Scott Foley Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Scott Foley net worth

Scott Foley is one of the most famous American actors in the American film industry. He is also a well-known name in the field of directing and film production. At present, Scott Foley is 51 years old. He is currently putting up at his house in Los Angeles, California. Scott has appeared in various television shows and many famous web series. This is the reason he gained a lot of popularity in the acting field and hence, people are very excited to know Scott Foley net worth in every preceding year. 

Full Name  Scott Kellerman Foley
Age  51 Years 
Date of Birth 15 July, 1972
Height 6 Feets
Zodiac Sign  Cancer 
Gender Male
Nationality American
Birth Place Kanas City, Missouri, United States
Net Worth 7 Million Dollars
Profession  Actor, Director, and Film Producer
Religion Christian, Roman Catholic 
Ethnicity  White 
Residence Los Angeles, California 
Partners Jennifer Garner (Divorced), Marika Domińczyk (Present)
Parents  Hugh Foley and Connie Foley
Sons  Keller Alexander Foley and Konrad Foley
Daughter  Malina Jean Foley
Brothers  Kris Foley and Sean Foley

Scott Foley Net Worth (2024)

Scott Foley Net Worth (2024)

Scott Foley currently possesses a net worth of 7 million dollars in 2024. He is amongst one of the most famous American actors. This is basically the result of his hard work in acting, directing, and film production. Along with being a fantastic actor, Foley is a great human being. This is the reason why people from all over the world love Scott Foley, not only for his acting skills but also for his nature and character. 

Early Life 

Scott Foley was born on 15 July 1972 in Kanas City, Missouri, United States. He belongs to a family of Northern European descendants. Scott’s ancestors were Irish, English, Scottish, and German. It is believed that Scott spent his childhood in Japan and Australia. His family moved back to Kanas when he was 15 years old. Unfortunately, Scott lost his mother as soon as they moved to Kanas. She had ovarian cancer, which became the reason for her death. Scott was then living with his father and two younger brothers. 

Scott Foley’s Education

Unfortunately, there is not much information about Scott’s education. However, we only know that he did his high school from two different schools. Scott first went to Ladue High School in Missouri, United States. He further switched his high school and graduated from Clayton High School, which was also based in Missouri, United States. 

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Scott Foley’s Career 

Scott Foley Career

He has appeared in various movies, television shows, and web series. Additionally, Scott Foley has appeared in some stage productions as well. He has played a lot of famous characters. Scott Foley net worth is basically the result of his hard work and dedication towards his work. Some of his appearances are listed in the tables given below. 

Film Appearance 

Year  Film Name Role Played
2000 Self Storage Zack Griffey
2001 Stealing Time Casey Shepard
2002 Below  Steven Coors
2014 Mr. Maple Leaf Max Wexler
2017 Naked Cody Favors

Also, according to various sources, it is confirmed that Scott Foley will appear in an upcoming film ‘The Girls On The Bus.’ However, the year of release and his role in the movie have still not been disclosed. 

Appearance in Television Shows

Year  Film Name Role Played
2004 Jack and Bobby Lars Christopher 
2006 Firestorm: Last Stand At Yellowstone Clay Harding
2009 The Last Temper Sean Daley
2010 True Blue Peter Challahan
2011 The Doctor David
2013 The Goodwin Games Henry Goodwin
2016 Goldie and Bear Prince Charming

Appearance in Stage Productions

Year  Stage Production Title Role Played
2003 The Voilet Hour Denis Mc.Clery 
2005 The Cherry Orchard Peter Trofimov 
2014 The Country House Michael Astor 
2023 The Thanksgiving Play Jaxton

Scott Foley’s Source of Income 

He is currently active as an actor. Hence, it can be concluded that his acting career is his current source of income. Moreover, the earnings from the same are the factors affecting and resulting in Scott Foley net worth. 

Real Estate Investments

Scott Foley Real Estate

At present, it is believed that Scott Foley, along with his family, is living in a 10,000-square-foot mansion located in Westport, Connecticut. He purchased this particular property for 2.275 million Dollars in April 2020. 

As per various sources, it is believed that Scott Foley purchased a 1.5 acres mansion in August 2012. It is located in an exclusively gated community in the Hidden Hills, California, United States. Scott paid approximately 2.135 million Dollars for the same. He further decided to sell it for 5 million Dollars in January 2021. However, someone purchased Scott’s property for 4.5 million Dollars in March 2021. Well, this was definitely a factor that increased Scott Foley net worth. 

Car Collection of Scott Foley

Unfortunately, their isn’t any information about Scott Foley’s car collection. But it is believed that Scott loves BMWs. It is indeed his most favourite car. Also he owns one as well. However, the model and other details are still not available. 

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Philanthropic Activities 

While mentioning details about Scott Foley’s career, we also mentioned that people love him because of his nature and character. Well, this is entirely true. Scott Foley is a fantastic human being. There are certain areas in which Foley loves to practice philanthropy. Some of them include women’s welfare, animal rights protection, LGBTQ support, and cancer treatment and relief. 

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Feet
Weight 177 lb (80 Kg)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown and Golden
Complexion White
Shoe Size 14
Tattoo On Left Shoulder
Chest Size  41 inches
Waist Size 33 inches
Bicep Size  14 inches

Personal Life

Personal Life Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner got married to each other on 19th October 2000. Due to some compatibility and other personal issues, they both decided to part ways in March 2003. They finally got divorced in May 2003. It is believed that Scott stayed single for two years after his divorce until he met Marika Domińczyk. They both got engaged in 2006 and married each other in June 2007. Presently, Scott is living a peaceful life with his wife and three children. He has one daughter, Malina Jean Foley, and two sons, Keller Alexander Foley and Konrad Foley. 

Final words 

We all now know that Scott Foley net worth is 7 million Dollars in 2024. Apart from being a wealthy American actor, Scott is a rich-hearted man as well. He is indeed an awesome human being. He is peacefully living with his family. Additionally, he is continuously succeeding in his acting career as well. Everything about Scott Foley, apart from his net worth, has inspired a lot of people. His participation in various philanthropic activities makes him a bigger person. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Scott Foley?

1. Scott Foley is an American actor, director, and film producer. He gained popularity after appearing in some famous American films, television shows, and web series. Some of them include Scream 3, the Units, Scrubs, and Felicity.

2. What is Scott Foley net worth?

2. Scott Foley will possess a net worth of 7 million dollars in 2024. However, there is a high chance that his net worth will increase by 3 million Dollars and reach 10 million Dollars in the near future.

3. How many partners does Scott Foley have?

3. As per various sources, Scott Foley had two marriages. He was married to Jennifer Garner. However, they got divorced after 2.5 years of their marriage. He is presently married to Marika Domińczyk. They both are happily married and have three children in total.

4. Does Scott Foley have any tattoos on his body?

4. Yes, Scott has a tattoo on his left shoulder.

5. Did Scott Foley ever contribute to any donations and charities?

5. Scott Foley is very active in some philanthropic activities. He donates a lot to various charities and welfare organizations. He contributes to different socio-economic causes as well. Some of those causes include cancer patients, animal rights, women’s welfare, child support, etc.

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