Weed Dabs: What are they and their types?

Weed Dabs

Weed dabs are very powerful concentrates of THC. A user only needs a small amount of the product to get a powerful sensation of the ‘high’.

They are the derivatives of grinding regular buds of marijuana. They can also be obtained from cannabis plants by means of an extraction through a chemical reaction.

In the United States, weed dabs were first introduced in the 1960s but have gained a lot of popularity once they began being used in vaporizers. The much surrounding hype and increased usage of dabs are due to the fact that it provides an almost immediate and intense sensation of ‘high’. 

Kinds of Weed Dabs

Weed dabs are simply another name for THC concentrates. In fact, there is a wide variety of dabs available in the market. All the kinds of dabs available today fall under two main categories – extract forms and byproduct forms. 

Extract forms need to be extracted from THC via a chemical process from dry cannabis plants whereas byproduct forms are naturally obtained from the use of regular dry cannabis plants. 

You  can also infuse weed dabs into your food and make various tasty THC edibles (visit Budmail).

Some of the common extract forms 


A semitransparent product that comes in thin sheets often shatters easily when it is cold. That is why it is named so. It is known to be one of the purest extracts and needs to be stored in parchment paper in a stable environment.

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Some of the common extract forms


Budder looks like creamy peanut butter and is made by whipping shatter into a thick, creamy textured substance. 


This is the driest extract form among all the concentrates. It is therefore easy to store and use it. It is ideal to store this extract in a silicon or glass container with tight lids owing to its super fine consistency.


It resembles brown sugar in appearance and can be simply stored in the form of concentrates that have decarboxylated THC (The chemical compounds that offer an instant and powerful ‘high’ sensation). It usually gets sticky so store in containers that you do not mind throwing away later.



The honey like oils are made from CO2 instead of butane gas unlike the other forms of extracts. The oil comes in a syringe which can be easily used in rings. The oil should be stored in a silicone container or the syringe in which it originally came packaged in. 

Byproduct forms of weed dabs


This is the most accessible byproduct form of THC concentrates. It provides intense sensations of ‘high’.


Hash can be understood as kief that has been hard pressed or compressed. It is crumbly and sticky. It needs to be stored in clear containers with tight lids.

How to dab?

Dabbing can come across as a difficult and complicated procedure for inexperienced users and first timers. However, with the right rig and set up, dabbing is a very easy process. It is very simple and does not require any sort of machinery at all.

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Owing to the high concentration of THC extracts, a very small amount of dab is needed in order to get the user a sensation of ‘high’. 

Some dabber specific tools are available in the market that help in measuring the dosage perfectly, every time you wish to dab. You need a rig to begin dabbing. There are 3 main kinds of rigs that you can dab with:

  1. Oil rigs: They are the classic setup for smoking dabs. An oil rig is actually a water pipe that comes along with a nail, a dome, a torch and a dabber. The torch is used to heat the nail which heats up the glass dome. The glass dome helps in heating the dab. 
  2. Vaporizer: It is a less intensive tool and works best with shatter, oil dabs and wax. From fancy to expensive, all kinds of vaporizers are available in the market. 
  3. Atom Bomb rigs: They are a combination of both oil rigs and vaporizers. However, the dab product still needs to be manually added and therefore the dosage added into the atomizer can be controlled.

Where can you get weed dabs?get dabs

If you are interested, you first check your state’s marijuana regulations for any kind of purpose before planning to buy. Weed edibles are available both online and offline (visit XpressGrass). Dabs are usually costlier compared to dry marijuana and their shelf life is also higher compared to flowers. 

Currently, weed dabs are legal in those states where marijuana is legal. Cannabis is legal in Canada, since October 2018, although each of the 13 provinces and territories have their own set of rules —  including where marijuana would be sold and consumed. In the United States, cannabis for medical and recreational use is legal in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Vermont, Oregon and Alaska. 



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