Why is Unified Communications Monitoring Important?

Unified communications monitoring

Installing a unified communication system allows your company the freedom to communicate across distances and over multiple platforms.  Customer experience is enhanced and increased sales made possible.  However, the more complex the system, the more there is to go wrong.  Unified communications monitoring not only ensures seamless, uninterrupted communication but will keep licenses updated, ensure compliance, test systems in advance of use and deliver visibility across multiple technologies and vendors. 

Quality human interactions

Accenture Strategy’s 2021 Global Consumer Pulse Research found that 83% of people ‘wanted more human interaction when dealing with companies’ and that 52% had gone to a different company due to poor company service, at a cost to business of US$1.6 trillion. As contact centres and businesses become more reliant on digital communications, contact centres are a rare opportunity for customers to interact with a human representative. 

Unified Communication Monitoring is the best way to ensure that all your customer interactions are effective and satisfactory to the client. 

Test, troubleshoot, display 

With unified communication monitoring your team can monitor the quality of the call or contact on one dashboard, while your customer service agents are providing a personal experience to your customer.  Issues can be identified and corrected in advance, reducing outages and disruptions to important customer interactions. Your collaboration ecosystem can be tested before use, covering voice, video and networks, and any problems addressed before they cause interruptions to productivity. Remote and international communications with investors and board members will be uninterrupted by jitter or glitches.

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Time spent troubleshooting is reduced by 64%, with a saving of 43% in operational costs. 

User experience paramount

Solving issues proactively provides for a smooth and easy to use system.  Users can communicate stress free, allowing them to concentrate on job performance.  Hybrid work arrangements can also benefit from a monitoring system that ensures no interruptions to multiple channel communication. 

To fine tune training, unified communication monitoring also provides valuable insights from data mining and real time assessment of staff performance and customer responses.  This allows your company to improve the experience according to accurate information. 

Cross vendor remote monitoring

Unified Communications monitoring will facilitate checking and troubleshooting across multiple vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft, network layers, applications and session border controllers.  It has the advantage over inhouse monitoring in that it will perform across an enterprise multi-vendor structure.  Monitoring will cover off-site communications including video calls in any location allowing important meetings and interactions to progress without disruptive failures. 

All new technology rolled-out within the enterprise system will be incorporated into the unified communications monitoring package. 

The importance of unified communications monitoring is not to be underestimated.  The quality of calls, video conferencing and other contact platforms directly impacts on your customer response.  If customers experience an uninterrupted, seamless interaction with your contact team, they will be more likely to make purchases, return to the firm and recommend your company to others.  Troubleshooting and solving issues in advance, helps ensure this happens.


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