Korean YouTube Channels- The Four Best Ones

Korean YouTube Channels

Before Instagram and Facebook, YouTube was and is the most preferred platform for content creation. The newbie content creators are now optimizing various social media platforms to promote their created content. The same goes for Korean content creators as well. As per various sources, Korean content is trending all over the internet. As a result, the search for the best Korean YouTube channels is also increasing. Well, this is the reason we decided to come up with this blog. 

In this blog, we will discuss the four popular Korean content creators. Mind you, it is a fact that no one from our list is a newbie. Instead, they have been creating memorable content and entertaining their viewers for a long time. 

The Best Four Korean YouTube Channels To Entertain Yourself

1. Pony Syndrome 

pony syndrome

YouTube Channel Name Pony Syndrome
Owned By Park Hyemin
Channel Niche Make-up and Cosmetics
Date of Joining 12 February, 2015 
Total Subscribers 5.97 Million
Total Videos Till Date (January 2024) 254

Pony Syndrome is one of the most trending Korean YouTube channels. This popular channel is based on the niche of make-up. Park Hyemin is the owner and creator of this channel. Fans often call her Pony. Park is basically a South Korean girl. She is indeed one of the most beautiful Korean bloggers. 

Park Hyemin loves creating content based on make-up and cosmetic-related products. She creates videos containing detailed tips, tricks, and techniques for various make-up look tutorials. She also provides her viewers with detailed information about various cosmetic products. Her video on Taylor Swift’s transformation make-up is indeed amongst the most trending ones.

Along with being one of the most popular Korean YouTubers, Pony is also an entrepreneur and a professional make-up artist. She possesses a net worth of approximately 400k Dollars. Also, she has written various books on how to apply make-up appropriately. Pony’s dedication and hard work have made her a global superstar. 

2. Jane ASMR 

Jane ASMR- Korean YouTube Channels

YouTube Channel Name Jane ASMR
Owned By Jane ASMR
Channel Niche Food ASMR and Mukbang
Date of Joining 17 November, 2012 
Total Subscribers 17.8 Million 
Total Videos Till Date (January 2024) 2067
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Jane ASMR is one of the top Korean YouTube channels with more than 17 million subscribers, 2067 videos, and nearly 8 billion views. This channel is based on the niche of food ASMR and mukbangs. Jane ASMR herself is the owner and creator of this channel. She has not revealed her face and only shows her lips area in videos. However, Jane ASMR’s fans will easily recognize her in public by looking at her lips. 

Jane ASMR creates videos based on food. There is no specification of the food choices she makes while creating her videos. Her videos include almost every type of food. These include Korean food, Indian food, Italian food, sweet dishes, spicy dishes, ice-creams, jello, and whatnot. Also, a fun fact about her channel is Jane never speaks a word. Various sounds, like crunch, squish, slurp, chew, etc., are the only sounds you get to hear in Jane ASMR’s videos. 

It has been around 11 years since Jane ASMR has been on YouTube. Her hard work and dedication are the reasons behind her success. She considers all the comments and suggestions from her fans. Additionally, she tries to come up with videos that are in viewers’ interest. This is the main reason why her channel is among the top 4 Korean YouTube channels.

3. Tasty Hoon 

Korean YouTube Channels- Tasty Hoon

YouTube Channel Name Tasty Hoon 
Owned By Tasty Hoon 
Channel Niche Korean Food Mukbang
Date of Joining 31 March, 2017
Total Subscribers 540k 
Total Videos Till Date (January 2024) 278

The third channel on our list of famous Korean YouTube channels is Tasty Hoon. It is a popular Korean blog with 540k subscribers. The Tasty Hoon channel is based on Korean food mukbangs and ASMR. It is owned and managed by Tasty Hoon himself. He is a South Korean food blogger who is very well known for giving a touch of humor to his food ASMR videos. 

You will always find Tasty Hoon creating Korean food ASMRs and mukbangs. He explores different kinds of Korean foods in front of the camera. Additionally, Tasty is really good at giving deliciously funny expressions about the food he explores. Also he sometimes creates cooking demonstration blogs as well. These include making scrambled eggs in the oven, making sorbet at home, cooking spicy fire noodles, etc. 

There is a video of Tasty Hoon trying the famous cheese fountain with chicken wings. Unfortunately, this Mukbang went horribly wrong. Surprisingly, it is still the most trending Korean video on YouTube. It was uploaded on 28th October 2020 and got more than 2.8 million views in just 12 hours. Additionally, this failed mukbang video has more than 19 million views till January 2024. 

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4. Kittisaurus 

kittisaurus- Korean YouTube Channels

YouTube Channel Name Kittisaurus
Owned By Claire Luvcat
Channel Niche Cats and their lifestyle
Date of Joining 4 October, 2019
Total Subscribers 2.81 Million 
Total Videos Till Date (January 2024) 180

Kittisaurus is one of the most popular Korean YouTube channels. It is based on the niche of cats. Claire is the owner of Kittisuarus. She basically makes some of the most interesting and cutest videos with her seven pet cats. They are Coco, Momo, Chuchu, Lala, TT, DD, and Lulu. Trust us when we say that the videos on Kittisaurus are way more cuter than these names. 

Claire usually uploads different videos based on cat versus cat challenges, cat reactions to different things, cats dressed up as famous characters, and other daily life videos. Cats versus the invisible balls, Funny cat crawl challenge, Cat versus the Nun, are some of the most trending videos of Kittisaurus. 

Claire was formerly the owner of Cream Heroes as well. It was also a YouTube channel similar to Kittisaurus. Unfortunately, she got expelled from the founder position of Cream Heroes in March 2020. However, she still owns three YouTube channels. 

Winding up 

Okay, because you have read this blog properly, you now know the four best Korean YouTube channels. It would be great if you knew these channels from before. However, if you didn’t, you can simply go and watch them now. All these content creators will make a special place in your hearts within a short time. So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch these Korean channels now. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which are the best Korean YouTube channels for entertainment purposes?

1. There are a lot of Korean channels on YouTube which are known to be the best ones. However, everyone has their favorite. This is because it completely depends on people’s tastes and preferences whether they will like some particular content or not. However, some of the best Korean channels include Kittisaurus, Tasty Hoon, and Jane ASMR.

2. Are there any Korean channels on YouTube that create content based on animals?

2. Yes, there are many YouTube channels that are based on the niche of animals. Kittisaurus is one channel that is completely dedicated to cats and their daily lifestyle.

3. Which Korean YouTube channels are based on food mukbang and ASMR?

3. There are plenty of Korean channels on YouTube that create food ASMR and mukbang videos. The two most popular ones are Jane ASMR and Tast Hoon.

4. Which is the most trendy video on the Tasty Hoon channel?

4. Tasty Hoon decided to create a food mukbang video with a cheese fountain and chicken wings, along with other food items. This video was an extreme disaster. Ironically, it is the most trending video of Tasty Hoon with more than 19 million views till date.