daily. Not only that, this watch can be paired with anything, but this watch will also definitely sit well with any age group you come from. The Oyster bracelet tying it all together makes it a comfortable piece to wear for the whole day.

Everyday watches tend to be straightforward, and that is really what this Rolex is about. It embodies simplicity, elegance, and class at the same time. Wear it through any activity and prepare to be amazed by its durability. 

The Seiko Prospex

This piece from Japan is the cheapest on this list but don’t be fooled. This is widely considered as a luxury dive watch by the community. This piece is not a slouch when it comes to its movement and quality. This is the best bang for the buck watch you can take anywhere, even 200m meters underwater, and still look classy.

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Japan has always made great automatic movements, and the Seiko Prospex is one of them. Its effortless design and configuration make it a great everyday watch and one of the best out there.

The IWC Pilot’s Top Gun Luxury watches

If people say looks can kill, the IWC Pilot Top Gun is a candidate. This watch was made to commemorate the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program known to many as Top Gun. The best naval aviators need a simple, straightforward watch that does its job like these pilots. Its sleek black design makes it blend in with any outfit.

The NATO strap gives it a rugged look, and the in-house automatic movement is a powerful and precise movement with a 72-hour reserve. This watch’s durability is also a big selling point, as you will not be disappointed to bring it to the daily battles of life. This watch is one to consider.

Takeaway of Luxury watches

Luxury watches were never made for the people in higher classes. But this is made for people from different walks of life. Don’t be afraid to flaunt these beautiful timepieces as it’s a testament to your hard work. These watches are simple, elegant, luxurious, and durable. Wear them like how they were made to be worn.


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