Why You Must Write A Leave Application And How



Are we not busier than ever? Are we then working more than any of our ancestors did? Perhaps no, that’s not the case. Maybe they could better balance between work and leisure. Or, perhaps they knew when to opt for leave application and get it approved.

Experts have often expressed concern over the psychology of employees who are working from home during this pandemic. Work-burn out is a common phenomenon with most of the working professionals. You must take your leaves. For this, you must know how to write a sharp and edgy leave application to the boss. You must mail a formal application asking for leave, other than asking over the phone.

It's important to write a good leave application
Take a break, it’s important

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Is Formal Communication Still Relevant?

Instant communication has interfered with interaction at different levels. Often employees send a message over WhatsApp informing about their absence for the day. This is a common practice but highly unprofessional. Unfortunately, such approaches have increased by many folds. However, whether you want to send a leave application for office for personal reason, formal communication is a must. No way did formal communication lose their relevance. Here’s why formal communication is so crucial.

  • Clear message and genuine: Formal communication speaks about the core subject and without any exaggeration. You state the subject and specifically talk about it to convey information and, at times, support it with facts. When you are communicating through a formal channel, the message will have no ambiguity. The information passed over such channels is checked before publishing.
  • Impersonal communication: Professional interaction is best when it is devoid of personal hints. Even the slightest of personal inclination can cause favoritism or biases. This is highly undesirable in a professional environment. Formal communication lacks personal feelings and does not interfere with strategies. So, whether you are writing a letter to the principal for leave application, proper communication, or anything else, you must keep it impersonal.
  • Management in the loop: Your work is related to others’ activities and vice-versa. You have specific responsibilities, and so the administration must know about it. You must inform about certain communications to your immediate senior or reporting boss. During a formal communication, you need to email and mark your reporting head a copy of that mail.
Know the best of ways to write a good leave application
Keep your managers informed about your leave application
  • Can be referred in future: Usually, formal communications are written in nature. That’s documented, and you can look back at it whenever you want, or you need to. It is a good source of reference and proof of your communication. In a professional environment, you must have such proof. It helps you to avoid unnecessary troubles. If you are unwell, you must send a sick leave application for it. Similarly, for other requirements, also you need to communicate formally.

Formal emails and letters are irreplaceable. Even if you use instant messengers for communicating that cannot serve as formal communication. If you are sick, you must write a leave application or any other mail depending on your requirement. So, learn the best of ways to write an impressive application letter soon, you will be glad you did!

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Why Is It So Important To Take Leave?

It’s your right to take leave. But why is it a right and not a privilege? A human mind cannot work beyond a certain time. You must take a break from work and engage in something entertaining. If you put yourself in a work environment or ‘need’ to deliver, it drains you. If this continues over a long time, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

  • Leaves minimize stress: When you keep working, continuous work pressures build up stress. It is one of the most notorious elements that can disturb your regular life. It can even disturb your health and cause several critical health issues. This is why experts from across the world insist on taking weekly and other leaves. You must rest your body and mind and prevent stress. Write a good leave application stating your reasons for well-planned vacations.
  • Improves mental health and mood: Working or studying or doing any particular work for a long time can be draining. If you keep doing even what you love, it can get monotonous. You may be unwilling to do that even. Eventually, you may not find happiness in anything you do. That’s bad for your mental health and mood. So, you must take occasional breaks and enjoy your weekends thoroughly.
  • Enables you to think of fresh ideas: Weekends and leaves are the necessary gaps between your regular schedules. It detaches you from any sense of urgency and pressure. It creates the needed void and enables you to start afresh. You can think innovatively after your weekends, get better ideas, which enhances your workability. So, you must take the necessary leaves to work further and better.
  • Controls cardiac issues: Stress and anxiety from continuous work affect your health. We have mentioned this before too. Emotional pressure and unhappiness interfere with your digestive system, hormones, and other body organs. Stress increases your blood pressure and creates cardiac issues. This is highly alarming. Look for the best application format for employee and make sure to take leave.
  • Enhances productivity: When you take leave, you let go of the old ideas, creating space for new concepts. You can think with more clarity and work more effectively. It automatically multiplies your productivity. Often we assume that taking a leave might affect your sincerity, but it doesn’t. So, don’t hesitate to write that leave application that you have been planning for weeks.
  • Improves your social life: It’s great when you do not have deadlines chasing you and stress bugging you. Without these, you are a happy person, and it automatically makes you a happier person. You like to socialize, and thus it improves your social life as well. So, you see how beneficial it is for you to take timely leaves?
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Leave was thus made a right and not just a privilege. Leaves are not only mandatory and essential for working professionals but even for students and homemakers too. However, they do not need a leave application for that.

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You must know to write a good leave application
A well-written application gets your leave sanctioned faster

Tips For Writing A Winning Leave Application

You are a designated official at an organization; you surely know how to write a useful leave application. We did not intend to tell you the ‘how’ part but specific content in your leave application letter. Here are a few things that you must know and have in your application.

  • Whom are you addressing the letter to? You must address your immediate senior or reporting boss because it they who allot your tasks. So, they are the most relevant person to know your work status and how your absence will affect tasks. Hence, when you write your leave application, you must address it to your reporting boss or immediate senior.
  • The precise subject of the letter: Leave application is a formal cause. You must be very clear and precise with the subject of the letter. Write your subject in a few words and mention all details in the body of your application.
  • Mention the reason for your leave: It is very crucial because the possibility of your leave depends on it. If you are writing a sick leave application, then clearly mention the cause of your ailment. It would be great if you can attach copies of your medical reports. If you want to take leave for vacation, then do mention that.
  • State your work status and substitute for the leave duration: When you are away, your work should not suffer. So you must make it a point to maintain your sincerity regarding that. You can either complete your work beforehand or have a reliable substitute. He or she must be able to take care of your work in your absence.

In your leave letter, you can mention the status of your ongoing work and your substitute during the leave period. However, this is a choice; you can either mention it in your letter or just do that verbally. Ideally, it is a good professional practice to mention that in a formal mail.

  • A possible point of contact: When you are on leave, either your substitute may need you or the client. So, make it a point to leave your contact number where you will be available, in the letter itself. They will only contact you in case of any emergency. So, you can be sure of no unnecessary disturbance during your leave period.
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Often we are reluctant to write leave application. What we ignore to realize is that leaves are essential, and writing a letter for that is a good professional practice. So, make sure you do take leaves to relax, rejuvenate, and get back to work more efficiently. While you do so, remember to put it in writing. It’s that simple!