Top 5 Best Wireless Routers in 2020

Best Wireless Routers

People nowadays are using the internet almost every day. Therefore, wireless routers, also called WiFi routers, come in handy. With wireless routers, you don’t have to connect your laptop or computer to your internet box. You can simply click it wherever you are in the room with just a tap on your finger. 

If you are looking for a wireless router that offers the best high-speed Internet connection, stick through this article till the end. We will show you five of the best wireless routers you can get in the market this 2020. All models are certified the best, and each is developed differently than the other.

ASUS Dual-Band WiFi Router LTE 4G AC1900 RT-AC68U

ASUS is truly a brand that speaks excellent service. This router from ASUS has the most advanced and recent LTE category six standards for broadband and internet. It also has a high WiFi reach that follows an algorithm for wireless connection. This is what makes the AC1900 the best wireless router

Not only that, but his router features ASUS’s Air protection Pro provides the highest and safest security system. This feature lets you avoid threats from intruders as well. The AC1900 router can also be detached and upgraded for better internet speed and performance. 

Netgear Smart WiFi Router Nighthawk R7900P

You will never go wrong with Netgear, especially when it comes to their wireless routers. The Netgear Nighthawk comes number two on the list because of its excellent wireless speed. It can go up to 3.0gbps, and it is not like any other router in the market. It also has a flawless connectivity system that provides zero lags. 

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Among its key features are multi-user technology, which can accommodate multiple connected devices at the same time. It also has the best secure connections that have 128-bit encryption. Parents also do not need to worry about harmful content to reach their children because this router has smart parental control.

Amped RTA1750 Wireless Router High Power

This router from Amped is among the most industrialized wireless routers in the market. The coverage of this WiFi router can be reached at the highest point with exceptional 802 IEEE. The powerhouse of this router can also handle multiple wireless networks without lagging.

Among Amped’s key features is the impressive internet speed. Because it is built with 802 IEEE, this router can provide users 450mbps to 2.4GHz of internet speed, all at the same time. It is also long and wide-ranged, and it is equipped with smart security systems. 

Cisco Wireless Router Integrated Services 3825

This wireless router is also one of the best ones to get in the market. It provides the best WiFi speed, video, audio, and wireless services. It also features secure and robust network connectivity, which is why Cisco routers are recognized to be efficient. 

Aside from that, it has the best converged IP communications that address small and large offices’ needs. Cisco’s wireless services are also one to consider because it has built-in access for LAN connection.

LINKSYS WRT546 Wireless Routers

When looking for a wireless router, you need to consider the durability and stability of the router’s performance. The WRT546 is among the best routers in the market because it lets you connect at a speed of 54Mbps. You can also connect to the router with wire. 

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Not only that, but the LINKSYS router is also easy to set up. You first need to reset the router and turn on the power button again to start. It is also a three-in-one device that lets you connect to multiple wireless devices. 

Takeaway of Routers

While there are tons of different wireless router options in the market, you need to determine which one is reliable for providing an internet connection. The ones mentioned in this article are by far the best wireless routers to get, but it will be up to you whether you will buy them for you to use.