What Is the Difference Between White Maeng Da And White Borneo?

White Maeng Da And White Borneo

Kratom may be fairly new in our collective conscience. But the herb has already generated considerable buzz in the alternative medicine sector. That’s mainly due to a growing body of research citing its immense health benefits. 

Known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia. However, the tree can now be spotted on numerous plantations worldwide. 

Kratom contains powerful alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine, which account for its therapeutic and recreational properties. In countries where the herb grows natively, such as Thailand and Indonesia, locals have used its extracts for hundreds of years to relieve various ailments. Kratom can treat common medical conditions like pain, inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Another fun fact about kratom is that the herb is available in numerous strains. This post narrows our focus to White Maeng Da and White Borneo by providing a detailed side-by-side comparison between these kratom strains.

More About Kratom Strains

Kratom exists in numerous strains. Popular ones include White Maeng Da, Red Borneo, and Green Malay, to mention but a few. 

There are two main parameters used in grouping the different kratom strains. They include;

  • The coloration of a strain’s leaf veins
  • A strain’s country or region of origin

Kratom trees can sport three distinct colors on their leaf veins: white, green, and red. It’s from these colors that most kratom strains derive their names. 

However, it’s worth noting that there’s hidden symbolism behind each color. White vein kratom strains are famous for their energizing and uplifting effects, whereas red vein kratom strains are sedating and tranquilizing. Green vein strains offer effects milder than white vein and red vein kratom. 

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You should also remember that the three different kratom strains based on leaf vein coloration generally occur in the same tree. They only differ in the period that they occur during the tree’s growth cycle. Kratom leaf veins start out white. They turn green as the tree matures and eventually wind up red in older trees. 

We’ve already indicated that kratom comes from Southeast Asia. But this region comprises several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Kratom strains can still differ in the specific countries or islands they’re indigenous to.

Differences Between White Maeng Da and White Borneo


The first difference between bali kratom and maeng da review relates to their places of origin. 

White Maeng Da traces its roots to Thailand. The strain also thrives indigenously in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

On the other hand, White Borneo originated from Borneo Island. Borneo is a rugged island located in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago. It’s considered the third-largest island, coming only after Greenland and New Guinea. 

White Borneo Kratom is believed to thrive mainly in the Indonesian region of Kalimantan.


Both White Maeng Da and White Borneo have the word “white” in their respective names. This implies that both strains have white coloration on their leaf veins. 

However, the rest of the words in each strain have different meanings. “Borneo” in White Borneo is a tribute to Borneo Island while “Maeng Da” in White Maeng Da is a Lao slang that means ‘pimp.’ 

The fact that “Maeng Da” derives from Lao says a lot about the strain’s origin.

Effects and Benefits

Both White Maeng Da and White Borneo are great energizing and uplifting strains. The two are among the best kratom strains for combatting fatigue and diminished mental concentration. 

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However, White Maeng Da is comparatively more potent than White Borneo. Besides its energizing and uplifting effects, White Maeng Da will also trigger stronger euphoria. 

But perhaps the most important thing to note here is that kratom potency depends on several other factors. Examples include serving amounts, frequency of use, delivery method, age and body weight, and metabolic rate.

Side Effects

As White Maeng Da Kratom delivers more intense therapeutic benefits than White Borneo, it’s logical to infer that the strain will trigger more severe adverse effects. That underscores the importance of using White Maeng Da moderately.

Most White Maeng Da users report drowsiness, anxiety, and elevated blood pressure. In the case of overdose, you might experience severe symptoms like labored breathing, brain inflammation, cardiac arrest, and multiple organ failure.

But as you’ll soon find out, kratom side effects vary from one user to another depending on factors like dosage and body chemistry. 

  • Abundance and Affordability

Maeng Da is generally the most abundant kratom strain. That also means more White Maeng Da products are in circulation than their White Borneo counterparts. 

According to the principles of demand and supply, an increase in the supply of a commodity generally translates to a decline in price.  

So, don’t be surprised to find kratom products made from White Maeng Da priced considerably lower than those formulated with White Borneo. 


White Maeng Da and White Borneo Kratom share one thing in common – they’re both excellent for producing energizing and uplifting benefits. However, these strains have several fundamental differences. 

If looking for the more potent strain that’s also relatively abundant and affordable, insist on White Maeng Da. But if you want a strain that still boasts reasonable therapeutic benefits without inducing severe adverse effects, then White Borneo is your best bet.