What Food Can Cause Appendicitis? The 4 Most Common Ones

What Food Can Cause Appendicitis The 4 Most Common Ones

Appendicitis is becoming a very common health condition nowadays. And the main reason behind this is nothing else but our changing food habits. Surprisingly, some foods that we consume on a daily basis may lead to the development of this problem. Well, this is the reason we decided to do a detailed study on what food can cause appendicitis. 

However, we were surprised with our research. We found that certain food items that we usually consume regularly might be one of the reasons our appendix is damaged. But, before discussing them, we will first give a brief introduction about the appendix and appendicitis. Hence, let us start it. 

What is an appendix?

what is an appendix

The appendix is a thin tube that is connected to our large intestine. It is generally present on the right side of our lower abdomen. An appendix does not have an important role in the lives of older people. However, it can play an important role by helping you fight diseases at a young age. Additionally, it is believed that the appendix is the storage area of healthy gut bacteria. Hence, these bacteria are always safe and secure, even when you have an infection in your digestive tract. 

What do you understand by the term appendicitis? 

What do you understand by the term appendicitis? 

Appendicitis, as the name suggests, is a condition related to the appendix. It directly indicates damage, infection, or inflammation in the appendix. If appendicitis develops in your body, you might experience severe pain in your digestive tract or abdominal area. 

What are the main causes of the development of appendicitis? 

what is the cause of appendicitis

There are various common and rare reasons that can lead to the problem of appendicitis. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

  1. Irregular food habits
  2. Presence of any kind of tumor in the large intestine or around the appendix
  3. Excessive growth of the lymphoid tissue
  4. Parasitic injection in the digestive tract/large intestine/appendix
  5. Hard feces stuck in your large intestine

What food can cause appendicitis?

In the previous section, we listed some reasons that can cause appendicitis. The second point included irregular food habits. Well, let us elaborate on this point further. In this section, we will list some different food items which can lead to the development of appendicitis. 

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1. Spicy Foods

spicy foods

We are sure that irrespective of the source, you will always find spicy foods in the list of what food can cause appendicitis. This is because food that contains a lot of spices and chilies could be the reason for the same. It is believed that spicy foods have the ability to activate appendicitis pain. Additionally, it can worsen the situation by further leading to increased acidity. 

Regularly consuming spicy foods will not only damage your appendix. But instead, it will also affect your overall health and well-being. Your appendix might get blocked or infected if you consume spicy food, which contains a lot of chilies, on a regular basis. 

2. Foods with high sugar content

Foods with high sugar content

When researching for what food can cause appendicitis, we found an unusual thing about foods that are rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates. Various studies were conducted on the same topic, and the results were quite surprising. It was found that sugary products such as donuts, croissants, cakes, brownies, etc., can lead to the development of appendicitis, even if consumed in a limited quantity. 

There is a simple reason behind this. When you consume sugary foods, the sugar content in your blood immediately rises. This directly leads to a hike in your insulin levels as well. As a result, you will experience a sense of inflammation in your digestive tract. All these will combinedly increase the chances of your appendix being blocked or damaged, further leading to appendicitis. 

3. Processed and Fried Meaty Foods

What Food Can Cause Appendicitis

What food can cause appendicitis? Well, the answer to this question is consuming processed meats and fried foods that contain a lot of fat and oil can cause appendicitis. 

These foods can severely harm your appendix, resulting in the development of appendicitis. When you consume deep-fried foods, the oil present in them will irritate and damage your digestive tract. This will further lead to inflammation and pain in and around your digestive area. 

According to research conducted in 2022, it was found that people who consumed processed meats and fried food more than three times a week were suffering from appendicitis. On the other hand, people who avoided these foods as much as possible also eliminated the risk of infection in their appendix. 

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4. Soft Drinks and Hard Drinks

What Food Can Cause Appendicitis

We first thought that we should eliminate adding this point to the list of what food can cause appendicitis. But, when we further researched, we found that soft drinks and hard drinks might not specifically be the cause of this problem. However, they can worsen the situation by adding more to the discomfort, irritation, and pain. 

The term soft drink includes sodas, Pepsi, Coco Cola, and similar aerated drinks. On the other hand, wine, whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic items are a few examples of hard drinks. Consuming all these items will negatively affect your digestive tract. Additionally, we all know that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Hence, they will increase your blood sugar level along with causing an increase in the insulin level. This will further disturb your appendix and might lead to appendicitis.

Foods to consume to avoid appendicitis

Foods to consume to avoid appendicitis

As discussed, consuming certain food items can cause appendicitis. Similarly, there are food items that can help you avoid the risk of this problem. Some food items that you should consume to maintain your appendix health are listed below:

  1. Vegetable salad and juices like beet juice
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Ginger and garlic
  4. Buttermilk
  5. Fenugreek seeds
  6. Mint 

In short, you can easily maintain your appendix health by following a simple and healthy diet. All you need to do is consume foods that are rich in nutrients while eliminating junk food. 

Winding up 

This was our blog on what food can cause appendicitis. Not one, not two, but instead, we discussed about four food items that can become the cause of this problem. Additionally, the similarity between all four of them is that we consume these items on a daily basis. Hence, this blog is basically an eye-opener for all of us. In order to prevent appendicitis, we either need to reduce/limit the consumption of these food items. Or instead, quitting them will be the best choice ever. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is appendicitis?

Appendicitis is a health condition that might develop as a result of a damaged or infected appendix. When experiencing this situation, the inflammation in your appendix will increase, causing severe pain in the right side of your abdomen/stomach

What food can cause appendicitis?

Consumption of various food items can result in the development of inflammation and infections in the appendix. Some of the most common food items include food with a lot of spices and chilies, aerated and hard drinks, red and fatty, fried meat, etc. 

How can the consumption of sugary foods cause appendicitis? 

Sugary foods increase blood sugar and insulin levels. Additionally, consuming food items that contain a lot of added sugar can increase the chances of appendix blockage. Hence, these might cause inflammation in the appendix, further resulting in appendicitis. 

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