Home Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcers Naturally: Lessen Your Discomfort

home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally
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A mouth sore, another name for mouth wound, is discomforting ulcers that develop in the tongue and cheek. Most mouth ulcers are not harmful. However, they can make you uncomfortable and agitated, making it difficult to simply eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Rashes on the oral tissue layers are the first indication of a mouth ulcer. They are visible on your tongue, cheeks, lips, surface, and top of the throat. Nevertheless, the medical issue is not serious. A person who has it may be in excruciating pain and have a lack of appetite. Mouth ulcers may disappear with a nutritious diet, avoidance of dietary triggers, good dental care, and multivitamin use. Continue reading this post for efficient home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally. 

A list of home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally

Use a salt-water rinsing

home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally
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Disinfecting the gums with saline water is one of the most frequent and effective home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally. A salt-water rinsing can aid in the rapid drying of sores despite the possibility of discomfort for lesions in the mouth. Prepare a small amount of ordinary common salt dissolved in half a glass of water that is not too hot. Swish the solution around the mouth for approximately fifteen to thirty seconds and expel it. If necessary, you can keep rinsing with brine water every several hours. Relieve your oral ulcer’s accompanying pain and suffering with the salt water. It is due to its antibacterial qualities.

Baking Soda 

home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally

Sodium bicarbonate is another ingredient that is effective in helping treat gum ulcers. Using baking soda serves to relieve mouth sores by reducing swelling and assisting in the restoration of the acid-alkaline level in the oral cavity. For treating mouth blisters, baking soda, also called bicarbonate of soda, is amongst the most effective home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally. It can greatly lessen discomfort. 

  • You need to prepare a paste of baking soda with water. You should administer this to the oral ulcer. Flush your mouth using warm water to remove any remaining paste after it has dried.
  • Alternatively, you can attempt the other method, which involves swishing a solution of baking soda in water in your mouth for a period of twenty to thirty seconds. Then spit out the briny liquid. Do this five to six times throughout the day. Baking soda taken orally won’t be harmful. However, due to its high salinity, it is advisable to refrain from doing so.


home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally

Yogurt with probiotics replenishes your dental health with good microorganisms. It might help heal canker sores. Yogurt with probiotics contains good bacteria. By reducing the pain, it enhances the health of your digestive system and mouth. among the most widely used and successful cures for oral ulcers is yogurt for quick home cures. 

Ice Cube

home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally

A tiny ice cube applied to canker sores provides instant relief. Ice cubes should be gently applied to sores after being wrapped in a fresh towel. The cold will not just make the feeling go numb. Nevertheless, it will also reduce irritation. When there are uncomfortable blisters called canker sores surrounding the lips, this is beneficial. If you want to quickly treat a mouth ulceration and ease pain, apply an ice cream cone or salve to the affected area.

Chamomile compress

One of the great home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally is chamomile. German chamomile contains two chemicals that have antibacterial and soothing qualities: azulene & levomenol. A compress made from chamomile tea bags will help treat canker sores.  To moisten the tea bag, submerge it in water. To apply, soak a chamomile tea cloth and place it on the blistering sore for some minutes.  Before applying the herbal tea pouch, check that it doesn’t seem too exceedingly hot. You may additionally utilize freshly prepared, slightly chilled chamomile tea as a mouthwash. You can perform the remedy between three and four times throughout the day.

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Sage mouthwash

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Sage tea helps a lot of people reduce swelling in their mouths. Sage tea has disinfectants, soothing, astringent, and antimicrobial characteristics that make it a powerful mouthwash for various dental conditions. It also works well for treating excruciating blisters known.  You have two options for making sage rinse by yourself or spending a few bucks on it at the drugstore: 

  • Pour boiling water into a ½-ton sage leaf mixture.
  • You must allow to steep for four to five minutes. Let the mixture cool after staining.
  • After a few minutes, spit after swishing the solution.
  • Gulping the solution will have no negative consequences.

Aloe Vera Gel

It is well known that aloe vera works well as a coolant. It can treat mouth ulcers triggered by inflammation and is rich in antioxidants. The cause is body heat. Simply rub plant-derived jelly on painful mouth sores. Give it a few minutes to work on those ulcers. You can also obtain the fresh gel from aloe vera by extracting it out of an aloe plant. It is one of the most effective home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally. Aloe vera has therapeutic properties. It is antiseptic and therapeutic. They facilitate a quicker recovery. 


There are several health advantages to honey. Still, its antibacterial qualities may surprise you by allowing you to utilize it to treat mouth ulcers. You can promote quick healing and stop additional infections by applying honey directly to your mouth ulcer. Dental ulcers may be treated at home using honey. It is because of its potent medicinal properties that are antibacterial and calming. Honey can reduce the size, pain, and swelling of a mouth and help to prevent recurrence in the future.

Honey should be applied to the ulcers at least four times throughout the day to get the fastest and best outcomes. Since most supermarket honey is pasteurized at extreme temperatures, most of its nutrients are destroyed. Pure honey, such as Manuka honey, is not heated or filtered, so its therapeutic qualities are preserved. Honey may cause botulism in young children. Therefore, avoid giving it to babies under the age of twelve months.

Apple cider vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar for a variety of health problems have long been known. It can eliminate the germs that cause ulcers thanks to its antibacterial properties. Mix a dash of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of lukewarm water to rinse your mouth. It expedites the healing process. Among the numerous medical conditions that ACV might cure are mouth ulcers.

It gets rid of the microbes that give mouth wounds and ulcers their painful sensation. This remedy should be applied with caution. Acidic meals might cause mouth-sore discomfort in certain persons.  Combine a tablespoon of Vinegar with a half-cup of water. Rinse your mouth for thirty to sixty seconds with this mixture. After spitting it out, wash your teeth.

Coconut oil

The two main uses of coconut oil are for hair and cookery. Nevertheless, oral ulcers may also be treated with it. Coconut oil, with its antimicrobial qualities, is an excellent remedy for microbial oral ulcers. Furthermore, coconut oil inhibits the transmission of illness. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects help to relieve soreness and swelling in the region around it.

  • To treat oral ulcers naturally, liberally apply the coconut oil to your ulcer with a soft cloth or your fingertip.
  • Place a few tablespoons of coconut oil on the affected region and leave it there.
  • Coconut oil has certain antibacterial qualities, just like honey, which naturally lessens ulcers.
  • Moreover, the painkilling and antibacterial properties aid in reducing discomfort. 

Turmeric powder

With its antiseptic qualities, this spice fights against getting sick and lessens the pain and swelling associated with mouth ulcers. It also possesses antimicrobial abilities. Within some days, you should see outcomes by applying a dense paste made from ground turmeric and drinking water on the blisters in the morning and at night. Because of its therapeutic qualities, turmeric can quickly heal any type of internal wound. The turmeric powder has antibacterial properties that can help relieve mouth bleeding ulcers.

Orange Juice

Vitamin C, which is abundant in oranges, helps to both prevent and treat mouth ulcers. If you have these ulcers, though, you might find it difficult to eat an orange whole. Daily consumption of two cups of orange juice that has been freshly squeezed remains an excellent method to treat mouth ulcers. Studies have indicated that a lack of vitamin C may result in oral ulcers. In addition, vitamin C has been shown to strengthen immunity, enabling the body to combat a wide range of illnesses and infections.

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Who would have thought that plain toothpaste could also prevent mouth ulcers? However, any effective toothpaste has antimicrobial qualities that help lessen mouth ulcer inflammation and discomfort.

  • Make use of a Q-tip when applying toothpaste. Make sure you apply toothpaste across the whole spot where the ulcer is located.
  • Before washing it off, let this paste sit on the skin for a couple of minutes. You can continue using the toothpaste every day as long as the ulcer goes away.

But it can hurt a lot to put toothpaste on an ulcer. Aloe vera gel applied topically can help reduce this pain. Put a small amount of toothpaste on the ulcer’s location. Although it might itch a little, it will hasten the recuperative process.

Clove oil

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One of the best home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally is clove oil, which offers several medicinal properties. Eugenol and a few antibacterial qualities are present in cloves. It aids in reducing mouth ulcer aches and discomfort. To treat mouth ulcers quickly, dab a small amount of clove oil onto the ulcer with a cotton swab.

Clove oil has inherent analgesic and antimicrobial qualities that may help reduce pain and eradicate bacteria. Applying an herbal gum gel, mainly composed of clove seed oil, to the affected area of the mouth effectively reduces pain. Clove oil is available in bottles at your neighborhood drugstore.

Nutritional changes to cure mouth ulcers naturally

Due to poor tolerance for spicy dishes, eating a regular diet may cause pain when you have mouth ulcers. Some foods can irritate sensitive mouths, which makes it challenging to swallow and bite food. It is possible to facilitate eating and speed up the healing of ulcers by making healthy food choices and maintaining your gums, jaws, and mouth.

  • The diet plans made with milk are simple to consume because they aren’t irritating to the oral lining.
  • Include meals that are comforting to consume in your dietary regimen, like eggs, tender fruit and veggies, cereal, cheese, lentils, and rice.
  • Make sure the meal isn’t too hot or too cold because these temperatures can aggravate and intensify the pain.
  • When drinking beverages, make use of a drinking straw. It can help prevent blisters in the mouth.
  • When consuming food, you have to take tiny bites and gnaw each one thoroughly.

Final words

The infection caused by mouth ulcers typically goes away on its own. Nonetheless, the aforementioned techniques ought to aid in prevention, lessen discomfort, and expedite the recovery stage. If these sores recur, they may be painful and irritating. You can learn more about the root cause of symptoms by keeping an eye on when they appear and figuring out what sets them off. You can then steer clear of it going forward. Use these all-natural remedies to relieve your pain and trouble whereas you anticipate for the ulcers to heal naturally. By being knowledgeable about simple home remedies to cure mouth ulcers naturally, you can treat oral ulcers as soon as they appear.


Q1. What is the cause of mouth ulcers?

An injury to the mouth can result in blisters. It might occur if you cut your inner cheeks. Mouth ulcers may be brought on by a virus, strain, or a different medical condition. A few nutritional deficiencies may make you more susceptible to developing them.

Q2. Is it safe to apply salt directly to a mouth ulcer?

Affected areas should never be directly salted. Alternatively, combine a small amount of salt with a mug of warm drinking water to create a solution of saltwater. After about a minute of swishing it around in the corners of your mouth or gargling it, spat it out. At first, it might sting. 

Q3. Which fruit heals mouth ulcers the best?

Vitamin C which is abundant in oranges helps to both prevent and treat mouth ulcers. That being said, if you have these ulcers, it might be hard for you to finish an orange.

Q4. Can you consume anything while having mouth ulcers?

Consume smooth, bland, smooth foods that are packed with protein and calories, like frozen yogurt, custard, cheeses, milk, smoothies, creamy broths, and protein drinks. Consuming foods more concentrated in calories can assist the body in getting sufficient nourishment if you can only eat a small amount without experiencing pain.

Q5. Which vitamin prevents oral ulcers?

Mouth ulcers can be effectively treated with either the antioxidant vitamin B or B12 vitamin along with the pantothenic Vitamin B supplementation is not only effective, but it also speeds up ulcer recovery, reduces the duration of remedy, and greatly lowers the chance of a return.

Q6. How to quickly increase the vitamin B12 levels?

A higher intake of animal-derived foods such as meat, fish, milk products, and eggs is what you should do if you want to increase your vitamin B12 intake. Breakfast cereals that have been fortified are an excellent source of extra B12. It’s probable that in addition to the dietary modification, your doctor will advise you to consume a daily dose of vitamin B12.