7 Ideas to Add Glitz and Gold to Your Home Interior

Ideas to Add Glitz to Home

Are you afraid of experimenting with glittering looks? If yes, then it’s time to break the outdated decor rules and to become daring. You have shied away from gold for too long, now it’s time to decorate your home with metallics, especially gold. Let’s see ideas to add glitz and gold to your home interior.

Gold is super trendy nowadays. It’s time to add a glimpse of “gilded age” splendour to your home without going overboard. Gold adds the look of glamour and luxury to your space. 

The metallic accents are one of the great ways to add depth and dimension to your home: Following are the ideas to add a touch of glamour, gold, and gilt to your home interiors:

1. Maintain a neutral palette

When you think about the color scheme, you can best add gold finishes by paying attention to different shades in the room. Metallic accent works beautifully with dark shades while chrome finishes fit best with grey and white.

Make sure to keep the color palette neutral in this way you can let gold finishes stand out. This is the best way to achieve the desired visual effects in your space.

Glitzy Gallery

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2. Create a Glitzy Gallery

You can choose artwork that uses gold as a primary palette. Standalone metallic prints can be an interesting and fun addition to the eclectic gallery wall. You can also curate the art pieces for a specific room where each item features a pop of metallic. 

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You can look for gold-inspired art pieces on online sites like https://www.elephantstock.com/collections/gold-wall-art

Use gold acrylic color to sketch out fantastic shapes, inspirational quotes, or bold geometric forms. They will make the home decor more luxurious

Rooms with the Drapes

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3. Beautify Rooms with the Drapes

Let the curtains in rooms steal the luxury element of your space. You can keep the home décor of your room with a basic color scheme. But place the golden drapes/curtains and let the sunlight dazzle your room.

You can also add a single gold sash on the top of your basic curtains to give a glamorous touch. You can also consider just changing up the drape hooks. 

It is a very easy and smart way to give a sophisticated touch without requiring a whole curtain make-over. This will glam up your room to the next level and give a stylish visual effect.

4. Change the Borders of Your Picture Frames

Everyone likes to hang their pictures on walls to relive their old memories. So, you can add glitz and gold to your home by simply changing the borders of your picture frames.

It is highly effective and a powerful way to decorate your home with gold finishes. You just have to swap the old picture frames with premium-looking gold borders. In this way, your walls can become glamorous and your home will look more luxurious than ever.

5. Hang Chandeliers and Pendants

A chandelier and pendants are the best way to start filling your space with shine. You can choose an elegant chandelier or pendants that add glamour to your room. 

Try to choose a chandelier that is not heavy on metal, but has more glass and a touch of gold. This will make your space look elegant and whimsical. 

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Most people prefer hanging the chandelier in the living room, but it is obviously not a fixed rule. For extra glamour and style, try placing the chandelier in unexpected rooms.

Chandeliers and Pendants

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6. Try the Sunburst Mirror 

The sunburst mirror is absolutely a beautiful way to decorate the walls of the room with boldness and delicacy. It is a unique way to add some mid-century glam to your room. You should get mirrors with metallic gold finishes.

You can hang a large single piece of sunburst mirror or make a design of relatively small sunburst mirrors on the wall. This design will create an impressive visual effect with the rest of the furnishings in a room.

7. Gold Furnishings and Fabrics

Furnishings and Fabrics

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Gold furniture is in trend nowadays. When you look through any home decor magazine, you will certainly see elegant room designs with hints of gold and glitz. 

You should also try to swap out the fabrics in your home with ones that have hints of gold color. You can also consider painting an accent piece such as a bookshelf or a coffee table in gold paint.

If you feel this to be too much gold, then you can consider adding some throw pillows that have a pop of glittery gold color. You can glamorize your basic coffee table by adding a simple gold runner.

Another way to decorate your space with gold is by focussing on the dining table. You can decorate the dining table with gold plate settings, gold color napkins, chinaware with rimmed gold, etc. These will add obvious glitz and glamour.

Final Words

When it comes to introducing gold and glitz to your home, do not overdo it. Just place some accent pieces throughout the house. It will make the room look sleek and glamorous.


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