You Must Know How To Hide Apps On Android



How long can you stay without using your phone? Over the years, our smartphones have become a necessity besides food, shelter, and clothing. You don’t need an official confirmation for that. A large part of our lives and living depend on communication, utilities are served by applications, and allied technologies. Apps are useful, but sometimes you need to hide them as well. So, if you need to know how to hide apps on Android, you are reading the right blog.

Hiding apps are no rocket science but not something for kids. You must know a few things correctly and apply the same flawlessly. That would be enough!

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Android apps enjoy more popularity than iOS apps
We love our apps but you must know how to hide apps on Android too.

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Why Are We So Much In Love With Mobile Apps?

We are addicted to apps, but they are a necessity for us millennials. Why not? Mobile apps have been serving us utilities we need and wish for in our regular lives. As we know, to use apps, we must also learn how to hide apps on Android. We need to know it as well because not every app is for everyone to see. Over the years, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. Here is why we love mobile apps so much.

  • Instant communication: It’s challenging to wait; instead, we are too impatient to wait. Mobile apps allow us complete freedom to communicate instantly. When you are looking for a product or service, you can post your query and immediately receive feedback. A click or a swipe is only what you need to get what you want.
  • Online shopping: Lack of time has engulfed us badly. We don’t just have any time to meet friends and relatives but even visit shops to buy essentials. Only shopping has our back and saved us from the need to visit stores. One of the best parts of apps is that we can shop online. You need to install the app, and you can browse their collection, get notified about the latest stock, and buy. The same applies for availing services.

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  • Service on demand:

    Apps offer your service in a click. It is like having an assistant on-demand, for anything and everything that you ask for. Can you think of any other convenient way of being served whatever you want and whenever you want? It is a significant reason that has been increasing our dependence on apps.

  • Timed information: You don’t just use an app for shopping but several other purposes. Service and public utility apps offer you a library of information. Besides news apps, they keep you updated with the latest happening across the world.

Since information is the key to development, so such apps can be utilized for inclusive growth. Some apps are used for it.

  • Impressive and user-friendly interface: It is not just the utilities that attract users but even its look and appeal. Mobile apps are built with exciting designs and user-friendly interfaces. As a user, we love to explore such beautiful apps and engage with interactive features. They seamlessly secure audience engagement and ensure we return to it again and again.
Different kinds of apps and you must know how to hide apps on Android
Different apps that has become an indispensable part of our lives, mostly Android apps.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Apps That You Can Find In The Play Store?

You meet your requirements and fancy at the Play Store. It stuffed with apps for instant messaging, mobile service providers, online shopping, fashion and lifestyle utilities, restaurants, apps for buying groceries, entertainment, take better photographs, image, and video editing apps and a lot more. Think of something, and you have an app for it.

  • Instant messaging and social media apps: Think of apps, and we spontaneously think of instant messaging. It is one of the former kinds of apps that we can remember. The instant message and social media services apps have also transformed the way we communicate.
  • E-commerce apps: These have simplified life for us; you don’t need to visit stores anymore. Different e-commerce apps have enabled us to shop from our comfort zones and our convenience.
  • Social singing apps: Did you enjoy Karaoke? Now you can sing along with your friends’ distance apart. Varied social singing apps allow you just that and all unadulterated fun that comes along with it.
  • Mindfulness and meditation apps: The chaos and cacophony of life sometimes throw us off-balance. Did you just give or rise beyond your limitations? You can enjoy a good number of apps that allow you to meditate and practice mindfulness. These are tiny little DIY help amid pressing challenges. Meditation and mindfulness apps are quite popular with the millennials too.
Mindfulness and meditation apps
Meditate with some of great mindfulness and meditation apps for Android users
  • Image and video editing apps: Do you seek perfection in snaps that you take? We all do, don’t we? When we assumingly create memories through captured photographs and shot videos, then you got to make it flawless. This is precisely why you can see hundreds of images and video editing apps in the Play Store.
  • Video streaming apps: Videos and video streaming have redefined entertainment. The audience non-hesitantly transformed from television and radio shows to streaming videos. Catch up amazing video content across several video streaming apps. It started with Netflix and popularized my Amazon Prime, Voot, MX player, and others.

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  • Mobile browsers: As we switched from desktops to laptops and tabs, to smartphones, mobile browsers too appeared at the Play Store. When you are looking for something online, you cannot wait. So, all you need to do is install your favorite browser, and the rest you know it.
  • Citizen service apps: Governments across the world found excellent communication agents with the population that they are serving. Besides all other existing types, the store has apps released by governments. These are basically dedicated to specific services. They use it for executing their plans and undertaken programs for public service.
  • Music and audio apps: The Play Store has apps that can serve multiple purposes. The music and audio apps are entertainment on-demand for you. You can find a wide range of music categories uploaded on these apps. So, just install and plug in your headset, that’s it!
  • Financial apps: Taking care of your finance is as important as taking care of your health. Money is important. So, you have a good number of apps responding to your financial queries too. It would be better to say that these apps even help you in planning and executing your plans. They even help in making payments through secured payment gateways.
  • Transport utility apps: You are saved from worrying about your ride to your desired destinations. Different transport utility apps allow you to book your ride and advance and track its live location. What more can you want? Besides, you can share your ride status and location with your family and friends too. These come with added security features.
  • Gaming apps: Mobile applications have added another category of games – online games. You just cannot find the latest and coolest games but even the traditional ones. Install the app, and start gaming!
How to hide apps on Android
Little secrets on how to hide apps on Android

How To Hide Apps On Android Platform?

Mobile apps are great because they are high on utility and entertaining. However, every time you cannot find them good. What’s good for you might not be welcoming for others. Besides, our lives largely depend on smartphones; it stores crucial information too. So, you can hide some sensitive apps. For that, you need to know how to hide apps on Android without disabling any. We suggest an easy and practical guide for hiding Android apps.

  • Stock launcher: Often, reputed mobile companies come with native app features for hiding apps. They use their launcher for the purpose. Some of the mobile brands offer this facility. So it’s great if you are using a mobile from these brands. If not, you still have other options to explore.
  • Change folder name: If you are having trouble with certain apps on your phone, try renaming them. Put those apps in a single folder and use a boring name for the app. This way, you can divert the inquisition for apps.
  • Rename app and change icon: You can try this trick, and it works great. It’s like hiding in front, but no one can guess. An app is usually identified by its name and icon. You can use a launcher to change the name and icon. That’s it. A small but significant trick and your job is done.
  • Switch to multiple users: Since you are only using your smartphone so no one would this trick. Use the ‘multiple users’ feature and install your secret apps with that profile. Switch back and forth to your new and old profile as and when you need your secret apps. This could be a little time consuming but it’s a perfect hideout option.

You must hide apps; everyone must not know everything. If you are uncomfortable and feel the need to hide apps, then you know how to hide apps on Android.

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