Terrence Howard Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)

terrence howard net worth

Terrence D. Howard is an American actor who enjoys widespread fame. For more than twenty years, he has been a well-known figure in the world of film and television. His work in television and films is what made him most famous. With adaptability and sophistication, the actor has played a variety of roles. For the way he presents himself, Howard has won praise from critics. He’s emerged as one of the most in-demand actors of the twentieth century. Terrence has gained prominence in the Latino along with Afro-American social groups via his activism and professional endeavors. To many, he is an inspiration. Read this article for more information about Terrence Howard net worth and career trajectory.

Real/Full name Terrence Dashon Howard
Age 54 years
Net worth 5 million USD
Profession Actor, Singer
Birthday 11th March, 1969
Birthplace Chicago


Terrence Howard Net Worth

terrence howard net worth

With his faultless performances in TV shows and motion pictures, Terrence has become well-known over the years. In 2004, he began performing significant parts in the films he got cast in, which helped him establish himself as an iconic figure in the world of media. Howard has experienced several financial agreement problems over the years. But even with all of his labor, he still possesses a sizable fortune. Terrence Howard net worth is about five million dollars. 

Since 1992, he has made a significant amount of money in the field of media. Although precise asset information is not available at this time, he leads an opulent lifestyle. One of Howard’s most well-known roles was that of James Rhodes in the movie “Iron Man.” He was reportedly paid the most for this role as well, making it his most lucrative one. Fans are aware of Terrence Howard’s fascinating career path in show business. The actor has experienced it all, from modest beginnings to becoming a star performer.

Early Life and Education

The 54-year-old actor-turned-singer is deeply rooted in his cultural background and heritage. He is very proud of his mixed background. Terrence is among the most beloved actors and entertainers of the 1990s and 2000s. He promoted his views about culture and society through his performances and public appearances. Terrence had numerous difficulties as a child due to the personal differences of his parents. He lived in a poor and unstable family. It would not be wrong to say that Terrence had a rollercoaster life with numerous ups and downs. Regardless of his troubled life, he never neglected his passion and zeal for learning musical skills. At the age of five, he started playing musical instruments by hearing the musical notes. 

Now, his fans are identifying themselves with his strength and hard work. He has two brothers. He remained close to his brothers and sisters despite his parents’ struggles. They gave him a sense of protection and encouragement. He has been open in interviews about the challenges he had as a child. His family values assist him in overcoming hardship. He has discussed his mixed ancestry in public. Since it has influenced his experiences and viewpoints, he is proud of it.


terrence howard net worth

In the early 1990s, Howard started his professional career as an actor. From then on, he rose to prominence as among his era’s finest & gifted performers. He has made multiple film & television appearances. For his work, he received praise from critics. Howard is not just an accomplished actor but also a gifted musician. He published several albums of his original music. 

Over the years, Howard has been well-known for his faultless roles in television and motion pictures. In 2004, he rose to prominence in the entertainment sector. That’s when Terrence Howard net worth began to rise as he took on prominent roles in the films in which he was cast.

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He has enjoyed a fruitful and diverse career in show business. He received a lot of praise and accomplishment for his efforts along with his accolades and nominating candidates, Howard is regarded as being one of the greatest musicians and actors of his time. Audiences throughout the world are still getting inspired by and entertained by his work.

Source of income

The majority of Howard’s income has come from his role in Empire as Lucious Lyon. The show was a musical drama on Fox. In the program, he portrays the principal part. Terrence has had many movie appearances. His total net worth has benefited equally from box office receipts. In the first Iron Man movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was Colonel James Rhodes. At the worldwide box office, the Jon Favreau-directed movie brought in around five hundred eighty- million USD. 

In 2015, Howard portrayed the title character in the TV show “Empire.” It appears that he received $176,000 for every show. He also made a good living from his other efforts. Walt Disney Studios signed him to star in the movie “The Princess & the Frog” in 2009. It brought in a substantial 292 million dollars.

Terrence Howard’s popular movie appearances

Movies Years
Sunset Park 1996
The Players Club 1996
Big Momma’s House 2000
Love Chronicles 2003
The Princess and the Frog 2009
The Walk 2015
Triumph 2021


Terrence Howard’s popular Television series

TV shows Year
Picket Fences 1992
Living Single 1993
NYPD Blue 1993
Street Time 2002
Law & Order: LA 2010
Wayward Pines 2015


Real estate

terrence howard net worth

It is said that Howard has a home near the city of Philadelphia. Additionally, the actor resides in Los Angeles with his loved ones. Terrence also owns an opulent penthouse condo in Chicago. The residence is fully furnished with all the conveniences and comforts of the contemporary world. It has an opulent decor and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Car Collection

Terrence loves to drive his Cadillac. The approximate cost of this car is forty-six thousand dollars The star’s sense of elegance and demeanor are complemented by the elegant black-colored Cadillac. The movie star doesn’t appear to have much of a fascination with expensive luxury vehicles.


To promote equality in the film business, Howard has launched Holly, a medium for finding talent for movie projects. The organization was established two years ago. Holly gives performers and artists the freedom to display their abilities on their schedules and gives business leaders a location to find, evaluate, and help up-and-coming talent. 

Terrence believes that a shake-up is desperately needed in Hollywood. Actors can collaborate with agents, studios, and different industry participants through the platform to provide audiences with more opportunities for artists and a wider variety of content. This business endeavor not only makes him richer but also allows him greater creative control over the ventures he produces.

Philanthropic activities  

The Hollywood actor does not show off his contributions to society. He has made various endeavors to help the people in the community. Terrence is not a part of just one but several platforms to promote social causes and motivate his fans to be considerate. He is constantly involved in charitable endeavors. Terrence backed foundations and charity events to guide and empower youth. He is also a spokesperson for the “BCG America.” 

Beyond Terrence Howard net worth and career victories, he gained respect and affection for his dedication to giving back. He has participated in charitable activities and supports issues to prevent cancer. The actor is using his notoriety for the good of others. Terrence donates to several causes.

  •       Children’s Hospital LA
  •       Clothes – Off Our Backs
  •       Entertainment Industry Charitable Foundation
  •       Exploring Arts
  •       Padres Contra-el Cancer
  •       Feeding The Americans
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Terrence Howard is six feet tall and weighs around one hundred and seventy-seven pounds. He is well-known for having a muscular physique and a strong frame, which he frequently uses in his roles. Howard has received recognition for his commitment to his art and has stayed committed to his physical well-being throughout his career. To sum up, he is a gifted and adaptable actor. It influences his profession. He has become among the best performers due to his devotion to his profession and pursuit of quality, and his work never stops encouraging others.

 Personal Life

Terrence Howard has had several marriages. His spouses have all reported experiencing domestic abuse. Terrence Howard, though, has an opposing viewpoint. Unfortunately, sources say it causes him to lose his composure and get into fights.

In 1989, Terrence Howard wed Lori McCommas, his boyhood sweetheart. In 2003, they divorced. Then, in 2005, he remarried her. But in 2007, the actor got divorced. Together, they have a boy named Hunter and their daughters Aubrey & Heaven. 

In 2010, Howard wed Michelle Ghent. 2011 saw Michelle file for separation in February. In 2013, the split was finalized. 

Miranda Pak is Terrrence’s third partner. In 2013, the couple exchanged their vows, and one year later, they split up. In 2015, the couple finalized their divorce. Nonetheless, in December 2018, they got engaged yet again. Together, they are parents to two sons: Hero and Qirin.

Marriage hardships

Michelle sued him in 2014, claiming he owed 325,000 dollars in overdue spouse maintenance. Howard said his meager monthly income prevented him from paying. He was forced to accept an unjust contract through extortion. Terrence disclosed at the same hearing that his first spouse receives more than half of Terrence Howard net worth to raise their children. Terrence was officially paying his first wife’s bills since things had become so awful. He would get five thousand eight hundred dollars a month directly out of her account at the moment, provided he fulfilled his loan commitments. The divorce settlement was reinstituted in 2017 after the judge had invalidated it in 2015.


Terrence Howard already served time in prison for attacking an airline staff member when she requested him to return to his seat. Additionally, he got into a confrontation with another couple at the diner while they were waiting for supper. At a “Cat with a Hot Tin Roof” practice, the star insulted composer Tex Allen. The celebrity was arrested once more in 2001 for striking, criticizing, and following McCommas.

Howard has had issues with the United States Internal Revenue Service many times. In 2010, it was public knowledge that he owed over one million USD in taxes. It was revealed in mid-2019 that the star and his partner Mira were the subject of an IRS tax evasion investigation. In 2006, he faced debts of 600,000 USD, and in 2019, liabilities totaling 143,000 USD.


Q1. What made Terrence Howard so popular in the movie industry?

Howard made his movie debut in “Mr. Holland’s Opus”, a captivating performance. 1995 saw the release of the film. One of Howard’s best-ever portrayals is in “Dead Presidents.” In the Hughes brothers’ movie, the actor played characters that stole the show.

Q2. What prevented Terrence Howard from playing Iron Man 2?

Iron Man 2 saw a significant pay boost for Downey. Up to almost $10 million was raised. The producers took a cut from the back-end income to cover the expenses. Consequently, Marvel Studios substantially reduced Howard’s salary. Terrence claimed that he was getting only forty thousand dollars per movie.

Q3. Does Terrence continue to work in the film business?

Terrence is still working in the showbiz sector. He is working on his acting career, hosting performances, and business endeavors.


Being 54 years old hasn’t allowed Terrence to stop him from succeeding in the entertainment business. He is still one of the busiest and most committed performers, always taking on new roles that test his limits and highlight his skills and performing ranges. Howard’s talent to vividly and diversely depict personalities on television has been acknowledged, and he has always shown an unshakeable dedication to his art throughout his professional life. 

His abilities to add realism and dimension to every part he portrays, along with his enthusiasm for acting, are well-known. In a field where age restrains performers’ possibilities, Terrence consistently demonstrates that his ability and passion are unmatched.