All You Need To Know To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC

Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC


Memories hang on the walls of your home as frames in varying shapes and sizes. Histories have been discovered through carvings, drawings, photographs, and the latest – digital photographs. Each time these evolved to stay a little longer, and that’s great! As we speak about digital photos, the phone is the most common and ultimate device. But what about preserving them for the future? You must store them correctly, but before that, you must transfer photos from iPhone to PC. When I am writing this article, which is in 2020, I cannot help but assume you use an iPhone. Who doesn’t? It’s too fantastic not to own it!

Know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC
Do you know how to relocate photographs?

Why Must You Transfer Photos From Phone To PC?

It’s easier to click than store them. We often do that, don’t we? After a while, we choose to either delete a bunch of the photographs or stash them on cloud locations. We hardly think twice before clicking because that’s easier than blinking an eye. Has too much convenience made us unreasonably lazy? Whatever the reason is, here we are talking about saving memories that we created with love.

Memories are priceless

When you take a snap, you don’t know what value that photograph will hold a few years later. It may become dearer to you than others, one of the most cherished memories for you. Or, it may later prove to be a defining moment of your life. Photographs are frozen moments; they are priceless memories. That’s why you must store them and do that properly. Otherwise, you may later repent for the loss.

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Photographs can be shreds of evidence

Photographs even serve as pieces of evidence, which you may need later. Hence they are very crucial and one of the most important reasons for storing them. Photographers are hired for special occasions, for capturing moments in detail and without any mistake. However, all of the invested efforts may go in vain if they are not stored well.

Subjects to study

This is an interesting fact and a common practice. With time, the disciplines of study have widened. And so had evolved our study materials. Photographs are studied as well. Especially, when students go for field study or excursions, they take snaps; transfer them from phones to PCs. If they don’t know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, they reach out for guidance.

Documents experiences

The experiences shape your life that you go through. They are worth saving. It is precisely one of the most common and critical reasons for capturing photographs. You cannot bring back the time that you have spent, but you can always save a portion of it as a photograph. These can later act as documents of your experiences and bring you the same joy and happiness as they did before.

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Good to act as references

If you wish to revisit a memory or use them as a reference, it is always best to have a snap. However, having a photograph is not enough unless you can preserve them for the future. So, make sure to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. There are multiple online sources but make sure to choose the verified one.

Try the easy ways to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC
Are you photo-obsessed? Almost all of us are!!

How We Evolved As A Photo-Obsessed Generation?

Photographs have been silently replaced by “selfies.” We love to click and often create situations to get clicked. Is this narcissism? Have we become narcissists? Perhaps not all of us, but we are undoubtedly obsessed with getting clicked. It’s not enough to know to click; you must even know to import photos from iPhone to Mac and vice-versa. It’s essential to store them, and you ought to learn how.

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Is it only recently that we became so obsessed with photographs? It has been there since civilization started breathing and continues to grow with us.

The cave paintings

Since the early men inhibited the forests that are now home to well-maintained properties, we document our activities. The cave paintings tell us how early men and women lived, hunted, and sustained living. Had they not been there, we would not have known anything at all about our evolution. That helped us in drafting our history.


It is not only the royal people but even ordinary mortals, loved to freeze time as paintings – portraits and other forms. It was a matter of pride, happiness, and satisfaction, which was later refined with time.


With the discovery of the camera, things changed dramatically. While paintings remained to be adored and royal, photos soon became popular. It’s easier to take photographs than painting a figure and convenient at the same time. So, the camera soon became a favourite, and framed memories occupied space on walls.

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Digital photographs

Digital cameras further eased the way photos were taken. You just need to focus on the subject and click. It’s that convenient and easy. Digital cameras and photography have revolutionized quite a few things and paved the way for larger transformations.


It’s dynamic, appealing, and more credible. When it comes to communication, videos are super entertaining and generate maximum response. After the mass was exposed to videos, it has been used more and preferred over photographs.

iPhone Images
Transfer photos from iPhone to PC, ensure they are safely stored

It’s Okay To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC But Not Enough

You can easily take a snap and transfer photos from iPhone to PC, but that might not serve the goals. What you must also take care of is the proper transfer and storage of the image files. You also need to know how to download photos from iPhone to Mac. Here are a couple of more things that you must know and follow to preserve your images for the future.

Transfer at regular intervals

There is no right time to transfer photographs, but ideally, you must do that at regular intervals. Often it isn’t easy to keep a trace of data stored in your mobile device. So, it makes sense to transfer files from your iPhone or other phones to your PC at fixed intervals.

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Not all are worth storing

It is smartphones that we mostly use for taking photographs. Just a tap, and you have a snap. Thus, we end up with unnecessary pictures. So, while storing them, we need to select those that are good. It will save space, and you can accommodate more photographs at a given location.

Try organized storing

When you place several files at a single location, then the place becomes crowded. You may not find the files that you need. It calls for organized storage. So, make sure to name your files with relatable names and then store them accordingly. Take time out to manage your files correctly for long-term benefits.

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Use a password to access

All your photographs might not be candid and casual snaps. Even if they are, those are personal, and hence they must be protected. We strongly suggest you save your stored photographs with a strong password. It will ensure only authorized people can access them, other than you. It’s always better to be alert and ahead than be sorry for not protecting your photographs well.

Explore cloud storage options

Usually, we store files and folders on either our PCs or laptops. They have limited storage space. Though you expand the space with added memory still, that would have a limit. Also, if your device crashes, then you might not be able to retrieve your files. So, after some months or years, you may run out of space for storing your photographs. This is why we suggest you keep your pictures on the cloud.

Transfer your photos
That device for ultimate smartphone experience

Tips For Transferring Photos From iPhone To PC

When it comes to transferring photographs or other files, we tend to underestimate its significance. It’s not merely a cut-copy-paste thing but involves some detail and care. So, let’s dig into some of the essential tips that we have chalked out to transfer photos from iPhone to PC safely and adequately.

Select and segregate

We have mentioned earlier that it is important to organize your files before storing them. We mention it again here because that’s an important prerequisite, and it will help you in transferring files. Check the file names and segregate them according to their names other specifications.

Check file size and resolution

You need to understand and know the storage location’s available size. Then you must check the file size of the photographs that you want to transfer. If it’s larger than the permissible limit, then you must find another location.

Try metadata management

When it comes to storing files, you can do that in bulk. However, you need to store them in an organized manner; otherwise, you won’t be able to find them easily. This is where metadata management can come to your rescue. Metadata management is nothing but using keywords while naming the files. It will enable you to find your desired files without much fuss.

Switch to airplane mode

It’s difficult for millennials to not be busy. You may keep getting calls even on your off-days, but that’s not desirable. Especially when you are transferring photographs from iPhone to PC. So make sure to switch on your phone’s airplane mode before you start transferring. Otherwise, if you get a call in between the process, then it may disturb the transfer.

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Cherish your memories but above all, save your photographs properly at desired locations. We hope you will note what we discussed above and use the tips to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.