Why Is Nadine Caridi In The Spotlight?

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Every odd thing is not news, but it gets some attention. However, Nadine Caridi is a talked-about celebrity and for all the right reasons. If the DiCaprio starring ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has imprinted an impression on you, then you must know this. Caridi is a former model, actress, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and also a successful author. Do you still wonder why she should be in the news?

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A Brief Know-what About The Lady With An Indomitable Spirit

Thanks to indiscriminate internet connectivity, we know almost everything. We have often come across inspiring individuals, their life stories, and achievements. Nadine Caridi is one such bright personality whose life is an example of undying grit. Her struggle, is a great lesson and her success has been one of the best influencers of this time.

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    Nadine Caridi was born on 6th November 1962 in London, the UK, and later moved to Brooklyn, New York City, USA. In 1980 she completed her matriculation but later did not pursue further studies because she aspired to become a model. She started pursuing a career in modeling and from a tender age. She started with modeling for print medium – for the posters of a popular beer. Interestingly, her career blossomed, and she was doing well.

In 1991, Nadine Caridi married Jordan Belfort – the revered and real ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’ She became the mother of a son and daughter named Carter and Chandler, respectively. However, destiny unfolded unpleasantly, and Caridi parted away from Belfort in 2005.

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Her troubles and divorce did not deter her indomitable spirit from achieving her goals. She quit her higher studies, but after the divorce, she reinvented her life. The divorce did not break her; instead, she pursued her degree, and in 2008, she took admission in Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2010, she graduated with Clinical Psychology, and later in 2015, she earned her Ph.D.

    Nadine Caridi became a marriage, family therapist, and also a blogger. It was perhaps her personal experience with marriage and relationships that prompted her to help others with similar issues.

Often we say that it is the path that one chooses during his or her toughest time that defines their mettle. In Nadine’s case, she emerged as a lady of virtue and value. She tore down the shackles and fought all odds to create her path and walk up to her goals.

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Learning life lessons from Nadine Caridi
Life lessons to reach for the moon

How Nadine Caridi Inspires Us For A Bright And Better Life?

Often we come across personalities who leave their mark on our lives. We must not always look for mistakes committed by others to learn from. Instead, their strength and character can also be a good source of inspiration for us. Nadine Caridi is one such individual whose life and achievement is an inspiring example. Here’s what we can learn from her and implement the same for improving our lives.

  • Live life and never regret anything: Often, we want everything or at least bits of everything that we come across. This creates unwanted and unpleasant pressure on us for achieving extending goals. Caridi moved away from her flourishing career in modeling after marrying Jordan. She wanted to pursue her career; that’s why she did not continue her studies. She made her choices and lived by it. Also, she didn’t complain or regret leaving what she was doing.

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  • Impenetrable focus: One of the primary requirements for success is an unshakable focus. If you can focus on your goals and implement the right procedures, then you are sure to be successful. Nadine focused on single purposes. When she wanted to become a model, she gave up her studies and focused her efforts on becoming a model. When she was married, she gave up her career. Later she got back to her career and achieved the pinnacle of success. That’s the power of focus, and she taught us that.
  • Indomitable determination and spirit: You can move mountains if you are determined to do so. She did not let the negativeness deter her from chasing her goals and achieve what she wanted. It requires unchangeable determination and the spirit of an achiever. She did not compromise with her goals because of the hurdles. Instead she overcame each one with undeterred determination, every time.
  • Finding hope in despair: Life will throw you cruel challenges and often when you are not expecting any. It will throw you at a pool of despair. However, it is your ability to find hope in such a situation that will create the difference. Nadine Caridi did something similar. After divorcing Jordan, she did not sulk or drown in depression from a broken marriage. Instead, she hoped and focused on building her career. She believed in herself and had hope for a better life.
  • Compassion: She experienced a failed marriage and the pain from it. Despite experiencing the sadness and sorrow, she chose to help others going through similar experiences. Only a compassionate heart can think of others when they themselves are fighting odds. It helped her to focus on easing others’ pain and thus overcome her depression. Nadine Caridi taught us to have a compassionate approach to what we do.
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We are easily inspired or influenced by celebrities. Why not? Their towering personalities impress and influence us. When we have Nadine Caridi, we would love to follow and learn to create a better life despite all odds.


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