“the devil is a part-timer season 2 “is coming!

the devil is a part timer season 2
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The popularity of the Japanese animated series is rapidly growing worldwide. However, the complication of language does not allow dubbing into many languages. Thanks to the translators, we can watch the anime series in English! If you are a big fan of anime, just like me, do not forget to read this article. This article will have all the information about your favorite anime, “The Devil is a part-timer,” season 2. Yes! This article will tell you if another season will come or not! Let’s begin! Shall we?

“The devil is a part-timer” season 2 trailer is out now!

There is a piece of good news for the fans! After Game of Thrones, the most awaited series of the century is. The devil is a part-timer in season 2. Recently, the makers released a trailer confirming the release of another season. Thanks to the makers, they also included the release date of the second season. According to the trailer, season 2 is arriving in July 2022. 

They did this trailer release during a 2021 Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival, followed by a few other important assignments. The good news is that they kept the name the same for the other season. However, the minute difference is that there are two exclamation signs, in the end, signifying another season.

Also, the producers and directors of this series are completely different. White Fox introduced the first season. Naoto Hosoda is the director of the first season. However, it is in the hands of 

Studio 3Hz now. The director of the other season is Daisuke Tsukushi, along with Animation director Yoshihiro Takeda. Moreover, the other cast members are Masahiro Yokotani(series composer), Nao Tōyama, Ryota Ohsaka, Kanae Itō, Yōko Hikasa, Hiro Shimono, and Yūki Ono.

“The Devil is a part-timer” is a Novel?

You all have heard about anime comics. Maybe, this is the first time you hear the term anime novel. Yes, an anime novel exists.” The devil is a part-timer” is a novel. Satoshi Wagahara wrote this novel in 2011. Its japanese name is Hataraku Maō-sama

Moreover, in Japan. ASCII Media Works, Inc published this novel. However, in North America, Yen Press is responsible for publishing this novel. After the worldwide success of this Japanese novel translation, White Fox decided to transform this novel into two seasons with 13 episodes.

When will they release “The Devil is a part-timer” season 2?

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The fans need not wait as the trailer have all the information about the release date of “The devil is a part-timer” season 2. The trailer looks very interesting and full of entertainment. The news season has all one can wish for, comedy, suspense, strong characters, and whatnot. Go and watch the trailer, as it will increase your curiosity. Season one of the series went on air in April 2013. According to the “the devil is a part-timer” season 2 trailer, the new episodes will air in July 2022.

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“The Devil is a part-timer”: What is this anime series all about?

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This section of the article revolves around the story of this popular series. In this series, The main character is Demon Lord Satan. Satan is the villain of the story who vows to rule the world. He has his army and generals to help him conquer all four continents. Satan’s four generals are Lucifer, Adramelech, Malacoda, and Alcatel.

Moreover, Satan could easily achieve his motives if the story’s hero did not interfere. Emilia is a young girl and the hero of the story. Along with her friends, she tries their best to stop the demon king. The story is about How the demon king attempts to conquer the world and how Emilia dont let them succeed. 

As the story continues, Emilia and her friends kill the two generals of Satan. Due to this, Satan had to escape the world. However, the Demon king remains stuck to his plan to conquer and vows to return.

To achieve success, Satan and his companion Alcatel live among humans in the modern world. Moreover, they both can change forms into humans. To survive in the modern world, the demon king joins MgRonald’s where he works part-time(now you know how the series got its name). On the other hand, his general, Alcatel, serves Satan as a house officer. Furthermore, the story starts when Emilia and Demon king meet each other. I would suggest you watch the series to know more about the story. It contains several characters and an interesting storyline.

What are “The Devil is a part-timer” season 2 main characters?

the devil is a part timer season 2
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This section of the article unfolds the main characters of season 2. Let’s get started!

Demon King aka Sadao Maou: 

Ryota Osaka is the Japanese voice actor for Satan’s character. However, Josh Grelle is the English dubbing artist for the series. The name of the modern world is Ente Isla, whose demon king is Satan Jacob. The demon king wants to take over the world. However, he remains unsuccessful as Emilia is there to save the world. Due to his actions, Satan and Alcatel were sent to modern Japan to survive.

Thus, Satan takes the human form and starts working in a food restaurant to survive among humans. Initially, he got the job part-time. However, because of his good behavior with the customers, he got promoted to the position of Assistant Shift Manager. 

The important thing to discuss here is that the character of Sadao Maou is confusing. Whenever the people around him are in vain, he takes his original form. The interesting thing is what he does after coming back to his original form. He does everything opposite his nature. Instead of harming people, Demon King does good deeds for others. Instead of killing, he saved people’s lives and was the first one to take a stand for people’s lives. I guess his character makes the story interesting and worth watching.

Emilia Justina: the hero of the story:

 Yū Asakawa and Yōko Hikasa are the Japanese voice artists for the hero character. Felecia Angelle did the English dubbing for the second important character of the series. The story begins with a fight between Emilia and Sadao. The Demon king lost the fight, due to which he had to leave Ente Isla and was forced to move to Modern day Japan. Moreover, they both lost most of their magical powers during their journey. After her landing in Japan, Emilia changed her name to Emi Yusa. Also, she took a job in a call center as an executive. Emilia wanted to kill Satan because one of his journals took his father’s life.

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However, according to the story, she came to know that her father was not dead. After she got fired from her job, Emi joined MgRonald’s. This is how she encountered his biggest enemy again. Later, the story takes a new turn when Emi falls for Maou. It is going to be worth watching.

Shirō Ashiya: Satan’s general

 Takehito Koyasu and Yūki Ono are the voice for the Japanese version. However, the English version of the series is voiced by Anthony Wesley Bowling. One of the main generals of the demon king is Ashiya. Moreover, we can describe Ashiya as Satan’s most loyal general. He takes care of all the household duties such as cooking food, cleaning for his king. Also, he tries to search for a way to get their magic powers back. A girl named Rika is in love with him. However, he keeps himself away from her. This is because he thinks that Rika is in love with his disguise, not his true self as a demon. Let us watch “the demon is a part-timer” seasons 2 & 1 to find out more. Furthermore, Nao Tōyamais the Japanese voice artist for the series, and Tia Ballard is the English voice artist for the series.

Chiho Sasaki: Sadao’s colleague

We can say that Chiho Sasaki is more than a colleague. She works with Sadao in MgRaunald’s. Moreover, Sadao treats her as a friend, but she loves the demon king madly. She is short but has a curvy figure. She is a great archer who comes under the communication spell. Also, Sadao includes her in his army as a general. Everyone in the army respects her as she becomes the army general.

  This is all about the devil is a part-time season 2 main character. There are other interesting and strong characters in the series. You may watch the series to find more about it.

Hanzō Urushihara, aka Lucifer

We all know that Lucifer is the “fallen angel.”Lucifer’s mother is the leader of the whole angel society. In this series, Lucifer is one of the generals of the demon king. Olba and Lucifer sign a deal after Satan is sent to the modern world. According to the deal, if Lucifer defeats the demon king, Olba will send him back to heaven. However, Satan defeats him during a fight. Therefore, he must remain hidden from the police and the demon king. Lucifer finds an apartment to hide in for some time. The main reason why Lucifer wanted to overthrow Satan as the king of demons is that his father was in the same position for years. He is a tech guru and is fond of video games.

Moreover, he got involved in various robberies and Olba and is running from police. Also, people use the names such as Hikikomori or NEET to describe Lucifer, which he doesn’t like. Hiro Shimono gave the Japanese voice to the character. However, Aaron Dismuke is the English voice artist for the series.


In the end, I hope you read the full article and enjoyed it. We discuss all the important facts about the popular animated series. We discuss the plot, main characters, and season 2 of the series. 

Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe! We should watch our tyrant become a young spoiler as a novel for entertainment.


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