Let’s Talk Shoes: How To Clean Suede Shoes

How to clean suede shoes


“Good shoes take you good places.” It is true, indeed! Do I still need to remind you how important it is to wear good shoes? You may ask me how to clean suede shoes and other practical DIY tips for different shoes. I would love to answer you.

Your feet and your shoes are in focus; it has been for quite some time now. You do not just need to find well-tailored suits but even a couple of great pairs of shoes. Looking great is expensive but worth the money. Make sure you have a pair or two for every occasion or even for casual outings.

When you have a good shoes then you must know how to clean it
Boys love their shoes

Boys Are Shoe Fanatics – why?

Well, it is not just boys, but even men love their shoes as much as girls love their bags. However, it is not a defined choice but a mere common observation. Boys and men love their shoes. You will find them spending huge bucks on shoes than on anything else. Not just spending money, they spend a lot of time too on buying shoes. Have you wondered why?

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  • Good shoes mean great status: Shoes are long related to one’s position in society. Since you can remember, shoes have been an essential part of one’s position – financial, popularity, and overall reputation. So, you might have noticed that almost all boys and men are very conscious about their footwear. The habit has flown down generations and across different corners of the world.

Wearing wrong shoes is compromising with not just style but giving a wrong impression about your status. Can you afford that?

  • Accentuates style: When it comes to fashion and creating your style, a shoe does its job entirely. It is often said that “A gentleman is known by his shoes.” Amateur fashion connoisseurs would pay attention to the dress and hair, and even to the bottom. However, it is only a gentleman who will take care of his look from tip to toe. There comes the shoe. A gentleman would invest in good shoes and ensure he looks sharp, whatever the occasion is. A man with cool slippers is even a great to look at.

If you are stepping out for a casual occasion even then, you must slip into a cool pair of shoes to compliment your cool-look.

Know how to clean shoes
A pair of Oxford to accentuate your style
  • Women love men in great shoes:

    Yes, women love men in good shoes. If you are seeing someone, then you must double-check your footwear before you meet her. Women do not like men in clumsy and scattered shoes. Believe it or not, the spark on your shoes lends a shine to your personality.

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Your Shoe-rack Is Incomplete Without Any One Of These

If you plan your wardrobe, then you got to be mindful of your shoe-rack too. The kind of footwear you use determines how your feet will be. Besides, feet health, you need a good collection of shoes to compliment your style. We bring you a list of shoe-types that you must own.

  • Leather boots: Frankly speaking, you do not have a choice between whether to have it or not. You must have a leather boot. It is essential among the types of footwear for men. When it comes to accentuating your formal look, a leather boot can do it the best. Very few shoes have a personality as charming and sophisticated as leather boots.

I have indeed listed it as an option, but trust me, it is not an option. Owning a good pair or two of leather boots is not enough; you must maintain it well. You need to be careful during winters and monsoons. Moisture is harmful to leathers, so you need to take care of your leather boots during these times.

  • White low top trainers: Minimalistic fashion is in. What better than a white low top trainer shoe for your casual evening out? Get into your favorite black jeans and any t-shirt that you like, slip into a pair of low top trainers. You get a perfect monochromatic look.

     The best part of wearing white top trainers is that you get a neat and clean casual look. You need not spend more time on its maintenance because it’s very easy to clean this footwear type.

  • Loafers: Talk of smart and casual fashion and cannot miss the loafers. There’s a sophisticated, funky factor associated with loafers that give it a high. Get yourself a pair of brown loafers, and you are suitable for both formal and informal look.
Buy a good shoe and learn how to clean it too
A pair of loafers is a must-have in your shoe-rack

Loafers are often preferred because it’s very comfortable and easy to take care of these shoes. What more can you want?

  • Oxfords: Since you wanted some more, I suggest you on having a pair of Oxford shoes. Nothing matched a perfectly tailored suit than a pair of Oxfords. Typically, an Oxford is a closed laced shoe making it sharper than any shoe.

Black Oxfords are a common choice, but nothing can match the chauvinism of a brown pair of Oxfords. So this is undoubtedly a must-have in your collection of shoes.

  • Running sneakers: You are a millennial, and I would be mistaken if I don’t assume that you are a fitness enthusiast. Well, more or less, all of us like to be fit and try for the same. It’s just that we millennials have suffered the most and thus became fitness freaks as a precautionary measure. Running sneakers are a regular essential, and therefore you must have it on your shoe rack. You might not be doing it all for good health if you do not yet have running sneakers.
  • Brogues: It is ideal footwear and suitable for multiple purposes too. Whether you are heading to the office or hanging out with friends, it’s excellent for both. Originated in Ireland, brogues were initially worn by farmers and laborers. The perforations on brogues were meant to drain out water from shoes after crossing bogs and swampy areas. Later these perforations were embraced and became highly acclaimed fashionable footwear.
  • Suede shoes: It is a round-toe, ankle-high boot with provisions for just two or three lacing holes. The suede shoe is popular for its minimalist style and fashion appeal. The matte look and typical texture of the shoe set it apart from its contemporaries. The best part of suede shoes is that it can be worn by boys and men alike.

If you have a suede shoe, then you must also know how to clean suede shoes. They look great but you must maintain them well. You do that either with a toothbrush or with any household product. It’s easy to clean and maintain suede shoes provided you know how to do that.

Know how to clean suede shoes
How to clean suede shoes DIY tips can actually save your occasion

How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home?

Suede shoes look great, and so you must have at least a pair. However, you need to maintain them well. The texture of these shoes is unique, and damage to the surface can spoil its look. Said this, I am not asking you to hire an expert service. You must know a few DIY tips regarding how to clean suede shoes. Here are some of them.

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  • Buy a good suede cleaning brush: It’s not very necessary to have a ‘suede cleaning brush’ but it is best to use one. It is commonly available in shops near you and even on popular online shops. If you do not want to buy suede cleaning brush then you can use a regular toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Use white vinegar wisely: Often our shoes are stained. If your suede shoe is stained with salt, wine, or food then use white vinegar to get rid-off it. Gently apply some white vinegar on the stained area and allow it to dry. Once it has dried well, rub it properly with a brush. It is that simple!
  • Invest in a good suede eraser: If you have been worrying about how to clean suede shoes then just get a good suede eraser! Sounds similar but a suede eraser is not the same as a suede brush or any other brush. Often it is very difficult to remove stains from shoes. A good brush or any solution might not be enough. However, you can rub off the stain with a good suede eraser.
  • Have a dedicated clean bath towel for your suede shoes: Among all other tips, this one would cost you almost nothing. A bath towel is readily available in every household. You just need to set one aside for cleaning your suede shoe. Gently rub your suede shoe with a brush and remove the lumps. Then again gently rub the affected surface with a clean bath towel. That’s it.

Pay attention to your shoes and it will definitely serve you loyally. You must have a good variety of shoes but know how to clean suede shoes and others as well. Make sure your shoe-rack is finely occupied and maintained well at the same time.

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