Best CBD Patches for Pain (2020)

CBD Patches

CBD topicals are an excellent way to treat pain and include a little CBD into your daily health care routine, offering a way to target particular areas of your body in a way that is not possible with other CBD forms. When it comes to CBD topicals, there are many options to choose from. Popular CBD topicals include creams, oils, and patches. CBD patches work in a slightly different way from most other topicals. They have a temporary effect, with the CBD taking impact straight away and lasting for a few hours.

CBD patches release a consistent dose of CBD to your body over many hours. Some CBD patches can last for days, making them an excellent solution for anyone who needs a reliable way to treat pain throughout the day.

When shopping for patches of CBD, it is always a good idea to understand the basics of how they work to ensure that you are choosing the right patches to suit your needs. WayofLeaf is an excellent website where you can learn more about CBD with helpful articles that break down all of the essential facts that you need to know.

So, where can you find the best CBD patches to treat pain?



PureKana’s CBD transdermal patches have been carefully designed to supply you with a constant CBD dose for up to four days. The fast-acting CBD formula works to provide pain relief when you need it most.

As with all of Pure Kana’s products, their patches get made from high-quality USA grown CBD. Each patch contains 60mg of full-spectrum, THC-free CBD, which has been formulated to help you manage pain quickly.

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PureKana patches have been designed to work around your busy life, with a smooth stick application that takes less than a minute to apply. The patches are also waterproof so that you can go about your healthy life without having to worry about your CBD patch becoming dirty or damaged.

One significant benefit of PureKana CBD transdermal patches is that they get made using 100% natural ingredients. A blend of orange coconut oil, organic aloe butter, and sunflower lecithin, along with full-spectrum CBD, form the base of the patches. PureKana then adds essential oils, including sage and apricot, for additional benefits.

PureKana also has a bundle option that contains three patches for a reduced price, making it perfect for someone who uses it on a regular basis.

Kaam Pharma

Kaam Pharma patches provide a natural way to manage pain for up to 24 hours. Packed with 240mg of CBD and 360mg of hemp oil, each pack of patches can release a steady and consistent supply of CBD all day long.

Using natural ingredients and high potency, Kaam Pharma’s patches have become a popular pick for many. Unlike many other CBD products designed to treat pain, Kaam Pharma patches can be applied in the morning and left all day so that you can continue with your day worry-free.

Each pack contains 30 patches, ensuring that you never run out of patches when you need them most.

Pure Ratios

Pure Ratios

Pure Ratio’s award-winning transdermal patches help you to manage pain in a natural way and work to support your body so that it can recover without having to deal with pain. Each patch contains 40mg of CBD and can last up to four days.

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Pure Ratio uses its state-of-the-art reservoir technology alongside its botanical formula, which ensures that CBD penetrates the skin in an effective way for noticeably faster results. The CBD contained within the patches can bypass the digestive system meaning that it is able to work on the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the body much quicker.

Each CBD patch is made using a completely natural formula with all ingredients having been sourced from organic farms. Suitable for vegans, the patches are made using coconut oil, aloe butter, and a sunflower lecithin base. Sweet almond oil, red palm oil, and avocado oil are also added for additional health benefits.

Pure Ratio uses broad-spectrum hemp, ensuring that each patch is packed with a healthy combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. By using broad-spectrum, Pure Ratio can guarantee that its CBD patches are 100% THC-free.

When purchasing Pure Ratio, there are two different options to choose between. You can opt to buy single patches, ideal for testing whether they suit your health and lifestyle needs, or packs of five patches. Having the two different options allows you to stock up on patches and ensure that you always have a natural CBD packed way to treat pain.



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