How to Get Water Out of Charging Port: Successful and Practical Approaches

how to get water out of charging port

Handling your smartphone can be quite critical while you are working with water. People often lose their grip on the phone and drop it in a pool of water. Often, kids miss handling the phones and spill water on them. If you have a smartphone and you accidentally put it on top of the table, which was already wet with water, you would need to know how to get water out for charging port. Given their water resistance feature, modern mobile phones are indeed intelligent enough to resist water damage.

However, this does not give them the ability to continue to be powerless against water damage. Your smartphone is not immune when you accidentally let water into its charging port. If you own a smartphone that alerts you when water enters its circuit, then you are quite fortunate. The phone will show a pop-up message regarding the water damage. You will come across several ideas to expel water from the charging port. However, you need to understand whether those ideas are effective enough with your mobile phone. Read this article to discover some of the safe and preventive measures on how to get water out of charging port.

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port: Safe and Effective Methods

You might get an alert pop-up regarding the water that entered the device, but you need to be on your toes to act fast and remove the water from the mobile phone as soon as possible. If you can’t do so, it can cost you a lot of money to repair your phone. Water damage remains reversible when the water is inside the mobile phone charge port for a long time. Today we will discuss some safe and effective methods for how to get water out of charging port. All these methods are safe and effective for Android and Apple mobile phones. You need to follow these methods as provided to save yourself the hassle of replacing your phone.

1. Shake out all the remaining water

Once you know that your phone has been in contact with water, shake it well. Be gentle and remove as much water as possible from the charging port. Are you still unable to get all the water out of the port? Use the trick of blowing air into the charging port so that all the water comes out. Avoid inserting any shop objects inside the charging port. And have a damaging effect on your mobile phone, and you might have to take it to the service center to repair your charging port. Smartphones come with a sensitive internal circuit. You have to avoid touching them when you are dealing with water damage. Once you understand how to get water out of the charging port, you must first switch off your mobile phone.

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mobile phones

2. Allow the water to expel

This technique will work when you have seen that the water has only entered through the opening of the charging port. All you need to do is allow the water to evaporate on its own by leaving your phone in a dry place with enough air circulation to help the process of evaporation. This method works if the room is not humid and the air circulation is good around the mobile phone. Use a fan if you feel that there is not much air moving. Let the air pass through the mobile phone by keeping the fan in front. One critical thing that you need to remember is to keep your mobile phone turned off throughout the entire process. Also, you might unknowingly damage your phone further by using any heating device to evaporate the water.

3. Plug in a Bluetooth charger to the mobile

Having a phone that can connect to a Bluetooth charger is an additional perk in such a situation. When the phone gets connected through a Bluetooth charger, it is surrounded by a magnetic field. You have to strategically use the situation to your advantage and leverage the power of the magnetic field to remove the extra moisture from your charging port. Heat is induced by the magnetic field. The water gets evaporated through this heat induction. But this process does not give a 100 percent guarantee that your phone will work as a new one. To prevent any damage from the moisture, you must check on its operations. Again, as mentioned in the previous methods, you must keep the cell phone switched off while charging. It is an uncommon yet sure-shot method if you are looking for safe and effective methods how to get water out of the charging port.

how to get water out of charging port
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4. Silica gel for moisture absorption 

You must have seen that many electronic devices come with silica packets at the time of purchase. It is useful to avoid any kind of moisture retention in them. Silica gel is known for its excellent moisture absorption features.  To use Silica Gel, you need to keep your mobile phone inside a box along with a couple of Silica Gel packs. You do not have to do anything; everything will be taken care of by the silica gel.

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If you lock the phone inside the box with silica gel, the moisture from the air and inside the charging port will get absorbed within a few days. How will you know this method is effective with your device? Observe the changes in color in the silica gel. If you see that the color has changed to pink, moisture has been successfully removed. If you observe some wetness inside the charging port, you can do the entire method again. 

silica gel
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5. Allow rice to absorb some dampness

It is the most common method when you Google how to get water out of a charging port. Rice is a powerful agent for removing moisture from an electronic device. Many people use this sure-shot method to prevent their phones from getting destroyed by moisture. It is a much simpler method than we have discussed previously. You only need to keep your mobile phone inside a hip of uncooked raw rice and everything inside the box that is completely sealed. The mobile phone needs to rest for an entire day. 

how to get water out of charging port
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6. Wipe out the water with a cotton

If you have witnessed water entering your mobile charging port and you cannot wait for a long time, this is the perfect method. Are you in a rush right now? If you are looking for a simple way to remove water from the charging port on your phone, you may do it by wiping off the device with a piece of cotton. Using a clean swab, carefully remove any loose material that may be residing in the ports. While wiping, be careful not to apply too much pressure to the surface you are cleaning. After that, rub the ports with a clean and dry cloth. Perform a few iterations of this method. After the procedure is finished, put your phone down for a moment.

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7. Use direct sunlight

You do not have to waste more time on the internet to learn how to get water out of a charging port if you are aware of this effective method. It is a quick method to remove moisture from your charging point by using the power of direct sunlight. It is not only a cost-effective method but also an efficient one if you want to protect your device from any harm. If you cannot wait a day with the raw rice method, you can keep the box of rice with the smartphone under direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays that come along with sunlight are powerful and dry up the phone quickly.

how to get water out of charging port
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Final words

Now that you know how to get water out of the charging port, you can apply these methods to avoid any further harm to your mobile phone. These helpful hints and suggestions are easy to implement. You have to be smart enough to employ any of these methods as quickly as possible. Any impulsive choice you make might end up doing additional damage to the phone. If you rush to get the water out of the charging port, utilize the technique that works best for you. Wait until the phone has evaporated completely before carrying out any further checks on it.

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