What Is CBG and How Is It Different from CBD?

CBG and How Is It Different from CBD

Nearly 145 million people in the world consume cannabis products.

The popularity of the cannabis plant has been increasing over the years, thanks to its multiple benefits. From chronic illnesses to cancer, the plant is believed to manage many health conditions.

The plant has more than 100 active cannabinoids, with the main ones being CBD and THC. However, cannabis plant scientists have found more interest in CBG, which is another active cannabinoid.

So what is CBG? This guide will discuss more on CBG, its benefits, and how it is different from CBD. Read on!

What Is CBG?

CBG is the short form of Cannabigerol. It is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. According to cannabis experts, CBG is the mother of the other active cannabinoids.

When the cannabis plant is still young, it produces the Cannabigerol acid (CBG-A). Eventually, the acid breaks down to form CBG alongside tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THC-A), cannabichromene acid (CBC-A), and cannabidiol acid (CBD-A).

With time, the acids change to compounds, whereby the CBC-A becomes CBA, THC-A becomes THC, and CBD-A becomes CBD. Due to the cannabinoid conversions, the percentage of the CBG in the hemp plants is usually low, with most plants having a CBG percentage of 1% or less.

Like CBD, the CBG chemical is non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not cause stimulating effects to the user. It also works by influencing the endocannabinoid system, just like the other cannabis chemicals. For more information relating to the cannabis grow cycle, Zamnesia offers in-depth articles exploring each stage of the growth cycle and key insights into how to maintain the plant as it matures.

Benefits of CBG

CBG oil was discovered in 1964. Since then, experts have been trying to test the health benefits associated with the compound. Most of the benefits are still under research, but some have been proven.

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Here are the main CBG benefits:

Appetite Stimulant

CBG is an excellent appetite stimulant, according to a 2016 study. The study was done on rats, whereby rats that consumed the compound showed increased appetite.

Therefore, health experts believe that a small prescription of the CBG compound can boost people’s appetite.

Effective Remedy for Bladder Diseases

Experts believe that CBG can solve several bladder conditions. In line with a 2015 study regarding bladder dysfunction, CBG can reduce significant bladder contractions.

The study was done in rats, and it brought forth positive changes in bladder infections. Health experts have also tried the compound on humans and have shown positive impacts.

Effective Remedy for Inflammation

Just like CBD, health experts believe that CBG has anti-inflammatory features. In line with a 2013 study for the inflammatory bowel condition, CBG can relatively reduce the inflammation effects on humans.

The initial study was found useful on rats, though experts confirm that the compound works well for humans. The anti-inflammatory effects make it an excellent option for people who have arthritis and chronic illnesses.

Effective Remedy for Cancer

Many cannabis compounds are effective remedies for cancer, and CBG is not an exception. In line with a 2014 study done on rats, CBG can prevent the spread of cancer.

The compound might not guarantee to heal, but it can prevent the growth of cancer tumors, thus, reduce the spread of the disease. Its anti-inflammatory effects can also reduce the pain in cancer patients after chemotherapy.

Effective Remedy for Bacterial Infections

A 2008 study showed that CBG can prevent bacterial infections. It can also manage the side effects of bacterial infections when used as per the recommendations.

An Effective Remedy for Glaucoma

A 2008 study suggests the CBG can manage glaucoma. The compound reduces the intraocular pressure, thus minimizing the effects of glaucoma.

CBG vs. CBD: What’s the difference?

From above, it’s apparent that CBG and CBD compounds have many similarities. They are derived from the same plant, and they all come from the CBG-A. However, the two compounds are different in terms of their composition.

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They also work differently. CBD has a low affinity for the cannabinoid receptors; thus, it interacts with the endocannabinoid systems indirectly. On the other hand, CBG interacts with the endocannabinoid systems directly through the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Also, CBD benefits are based on the body’s nervous system, while CBG mainly affects the immune and digestive systems.

How to Take CBG and CBD

CBG and CBD are both products of the same plant. Therefore, you can take them together and enjoy the synergic effects known as the entourage effects. You may also take each product separately.

For best results, you may seek your doctor’s advice regarding the best way to take them. You may mix the recommended dose in your food or drink.

However, it’s advisable to use CBG on topical products. The topical applications have fewer side effects, and they enhance the antibacterial effects on the skin.

Choosing a CBG Product

The process of choosing CBG products is a bit complicated when compared to CBD and the other cannabinoids. In most nations, the drug is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration body, hence the technical choosing processes.

Nevertheless, you can readily get the best CBG isolate powder by considering third-party testing.

All the companies which offer CBD for sale get their products tested by an independent lab. Before you buy, confirm that the compound has been tested and approved by a well-known laboratory.

Also, you may consider the full-spectrum CBD products. Those products contain all the cannabinoids, including CBG. When you take them, you will enjoy the benefits of CBG and the other compounds as well.

Find a Reputable CBG Seller

The popularity of the CBG compound has been increasing rapidly. However, research about its usage is still limited, despite having many health benefits.

If you are curious to know what is CBG and how it works, find a reputable healthcare provider to explain to you. Also, gather the right information regarding the compound before you try it. When you do, ensure that you work with a certified supplier.

CBG is not the only cannabis compound you should know about. The other chemicals are useful as well, mainly if you understand them. Our blog offers informative guides on the various cannabis compounds to help you make informed decisions. Keep up with the site to learn more about CBD and other lifestyle topics as well.


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