Joshua Jackson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Joshua Jackson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Who is Joshua Jackson?

Joshua Carter Jackson is a famous, active Canadian actor who was born on 11 June 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At present, he is 45 years old. Besides being a Canadian citizen, Joshua Jackson has been granted citizenship in two other countries, including Ireland and the United States of America. Jackson is an excellent actor. He is loved from the start of his acting career in 1991 till now. This is one reason why people are often talking about Joshua Jackson net worth. Let us learn all about Joshua Jackson, including his personal life, early life, and career history. 

Title / Specification Dettails / Descriptions
Real Name Joshua Carter Jackson
Professional Name  Joshua Jackson
Nick Name Jackson, JJ, Jack, Josh
Age  45 Years
Date of Birth 11 June 1978
Height 6 Feets 2 Inches (1.88 meters)
Zodiac Sign  Gemini 
Gender Male 
Sexual Preferences  Straight; Into Black Women
Nationality Canadian 
Birth Place Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Availed Citizenship Canada, Ireland, United States of America
Net Worth 8 Million Dollars 
Profession  Canadian Actor 
Religion Born Christian; Roman Catholic (presently non-religious) 
Race White 
Ethnicity  English; Mixed 
Residence California, United States Of America
Father John Carter
Mother  Fiona Jackson
Sisters  Aisleagh Jackson (younger to Joshua Jackson)
Brothers  Jonathan Jackson and Lyman Jackson (Elder to Joshua Jackson)
Spouses  Jodie Turner Smith (married in 2019 and divorced in 2023)
Present Partner Lupita Amondi Nyong’o (dating since 2023)
Sons  None 
Daughters Juno Rose Diana

Joshua Jackson Net Worth 

Joshua Jackson Net Worth

According to various news channels and other sources on the internet, we discovered that the famous Canadian actor, Joshua Carter Jackson, possesses a net worth of 8 million Dollars in 2024. We also found that the audience will see Jackson in various upcoming films. Well, this indicates that with a substantial increase in his income, Joshua Jackson net worth will also tend to increase. 

Early Life 

The fantastic Canadian actor Joshua Carter Jackson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on June 11, 1978. At that point in time, he was born as a Roman Catholic. However, at present, JJ does not follow any religion as he is non-religious. Jackson’s mother, Fiona Jackson, is a casting director. She belonged to a family of Balleyfermot natives. However, in the late 1960s, she immigrated from Ireland to the northern part of America. Joshua’s father’s name is John Carter. He is originally from Texas City and is an advertising executive by profession. 

Talking about his siblings, Josh has two half-brothers: Jonathan Jackson and Lyman Jackson. Both are older than him. He also has one younger sister named Aisleagh Jackson. 


When he was eight years old, Joshua Carter Jackson moved from California to Vancouver, Canada. He moved to this country with his younger sister and mother. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Josh’s family moving to California, United States of America, after his birth. In Canada, Jackson attended two high schools. One was the Ideal Mini School, and the other was Kitsilano Secondary School. Surprisingly, Joshua and Ryan Reynolds, a famous Canadian actor and businessman, were classmates. 

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Joshua Jackson’s Career 

Joshua Jackson’s Career

Josh has a lengthy career history. He is a very hard-working actor. All his dedication, hard work, and struggle significantly contributed to Joshua Jackson net worth. Let us quickly have a look at JJ’s career from the start to the present. 

Film / Television Series Year  Role 
Crooked Hearts 1991 A very small role
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1992 Charlie 
Mighty Ducks  1997 Charlie (#96)
Dawson’s Creek 1188 to 2003 Pacey Witter
Cruel Intention  1999 A very small role
The Skulls 2000 A very small role
Gossip  2000 Beau 
The Safety of Objects 2001 A very small role
Ocean’s Eleven 2001 Poker scene with Brad Pitt
The Laramie Project 2002 A very small role
A Life In The Theatre 2005 Stage Debut 
Bobby  2006 A main role
Fringe (a science fiction series) 2008 to 2013 Peter Bishop 
Children of a Lesser God 2018 Theatrical Debut
When They See Us  2019 Mickey Joseph
Little Fires Everywhere  2020 A main role
Christopher Duntsch  2021 A neurosurgeon
Fatal Attraction   2022 The lead role

Source of income

Joshua Carter Jackson is a very successful and loved Canadian actor. His only source of income is his acting career. As per information, Josh has been earning a salary of 4,50,000 Dollars per annum for the last five years. However, his salary has nearly doubled in 2024. Josh is believed to make more than 1 million Dollars this year. Hence, all his fans can expect an incredible increase in Joshua Jackson’s net worth. 

Real estate

Joshua Jackson’s net worth includes his real estate property as well. Since the time of birth, Josh has inherited and still owns his mother’s Canadian house in Vancouver, British Columbia. Furthermore, Josh has owned another home in California, United States Of America, since he was ten years old. Additionally, he also purchased another 1.5 acre property in the same locality for 8,65,000 Dollars. 

While dating Diane Kruger, they both purchased a house in 2014 for 2.9 million Dollars. The home was located in West Holywood, California, United States. However, they both renovated and remodeled that house to put it for sale after their break up. They listed their property for 6 million Dollars and eventually sold it for 5.8 million Dollars. 

Car collection 

Josh is a die-heart car lover. He presently owns many luxury cars. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific details about his present car collection which contribute to Joshua Jackson net worth. However, we managed to find some information on the car Josh owned in 2018. 

According to a YouTube channel, Josh owned the following vehicles in 2018.

  1. Honda Accord 
  2. Jeep Cherokee
  3. Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
  4. Mercedes ML Class
  5. Lexus RX

Brands endorsed by Joshua Jackson 

Brands endorsed by Joshua Jackson

As per, we found out that Joshua Carter Jackson was endorsing British Columbia Tourism in 1987 by appearing in their television commercial ads. Additionally, JJ was also promoting the Canadian potato chips sold by Keeblers, an FMGC chain and a popular food brand in Canada. 


Joshua Jackson net worth is less than many other celebrities in his industry. But the ironical part is he still contributes to various philanthropic areas more than most of the people within his circle. As per sources, Joshua has made various charitable contributions to some recognized welfare organizations. The two most popular ones include Oceana and the Global Green. Currently, Josh was seen exiting the Stand Up To Cancer Foundation building. Hence, we are assuming that he also donated to them. Also, Josh loves to work for dogs as well. 

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Physical Appearance 

Joshua Carter Jackson’s  Description 
Height 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 176 lb (80 Kg)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Complexion White 
Evident Scars One on his right cheek
Distinctive facial features Loves to carry a scruffy beard
Body Build-up  Tall, Lean, Fair
Looks similar to A fellow actor, Topher Grace
Chest Size  38 inches
Waist Size 34 inches
Bicep Size  16 inches

Personal life

Joshua Carter Jackson was married to Jodie Turner Smith on 18 August 2019. She is a British model and a famous actress. They both welcomed a daughter in April 2020. Josh and Jodie decided to name her Juno Rose Diana. Due to some issues and conflicts in their relationship, Jodie and JJ decided to part ways. It was recorded that Jodie Turner Smith filed for a divorce from Joshua Jackson in October 2023. However, the couple decided to keep it private and, hence, did not disclose the exact reason for their divorce. 

Joshua Jackson’s Girlfriends/Partners

Joshua Jackson's Girlfriends and Partners

Keeping his professional life aside, Joshua Jackson is believed to be a stud in real life. He has a long-long dating history. Josh is a lucky man who has been with a lot of gorgeous women. From his first girlfriend to the most recent one, let us look at them of all. 

Name Relationship with Josh Dating since  Broke up in
Katie Holmes Girlfriend  1998  1999
Ali Larter Girlfriend  1999 1999
Brittany Daniel  Girlfriend  1999  2000
Julia Stiles Girlfriend  2000 2000
Rosario Dawson Girlfriend  2002 2002
Hannah Sandling  Girlfriend  2005 2005
Diane Kruger  Girlfriend  2006  2016
Ruth Wilson Rumored Girlfriend  2016 2016
Chrystal Reed Girlfriend  2016 2016
Shafia West  Girlfriend  2017 2017
Jodie Turner Smith  Girlfriend  2018
Jodie Turner Smith  Wife  2019 2023 (divorced)
Lupita Amondi Nyong’o  Girlfriend (present) 2023


As mentioned previously, Joshua and Jodie did not disclose the reason for their divorce at first. However, it was initially discovered that Joshua Jackson was cheating on Jodie Turner Smith. He was indulging in various extramarital affairs while being married to her. Additionally, he participated in different casual dating exercises and one-night stands.


Joshua Carter Jackson is an incredible Canadian actor. His fans, from all over the world, love him a lot. They all love him for his acting skills. The way he portrays a character is just incredible. However, Josh and Jodie’s divorce made him even more popular. People are keen to know the reason why they both separated. Hence, Joshua Jackson net worth and other details about his professional and personal life are always a topic for discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Joshua Jackson net worth?

As per our research, the famous Canadian actor Joshua Jackson has a net worth of 8 million Dollars at the start of 2024. Also, it is confirmed that Josh will be seen in various movies this year, for which he will charge a reasonable amount. Hence, all his fans, including us, expect an incredible increase in his net worth at the end of this year. 

What was the occupation of Joshua Jackson’s parents?

Joshua Jackson’s mother, Fiona Jackson, is a casting director, whereas his father, John Carter, is an advertising executive. 

Does Josh hold a citizenship of only Canada or some other country as well? 

Joshua does not only hold a citizenship of Canada. Instead, he is considered to be a citizen of Ireland and the United States of America as well. 

Why did Joshua Jackson separate from his wife?

Joshua Carter Jackson was married to a British model and actress in 2018. They recently got divorced in 2023. The extramarital affairs of Josh and his cheating on his wife are believed to be the reason for their divorce. 

How many children does the famous Canadian actor Joshua Jackson have?

Joshua has one baby girl from his wife, Jodie Turner Smith. She was born in April 2020 and is presently 3 years and 10 months old. They both named her Juno Rose Diana. 


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