Do You Know Why And How To Convert HEIC To JPG?


Most Photographs are immensely powerful. Briefly, images create memories, stand as evidence when needed, a valuable document, and more! Smartphones and digital cameras have simplified the skill of taking photographs extremely lucid. So much so that even a toddler can take one. Why not? It’s just a click that you need to manage to do! On a serious note, there’s much more to do after that little harmless click. You need to store them and even know how to convert HEIC to JPG. Do you know that? You must surely know what a HEIC and JPG image are, right?

It's important to know how to convert HEIC to JPG format
Thankfully we had the HEIC format!

What Is A HEIC Image?

Photographs were good enough till we got a better taste of it. After instant photographs, we developed an appetite for high-resolution images. That’s how HEIC images came into existence. HEIC is High-Efficiency Image Container and Apple used it in 2017, for the first time.

As we continue to thrive through the digital world, we want to collect all images and preserve them. Why not? We often treasure them as precious memories; maybe someday they can become prized possessions.

Apple began using HEIC in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. It began using HEIC in both these operating systems in 2017. Often transferring files and storing them was a major concern. We love our photographs so much and want to have them all with us. Things have changed since 2017; HEIC files are smaller without compromising on image quality. It supports multiple utility features as well. What’s even more interesting was that you could convert your HEIC files to JPG using HEIC converter. Isn’t that cool?

Rapidly developing technologies improve the quality and standard of our lives and living, and it just did so!

HEIC soon became popular, and it soared with days, so much so that Google and Microsoft followed suit. In later years, these tech giants incorporated HECI in their operating systems as well. Industries matured with the years, photographs were used more, and HEIC converter availability made things simpler. Let’s run a check through the various utilities of HEIC files.

  • It is almost half the size of JPG files.
  • Easier to store and transfer
  • Has various image features
  • You can have image deviations along with non-destructive edits.
  • Enjoy sequenced images
  • You can store depth or HDR data because it offers auxiliary image elements.
  • Heard about image metadata? It offers that as well.
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Do you know how to convert HEIC to JPG
What’s your purpose of converting HEIC to JPG?

Why Do You Need To Convert HEIC to JPG?

One of the primary benefits of using HEIC files is that it reduces the file size without disturbing its quality. However, it’s compatible with iOS and Mac operating systems. We have many Apple users but not all; most of the users use Windows, Android, and Unix. If you want to use the photographs randomly, you must know how to convert HEIC to JPG. You just have to transfer the photographs from your iPhone to your computer and convert the files.

Online tools and sites are even effective and hence popular for conversion. You can easily convert an iPhone photo to JPG online and use it as you require. You have to think about why you need to convert at all when you can store and use high-quality images. Here’s why you may need to convert them.

HEIC files compatibility

HEIC format is used in iOS and Mac operating systems; it is not compatible with Windows, Unix, or Android. You can have a HEIC file on your computer, but it does not have an Apple operating system, then it will not work. You must know how to convert HEIC to JPG to make it compatible with the non-iOS system.

Diversify usage

Photographs are important content. Visual content is highly effective and hence are largely used for communications. In fact, the HEIC format has encouraged using more photographs because of reduced file size, easy storage, and transfer. However, you cannot use HEIC files on all devices, so you must convert them into JPG. You can use a free HEIC converter; there are a good number of online converters.

Easy and convenient operation

We are looking for quick and efficient ways to execute our tasks. Why not? We need to multi-task and have deadlines chasing us. Besides, being more effective is what matters more than being busy. Covering HEIC files using online HEIC converters allows you to work easily and conveniently.

More takers

iOS and Mac operating system users can only use a valued photograph stored in HEIC format. It limits the scope of usage. However, if you know how to convert HEIC to JPG format, you can use it and utilize the photograph. It serves more purpose.

Convert HEIC to JPG for better utility
A ‘says it all’ photograph!

How To Convert HEIC To JPG?

We have elucidated why you may need to convert HEIC to JPG. Do you know how to convert HEIC to JPG? That’s the next important thing to know, and we will tell you that here.

The regular process

You can do what most of the users follow. You must have a HEIC converter in your system. Install one if you do not have one. Transfer the photographs from your phone to your system. Now, right-click on the file to convert the iPhone photo to a JPG file. This is what we usually do and in offline mode. However, you can also convert iPhone photo to JPG online with tools or websites that allow converting for free.

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Online HEIC converter

The internet is such a boon for us. It has played a proactive role in transforming business, education, reporting, administration, and whatnot? Different online platforms have made difficult tasks as lucid as ever. For instance, you can convert a HEIC image with an online and free HEIC converter in a jiffy. Could you do that even a few years ago or when the internet did not exist? Thankfully, we can do that now and more. You can conveniently use online HEIC converters for effective conversion and without spending a penny for it!

Free HEIC converter

Besides HEIC converters, you have quite a good number of free HEIC converters in offline mode. You need to install this in your system and start the regular conversion process. It’s easy and effective!!

know how to convert HEIC to JPG image
Do you know how to convert HEIC to JPG format?

Are Free HEIC Converters Safe?

This question stares bluntly at you. To clarify, it is important and scary at the same time. Let’s admit that we love free things and do that unapologetically. There’s nothing wrong with loving things that come for free. However, we often need to weigh their utility wisely and look for conditions attached to it. Here we try to understand how good free HEIC converters are?

What’s the condition attached?

We are often overwhelmed and happy with free converters; we tend to ignore that there’s no free food. You must have heard that. You must look for the conditions attached to its usage and study them well. Often the app or online tool asks for permission to access your internal data. This may make your device vulnerable to data security. Ideally, you must explore these loopholes before agreeing to the condition.

Does that invade your security?

No tool is precious enough to risk your security. Therefore, when you allow a tool to access internal information, you expose yourself to a massive violation. This even encourages cyber-attack that may mount to a physical security breach even.

Quality conversion

The primary function of a HEIC file is to restore image quality, high-definition image quality. This is to say that when you are using a tool for converting HEIC images you must try to maintain quality.

Untagged conversion

Online HEIC converters or tools allow conversion. The concern over security issues is invalid here, and that’s a relief. Interestingly, not all online HEIC converters tag their conversion; you must look for those sites and tools to serve your purpose.

Photographs add a dimension and quality to our days. It is important to maintain image quality. You must take time out to ensure your photographs remain in the best of their forms. HEIC images and knowledge about how to convert HEIC to JPG allow you complete liberty to use photographs for multiple purposes and by multiple users. Focus on the best HEIC converter.


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