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Subway is an American restaurant. Subway is formerly known as Pete’s Super Submarines. Subway is a trading name for the formerly known Pete’s Super Submarines. TellSubway is a private type of company. In other words, we can also say that Subway is an American privately held restaurant. Subway initially started with selling the submarine sandwiches and salads. Subway is considered one of the largest and fastest growing franchises in the world.

Subway is a fast food company. Subway was founded back in the year 1965 almost 53 years ago. Subway was founded by the Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. Subway has its headquarters in the Milford, which is in Connecticut, United States. Subway has around 42431 different food stores at different places in around 112 different countries. The CEO and the president of the Subway are Trevor Haynes. The CIO of the Subway is Mike Macrie. Subway generally has food items like submarine sandwiches, which is the Subway specialty, pizza, as well as salads also. The owner of the Subway is the DeLuca family. The official website of the Subway is subway.com.

When you think of delicious and mouth-watering sandwiches the first name which comes to our mind is Subway. Subway makes special and delicious sandwiches in a different and large variety. Subway is considered the largest chain of sandwiches stores in the world. 

About The TellSubway Survey

In addition to the mouth-watering and delicious sandwiches, the subway is also offering you a great chance of winning a free sandwich or a free cookie. Tell subway is a 1-minute survey. You can participate in the tell subway survey anytime. In other words, we can say that it is open all 24 hours in the day and all the 7 days in the week for entries.

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If you liked and enjoyed, the Subway sandwiches as well as the other food items. Go and give honest and genuine feedback to the TellSubway and help them build a better company and make improvement in the Subway if required. Your genuine and honest feedback and opinion can help subway in the improvement of the services and restaurant as well.

tellsubway survey

  1.   You just have to purchase any food item from the subway store. 
  2.   Note down the unique coupon code mentioned in its purchase bill receipt and fill it in the subway survey form. 
  3.   Answer each of the questions asked. 
  4.   All the questions are related to your experience and the services offered in the subway store when you visit there. 
  5.   Rate your experience with the subway store and subway employees as well.
  6.   Enter your correct personal details like email address, phone number, full name, address, etc. etc. 

Steps to be followed for participating in the tell subway survey contest:

  1.   The first step is to do a valid and eligible purchase from any of the subway store.
  2.   After doing a valid purchase, you will get a purchase bill receipt from the subway store.
  3.   A valid coupon code will be there on the purchase bill receipt of the subway store.
  4.   The second step is to visit the official website of the subway feedback survey online.
  5.   On the official website, you have to click on the feedback option and then you have to fill that unique coupon code in the given space.
  6.     Hit next.
  7.   Then you have to enter the subway restaurant number and you will find that on the purchase bill receipt of the subway restaurant on the top right corner of the purchase bill receipt.
  8.   Now you have to answer each of the questions asked in the subway feedback survey. All the questions are directly or indirectly related to your experience with the subway store, their environment, cleanliness, behavior of the employees, etc. etc.
  9.   Rate your experience and their services on the scale is given. 
  10.   Enter your correct personal details like your full name, your full and correct address, your correct and active email id, and your active and correct phone number as well.
  11.   Now, wait for the results to be announced and enjoy!
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Rules and regulations to be strictly followed to participate in the subway feedback survey:

  1. An individual must have attained the age of 18 years or more but not less than that.
  2. An individual must not be in contact with any of the subway store employees.
  3. An individual must not be in the contact of any of the subway store ex-employees.
  4. An individual must not be a friend or a family member of any of the subway store employees.
  5. An individual must not be a friend or a family member of any of the subway store ex-employees.
  6. An individual must not be in any sort of contact with any of the subway store employees as well as ex-employees.
  7. The unique coupon code will be valid for only 5 days after that the unique coupon code will be automatically expired.
  8. An individual can redeem only a single coupon in one month in the feedback and satisfaction survey of the subway store.
  9. Last but not least that an individual must be a legal, eligible, and permanent resident of the United States. 

Prizes and rewards offered by the subway store:

  1.   Free cookies and free sandwiches from the subway store on your next visit to the Subway store near you.

Official websites for the TellSubway feedback survey for different locations:

  1.   India – https://www.tellsubway.in
  2.   United States – https://www.tellsubway.com
  3.   Finland – https://www.tellsubway.fi/
  4.   Malaysia – https://www.tellsubway.my
  5.   United Kingdom – https://www.tellsubway.co.uk/


Subway is one of the best fast food and sandwiches restaurants. Subway is a very famous and trusted name when it comes to fast food and sandwiches. Subway was started with just 1000 $ and you know what that too was taken as a loan from one of the friends of the owner of the subway Fred De Luca. Subway now want to take honest and genuine opinions from the customers and measure them as well as work on them and improve their services if any improvement is needed. 


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