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GCListens stands for grand coral listens. GCListens or grand coral listens is a general customer survey. GCListens is a survey launched by the grand coral for the satisfaction of their valuable customers in which they can freely share their views and give their honest opinions about their dining experiences in the grand coral. In GCListens, customers can also share their expectations from the grand coral so that grand coral can improve their customer service or hospitality services in a better way.  

The grand coral praises genuine advice, reviews, and expectations. In GCListens, you can write reviews about its foods as well as customer service. You also can complain about its services and food. You can even explain them about the things you didn’t liked in them and things you don’t want to experience again with them. You can give them feedback about your experience with grand coral as well.

Grand coral is a beautiful place for dining. People who want a quality in food with the “Tadka” of wonderful taste they can visit grand coral. According to most of the people, in grand coral you can have quality food with wonderful taste and soothing dining experience. GCListens give you chance to get rewarded. 

However, here a question comes!

Is it so? Is it that much good?

I will not tell you the answer. You have to find the answer on your own. No! You do not have to do any homework for this. You just have to see the feedback of others and you are done!

You can also give the feedback. Nevertheless it is important to give the feedback to the places like grand coral because many people want to know about the place before giving it a try. Are you satisfied with the experience with the grand coral? Do you want something changed? Do you want to give some advice to grand coral? However, nothing to worry about! There is an easy way to do all this stuff. You can simply go and give your feedback about your dining experience on a platform. The name of that feedback platform is GCListens.

GCListens even gives the cash rewards on giving the feedback about the grand coral. GCListens gives around the 1000 $ to lucky person who give the feedback about the grand coral. You do not believe me? You are thinking that I am kidding. You do not trust my words? Right? 

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GCListens is an official thing, which you can trust. GCListens is one of the official online platforms, which is used to receive feedback from the valuable customers.

Rewards by grand coral:

GCListens Rewards Survey

Grand coral gives rewards to its valuable customers on giving feedback about grand coral and sharing their dining experiences and telling them the expectations for the next time on GCListens. Grand coral also asks their customers to share things they do not like and want them to change for the next time. 

GCListens Rewarding Options:

GCListens $1000 survey

  1. Daily prize of one of them:
  1. USD $ 1000
  2. CAD $ 1000
  3. 1000 EUROS
  4. DKK 8000
  5. £ 1000


  1.   Weekly prizes any three of the following:
  1.   USD $ 500
  2.   CAD $ 500
  3.     DKK $4000
  4.   500 EUROS
  5.   £  500

We have talked a lot about giving the feedback and get rewarded but the most important thing is how to get rewarded? How to give the feedback? What is its process?

For earning these great rewards by grand coral, you need to give your opinion and honest feedback on GCListens. Here are some easy steps for giving the honest opinion for the grand coral by the online official platform GCListens. The whole process from understanding the GCListens to finally post a feedback is very easy to understand. Before that, you need to understand the guidelines and some rules.

Rules to be followed are as following:

  1.   You must be the responsible and legal citizen of the USA.
  2.   Your purchase bill should be trustworthy to fill the feedback form of GCListens.
  3.   You must be 18 or more than it in age.
  4.   On any one purchase bill, only one person can give the feedback once.
  5.   There should be a gap of 90 days period between any two feedbacks.
  6.   One who is giving the feedback must not be an employee of the grand coral.
  7.   He/She who is giving the feedback must not be the ex employee of the grand coral as well.
  8.   The person who is giving the feedback must not be in the close relation with the employee of the grand coral.
  9.   The person who is giving the feedback must not be in relation with the grand coral in any way or circumstances.
  10. If you got selected by the GCListens you need to contact with the grand coral within 10 days of selection or else you will be declared eliminated.
  11. The prize and rewards won by you will be sent to you within 60 days of winner declaration.
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How To Fill GCListens Survey?

Now let us understand how to fill the GCListens customer survey form. Generally, there are two methods for this:

  1.   Online method.
  2.   Mail method.

Both are easy and understandable. Let us take a look in detail:

Online method for giving feedback on GCListens:

  1.   Go to official platform of GCListens.
  2.   Choose you language for better understanding.
  3.     The page will automatically be open at the home page.
  4.   Enter the unique code from the bill received by the grand coral. 
  5.   Click start.
  6.     List of questions for feedback survey of GCListens will appear on the screen.
  7.   Fill all of them very carefully.
  8.   Click on submit.
  9.     You are done now!

Here comes mail method for drafting the feedback for grand coral on GCListens platform:

  1.   Take a pen and a paper.
  2.   Write on that “please list me in daily sweepstakes for getting a chance to win a daily prize” this note should be hand written. 
  3.     Write down your details like your complete name, phone number, email id, and complete address as well.
  4.   Now that envelope to the address which is written below;


511 Avenues of the America

New York, NY


On the other hand, you can send the same on this address too


2121 suite 200



GCListens is an official online platform on which valuable customers give their honest opinion upon their dining experience with grand coral. They give their advice to make it much better in every term. GCListens gives customers a chance to send their complaints directly to the grand coral about their expectations which were not fulfilled and they should be fulfilled next time. Customer also praises grand coral food and dining experience.

GCListens customer satisfaction survey also gives a great chance to its customers of being rewarded and gets prizes. Great coral gives different prizes just for giving feedback about them. It customers can win up to 1000 $ as a cash prize just for filling a feedback form. We have described the whole method and most of the details about GCListens. Just follow them and get rewarded. 


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