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cute video game characters

Every gamer loves playing a good game, but a cute video game character is what every gamer enjoys even after finishing the game. Some video game characters are so cute that you wish you could hug them in real. People would die for them. These cute video game characters make everyone smile and forget about problems for a while. These cute characters continue to capture the attention of players. Here we are presenting a list of them:

Top 11 Cute Video Game Characters

1. Moogles: (Final Fantasy Series)

Moogles (Final Fantasy Series)

Is there anything more cute than Moogle? If you were given a chance to pick one character from “Final Fantasy” that rejoices us, it would be Moogle for sure. These cute white furry pig-bear creatures have wings and heads that are way bigger for their bodies. They look like perfect cuddle partners. One would wish to go inside the TVs and grab them. There are several other characters like Mog and Stiltzkin but regardless of the roles, Moogles are the most cute. Their design looks so similar to a Koala. 

2. Kirby- Kirby Series

cute video game characters

This pink blob from planet popstar has been getting all the attention since the release of Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992. Kirby is popular as he has the power to copy which lets him to recreate the appearances of enemies. He used to deal with enemies very smartly by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Kirby looks so soft and squishy even while making angry faces. His way of dancing after he beats a level made him even more cute. 

3. Yoshi – Super Mario Series

Yoshi- Super Mario Series

This dinosaur-like character usually named Yoshi is the protagonist of the Mario Series. Yoshi was always there to protect Luigi and Mario from angry Koopa Troop and Kamek. It is the only character that often swallows the coins and items in order to collect them. He has such a big round nose that you can hardly notice his mouth under his big nose which makes him one of the cute video game characters. Also, the big red patch on it’s back makes him cute. Yoshiwas cute from his appearance as well as the noises he makes. 

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4. Isabelle (Animal Crossing Series)

cute video game characters

Animal Crossing series had various cute critters like Ketchup the Duck, Antonio the Anteater, and many more but none among them was as cute as Isabelle. Isabelle was such a hit with audiences, that earned a major role in every Animal Crossing game. Isabelle is such a cute doggo who has become the unofficial mascot of the Animal Crossing franchise. Initially appearing in the 3DS’ “New Leaf”, she acted as an assistant in becoming mayor. Always kind-hearted and determined, she was brought back to the island life in “New Horizons” She is a bit silly but that is what makes her look more beautiful and cute. 

5. Chibiterasu (Okamiden)

Chibiterasu (Okamiden)

“Chibi”, a Japanese term refers to something cute and small. It is bound to be damn pretty and adorable. The son of “Okami’s” Amaterasu, chibiterasu is a stunning wolf pup. His small size makes him cute and mushy. Chibiterasu often uses his mother’s signature capability with the use of a magical paintbrush to make him heal his world. Despite his size, he is such a strong character that he used to carry others around his back. He was a boy with good intentions who is always ready to help needy ones.Make your video games affordable by using driffle voucher codes and online discount deals by He is so good that he deserves all the pets and good things in this world. His kind nature is the reason that marks him in cute video game characters. 

6. The Pikmin (Pikmin)

cute video game characters

The major element of this pikmin game lies in its puzzle-solving element, strategic gameplay, amazing world, and themes regarding the environment. Pikmins are plant-like characters that are filled with loads of cuteness. These pikmins are not just useful but their adorable smile and squeaky noises could create a fun environment all around. 

7. Cutie


Almost every design is designed with some kind of purpose. In “It Takes Two”, there is an unhappy who is about to divorce and turn into a toy doll. They have a mission to break their curse. To break their curse they need to make their daughter cry and murder her favorite toy. One of her toys is Cutie, an elephant queen whose voice and looks are precious in almost every game. Despite not having a good presence in the game, she leaves a strong impression.

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8. Astro (Astro Bot Series)

cute video game characters
Image Credit: Niceunitar

Another cute machine, Astro is one of the cute video game characters from Sony in a while. He first appeared in “The Playroom VR”, Astro is a robot with effective capabilities that include spinning punches, wind-up, and tiny jets in his feet. 

9. Prinny (Disgaea Series)

Prinny (Disgaea Series)

These penguin-like demons are the lowest-ranking demons in the netherworld. They are primarily employed as labor in the punching bags by the rest of the demons. A Prinny is a tiny, usually blue, pouch-wearing penguin-like creature. They have two peg legs and stitches at the top of the chest. A common characteristic of prinnies is their cheerful attitude and tendency to finish their sentences with “dood”. In simple words, they are stuffed animal-like poppets that accommodate the souls of unworthy humans. Regardless of their disturbing origins, prinnies are usually happy. 

10. The Luma (Super Mario Galaxy)

cute video game characters
Image Credit: Gamingnow

Have you ever wondered what the cuteness in space would look like? You’ll have a bright luck in Super Mario Galaxy. The Luma is a mystifying species of star-shaped sprites that create their homes in Comet Observatory with Rosalina. They regard Rosalina as their mother figure. They are the cute video game characters you have ever seen. Luma usually believes in spreading love and happiness through their helping nature. They can go to any extent in order to protect their friends and the whole galaxy which makes them more adorable.

11. Pikachu (Pokémon)

Pikachu (Pokémon)
Image Credit: Den of Geek

Talking about cute video game characters, Pikachu is the most loved and adored character. With its puffy cheeks pointed ears and lightning tail, Pikachu is the fountain of cuteness in the whole Pokemon universe. He is an Electric-type mouse who’s the first character conducted with the franchise. One look at his cute red cheeks is all you need to know why he is loved so much. 


The presence of cute video game characters directly impacts the engagement of players. Most often players build an emotional connection with their favourite characters. Therefore these characters play a crucial role in enhancing that emotional connection. We hope you spotted your favorite video game character. Read our more blogs to find such interesting articles on video games.