iPhone 11 tips & tricks- interesting features in iPhone 11!

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If you are here, then you might have bought iPhone 11, or you are going to buy it. Probably, you need to know if you are going the right way to buy an iPhone 11. We are here to share all iPhone 11 tips and tricks and the exciting features of iPhone 11. In addition to this, we will also make you aware of the iPhone 11 pros and cons, and the reasons to buy it. 

Let’s start with a little introduction about this Apple phone. This 13th generation iPhone, succeeding iPhone XR, was the best-selling phone in 2020. iPhone 11 is a phone that comes with a lot of features and is more affordable than the previous Apple iPhones. It gives you many things to do. It came out with many features like fast charging, wireless charging, wide-view photos, slope, and much more. The foremost thing that arises in our mind is why choose the iPhone 11? 

Here we have discussed all the reasons to choose this smartphone. 

Why iPhone 11?- iPhone 11 tips and tricks gives you the reason to choose it

Is it worth it to buy an iPhone 11? Get out of this question and have the answer. While choosing a smartphone, we are really confused to choose the best one. So do not worry if you are planning to buy an iPhone 11. The best reasons to choose iPhone 11 are listed below, that will help you to decide whether to buy it or not. 

  • iPhone 11 is cheaper than the iPhone Pro models. 

Starting from $699, iPhone 11 is cheaper than iPhone Pro, starting at $999, and iPhone Pro max starts at $1,099. 

  • More colours as compared to other Pro models. 
iPhone 11 tips and tricks
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iPhone 11 comes in 6 colours, including yellow, purple, green, white, black, and red. 

  • Absolute screen size

This smartphone comes with a screen that is not too big to handle and not small to see. However, talking about the screen size, it has a 6.1-inch display, which is probably the best size for most people. 

  • More battery life than the previous model

Compared with the previous model iPhone XR, this model of Apple smartphone has more battery life. However, iPhone XR was previously considered to have the best battery life of all the iPhones, i.e. 15 to 16 hours in a single charge. But iPhone 11 has 1 hour more battery life, i.e. 16 to 17 hours that is incredibly the best reason to choose it. 

  • 12 megapixel selfie camera

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models come with a 12-megapixel selfie camera. It can record 60 fps (frames per second) video in 4K resolution. Notably, people who love to take photos and shoot videos will love this feature.

Thus, if you want an Apple smartphone with all the quality features on an affordable budget, you should go for iPhone 11.  

Some exciting iPhone 11 tips and tricks

Coming next to read about iPhone 11 tips and tricks, we will provide all the features that make iPhone 11 seamlessly the best one. Whenever iPhone’s new models are announced to come in the market, it attracts a ton of people. And everyone is excited to know the secret features of it. So let’s start discussing the features of the iPhone 11. 

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Dark mode

This 13th generation iPhone has come with an exciting feature of dark mode. It is how you can enable this mode:

  1. Move to the settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll and find out the Display and Brightness option.
  3. Simply tap on the Dark Mode option. 
  4. It will enable dark mode in your iPhone 11.

Going back to the home screen

If you are going to switch from an Android to an iPhone, you must know that there is no back button for returning to the home screen in iPhone 11. Instead, you just need to swipe the screen to go to the home screen, which is quite interesting. 

Power off

To switch off your iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro models, you need to simultaneously press the volume down and power button. Once you have pressed both the controls, your phone will get off. 

Offline wallpapers

Isn’t it more exciting when you get a lot of wallpapers in offline mode for your smartphone? You need not download them from anywhere. To change and set different wallpapers on in your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Move to the setting option.
  • Tap on the Wallpaper menu
  • Choose your favourite wallpaper and set it.

You can access hundreds of wallpapers from your iPhone’s wallpaper gallery. 

More features of iPhone 11


Nowadays, people are getting more involved in taking screenshots of mostly everything they like on social media platforms. For this reason, every smartphone comes with a screenshot option. To take a screenshot in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro models, you need to press the volume up and power button together. 

Screen recording

In addition to the screenshot option, you can also record the screen on iPhone 11. So what do you need to do?

  • Swipe top to bottom and go to the control centre
  • You will find a circular button. 
  • Tap on the start option.
  • Screen recording will start.
  • If you need to stop the recording, simply tap on the red button. 

Change Screen recording Resolution

While screen recording, you have another secret tip to change the resolution. You can perform these steps to change resolution:

  • Move to the settings option.
  • Tap on the Camera.
  • Then go to Record Videos.
  • Choose option 4K to record the screen in the highest resolution.

Lock your Notes

If you write something in the notes and secure your notes so that no one can access them, this feature is for you. To secure your notes, do this:

  • Move to Notes
  • Create a Note
  • You will see a button in the middle of the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it.
  • Then tap on the Lock note.
  • Enter the passcode according to your preference.
  • Press the Lock icon.

Quickly Check the Storage Status

Furthermore, you can quickly check the storage status of your iPhone. How to check?

  • Move to the Settings option.
  • Tap on General
  • Go to iPhone Storage.
  • It will show you how much storage the apps are consuming. 

Camera features of iPhone 11

With iPhone 11 tips and tricks, you will get to know about the fascinating camera features. Below we have discussed the five camera features that iPhone 11 has. 

Night mode

iPhone 11 has come with a night mode feature, which enables you to take photos in the place of low light. It captures all the details and takes more natural shots in the dark. This feature has been the most catchy one to attract people to buy the iPhone 11.

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Video Editing in iPhone 11!

Posting a video on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp needs editing. Thus, in addition to the photo editing feature, video editing is another great feature. 

How to edit?

  • Move to Videos.
  • Select the video you want to edit.
  • Click on the edit option from the right top corner.
  • You will find superb options, including filters, highlights, shadows, and much more.


Here comes another beautiful feature named Slofie. It mainly refers to the slow-motion selfie. It means that you can record a selfie video with 120 frames per second in slow motion. 

Ultra-wide photos

The iPhone 11 comes with a 120-degree ultra wide-angle camera. You can capture a photo four times the screen space. Whenever you go for a trip or outing, it will capture the most beautiful scenic images. This feature adds more excitement and becomes a reason to purchase the iPhone 11. 

Quick take

The quick take feature, however, helps you to tap & hold the shutter button. Then, it will start shooting videos in a similar way to Snapchat. You can create impressive photos with this feature. Also, you can swipe to the right in between if you want to switch to recording mode. 

iPhone 11- Pros and Cons

iPhone 11 tips and tricks-pros and cons
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There is nothing that is only advantageous, and there is nothing that only has disadvantages. So whatever is the thing, it comes with both pros and cons. But in case something has more advantages than disadvantages, it is good to use. Therefore, iPhone 11 also has some pros and cons, which we will discuss.


Affordable: Price starting from $599 is a reasonable price for buying an Apple iPhone. 

Dual camera: As discussed above, you will find a wide view photo feature. In addition to this, the night mode and ultra zooming feature make it the best one to buy. 

Excellent battery life: 17 hours of continuous battery backup comes with this smartphone, which is a great advantage. Wireless charging adds another benefit to it. 

Bionic Chip: It has the fastest chip for a smartphone i.e. A13 Bionic Chip, which is considered as the best mobile processor till now. 

Water-resistant: With Gorilla Glass, iPhone 11 is protected whenever it falls. It is also water-resistant & can survive in water for 30 minutes. 


Screen resolution: There is no vast difference between the screen resolution of the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. 

Dual-camera: The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max come with a triple-camera system, iPhone 11 has a dual-camera Wide and Ultra-Wide view.

Lacks autofocus: Ultra Wide camera lacks autofocus. Also, Night Mode is only available when you use the Wide camera. 

5W Adapter: Although iPhone11 comes with a fast-charging feature, it has a 5W charger. While comparing to Pro models, they have an 18 W adapter. 

Less storage: Storage is the essential part of any smartphone as almost everything is digitalized nowadays. Thus, iPhone 11 comes with starting storage of 64GB, and the maximum storage is only 256GB. 

Summing up iPhone 11 tips and tricks

No doubt, the last words are in favour of the iPhone 11. Smartphones with all the exciting features and most probably the affordable budget attracts everyone to buy them. Hence, if you want to spend your amount on a quality phone, you must go for it. 

We have already discussed all the iPhone 11 tips and tricks to enhance you about the phone. Further, it will help you to get out of the confusion and let you decide whether to buy it or not. In my experience, you should go and purchase the one for yourself. Thank you!


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