5 Design Upgrades That Will Revitalize Your Home

Design Upgrades That Will Revitalize Your Home

Check out this list! Here are five smart choices you should consider to bring some new life to your home. Each of these suggestions will yield immediate and long-term benefits. You also can increase the value of your property. No matter your budget, one or more of these great ideas should work for you and your residence.

1. Install an Electric Fireplace

Light up your space with this trending home design element. Opt for indoor and/or outdoor versions. These products will keep you warm and provide you with a modern and pleasant ambiance. Also, most electric fireplaces today are cool to the touch. If you have children, you needn’t be stressed about safety issues.

You typically find versions that come with innovative technologies like remote and, sometimes, wireless access. Check out Tim Arnold’s guide to get started. Not only can you up the style of your space, but you can even use these products to beef up your security. Control them when way from your home to make it appear as if someone is there.

2. Opt for Faux Flooring

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have incredible looking flooring in your residence. Look into engineered products that cost a fraction of the price without compromising quality. Plus, you can find eco-friendly options. Lower the footprint from your footprints.

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Even placing new flooring in one room of your home can make a big difference. Put down engineered hardwoods in your dining room for a more polished looked. Or, lay faux marble in your master bathroom to prevent slipping and put off a high-dollar vibe.

3. Add a New Garage Door

Don’t forget to think about your garage and how you can modernize it. Start by looking into a new door for it. You usually have a great return on investment, especially if you ever plan to sell your house. Plus, you will enjoy pulling up to your property more. Remember, curb appeal doesn’t just apply to potential homebuyers.

First impressions make a big difference when you come home office from work. Family and friends don’t want to arrive, either, to a cluttered mess falling onto your driveway. Whether you need to get rid of your garage door with too many chips and dings, or just want a new look, keep this idea in mind.

4. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

You must be able to enjoy every inch of your home. And that includes any outdoor space that you might have. Try to find ways to create a nice flow between your interior and exterior areas. An outdoor kitchen can easily do that for you.

But you don’t have to go all out with a full kitchen set-up. Of course, that’s doable for you, though. You can find pros in your community or nearby to handle that for you. Online you have DIY tutorials, too. But also be mindful that a new outdoor barbecue station or even an outdoor pizza oven could be a hit with you and your loved ones.

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5. Hang Wall Mirrors

Always try to open up your space as much as possible. One easy fix for that is to add mirrors to your interior walls. Pretty much anywhere you place them, you can expect an airier and brighter space.

Place them in your foyer to immediately make your guests feel at home. Add a new one to your bathroom to make that area more of an oasis. You can buy products that have just been introduced to the market. Also, though, think about how amazing an antique or vintage mirror could look.

Five Wonderful Options

You’ve just learned about easy go-to upgrades that can make a big difference. Any of these five suggestions should work for you and your home. You will be investing in one or more of the most popular ideas out there today. Enjoy your new renovation, and may it bring you all that you hope for and more.