Why choose home remedies for diaper rash for your baby?

Home remedies for diaper rash
Home remedies for diaper rash


Anyone with a baby knows the importance of diaper rash cream. Even if you choose the most expensive and well-tested diaper brand in the market, babies tend to get rash. While some parents use home remedies for diaper rash, most of the population uses chemical products and over-the-counter medicine. It is essential to know why experts prefer choosing home remedies over chemical products.

Home remedies for diaper rash

Why people prefer chemical products over home remedies for diaper rash?

The most common reason is social pressure. Other moms might have a certain influence on the type of products you use. Moreover, there is a placebo effect of moms thinking that the diaper rash gets cured faster with chemical products. Most of the diaper rash creams come with a label, ‘pediatrician-approved.’ This label stands as a purchasing decision-maker in many homes. However, most of the common natural remedies do not have such approval sign.

Accidental consumption of chemical remedies for diaper rash

Babies keep everything in their mouths as taste is one of the primary ways a baby explores its surroundings. Thus, if the baby gets hold of the cream by touching the applied area or accidentally getting hold of the medicine tube, the chances of ingesting it are very high. In most cases, a small lick is not dangerous. However, an enormous amount could be problematic.

The chemical products with petroleum jelly can cause diarrhea. Too much consumption can cause lung injury, which causes coughing and other respiratory distress. Some creams containing lanolin and zinc oxide can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The diaper wipes with rash cream contain alcohol. If the baby sucks on the wipes, it could cause the blood sugar level to drop.

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Potent steroid in diaper rash cream

In many chemical products, clobetasol is a common ingredient. Although clobetasol is a proven ingredient for rash treatment, over usage can cause immunosuppression and other problems. If you are using a steroid-based rash cream, it is essential to follow your doctor’s directions and not use it beyond the course of treatment.

Skin irritation with mineral oil diaper rash cream

Mineral oil is one of the best emollient protectants on the market. Since it is water-insoluble, it will act as a perfect barrier to prevent irritation and more damage. The mineral oil is water insoluble; it tends to stay on the skin for longer. If you do not clean the oil properly off the skin, it could cause folliculitis and skin irritation.

Advantages of natural products

Standard natural products used as treatment are apple cider vinegar, egg white, corn starch, coconut oil, browned flour, olive oil, aloe vera, etc. The aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory product, which reduces irritation and soothes the skin. It is also a good moisturizer, and thus, the area does not get dry.

In some cases, the diaper rash can cause a yeast infection, which leads to discomfort. Yogurt reduces yeast growth and the effects of the infection. Moreover, yogurt is a cool and creamy substance; it can reduce the friction caused on the skin by the diaper. It is best to choose plain yogurt if not a homemade one.

Baking soda is another ingredient that helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi. It gives an immediate cooling effect too. However, if you apply it directly on the skin, it would cause an abrasive effect. Thus, mix it with warm water and make a paste to use it. Instead of mineral oil products, you can use coconut oil and olive oil. These would add a good water barrier and also reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. The same goes for oatmeal. The fat in oatmeal gives faster relief to dry and itchy skin.

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The skin gets damaged during the rash, and when urine comes in contact with the damaged skin, it causes discomfort. Vinegar can neutralize this effect. Also, it reduces the problems caused by soap buildup.

Some use breast milk to treat rash as it has anti-inflammatory properties and natural immunity.

Problems with home remedies for diaper rash

A natural product might look promising and safe, but unfortunately, not always. Cornstarch is a prevalent home remedy for diaper rash, which in many incidences causes lung problems due to inhalation of the fine powder. This effect is similar to using too much talcum powder.
The second problem is the safeness of the product. For instance, unless you make your coconut oil, you cannot be sure of its ingredients. This problem is quite severe while using baking powder, oils, yogurt, and others.

Natural products can cause allergies. If your child shows any allergy symptoms, stop the product, and get in touch with your pediatrician today. Even the most natural product right out of a plant can cause severe allergies.

When is it time to talk to a doctor?

In most cases, your home remedies for diaper rash will give you an adequate solution, or using over-the-counter cream would do the same. But, the inflammation would not vanish overnight. It would take a couple of days to heal completely. However, when is it time to talk to your doctor? If your baby’s rash does not recover despite regular usage of the product and if the baby has a fever, get to a doctor immediately.

On the other hand, if the rash tends to appear repeatedly and more frequently, you might need to see a pediatric dermatologist. While at the doctor’s, ask about the best diaper brand, how often to change the diaper, best rash cream, and any food items to add or avoid. For instance, cranberry juice consumption is a proven method to reduce the frequency of diaper rash. However, talk to your doctor to know whether your baby is old enough to consume cranberry juice.

Does changing diaper brand help?

Some diapers tend to cause more friction and induce diaper rash. Although many brands market their products as 100% rash-free or with rash cream protection, there are no brands with FDA-approved labels as 100% rash-free products.


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