Things to look at when purchasing a CNC router machine

router machine

Many CNC router companies claim to offer high-quality products. For this reason, finding the best wood router can be tricky. Apart from the different styles of woodworking routers, there are other things you need to consider. In this post, we share some of the specs, features, and abilities to pay attention to when looking for the best router for your project. Since some of these points may have more weight than others, it’s good to weigh the significance when picking a router machine.

Type of woodworking router machine

In various types of woodworking routers available, a particular project and intended function will decide which model will fit your needs. If you need a reliable general use wood router machine, choose a fixed base type. These machines are simple to set, and the user can make jigs that can be used in various conditions. Mount them on the router table to offer extra functionality.

Users who want to create Tennon or mortise joinery or wood framing might need to buy a plunge router machine. Nevertheless, they might not be compatible with the wood router table.

You can also check out the palm router. This comes in plunge and fixed models. They are lighter, smaller, and easy to operate with a single hand. Keep in mind that they have less power.

Horsepower of router machine

In a woodworking router machine, the quantity of horsepower that the machine has assisted in finding out how perfect it handles larger router bits and dense substances. Even though users can make several passes to make beautiful edges with any machine, using one to do everything at once will help save time. This is essential when using a plunge woodworking router. The majority of routers come with a horsepower rating of 1.25-175. The hot rod models have over 2 horsepower. While the models with a lower horsepower can work well, the 2 horsepower machine is ideal for dense substances.

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Viable speed

One of the challenges users encounter when making flawless edge profiles is selecting the viable speed to complete the work fast without damaging the wood. Note that magic speed doesn’t exist since boards have different densities. It comes down to the right touch and the experience.

The best thing is that the majority of routers come with adjustable speed that can be tuned until you get the required speed. They come with tiny dials to help choose their speed. Choose a router with a speed range of 9000-20,000 RPMs for optimum results.

Comfortable grip

Woodworking routers are powerful machines. For this reason, users should have a safer grip on them to guarantee proper control. Additionally, a comfy grip helps a user to maintain consistent contact with the machine. This helps in enduring secure handling.

Looking for the best woodworking router for your project? So, this guide will help you choose the best tool for you. Besides, experts from CNC router companies can help you make the right decision.



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