How to Vape Cbd Oil: 10 Best Cbd Vaping Tips for Beginners

Best Cbd Vaping Tips

Roughly 8% of Americans vape. With the rising popularity of CBD, we expect that number to rise.

For the uninitiated, CBD is a cannabinoid in cannabis plants that makes up a near majority of the plant’s extract. CBD is also most associated with the healing benefits of marijuana.

As society continues to become more health-conscious, especially during these stressful times, more people are wondering how to vape CBD oil, if doing so has health benefits and more.

In this post, we aim to address some of that curiosity by sharing tips that will assist beginners in getting started with vaping CBD oil. Our hope is that this insight will help interested parties decide whether or not the legwork that goes into vaping CBD justifies its healing potential.

1. Get Good Oil

The CBD oil market has turned into the wild west. Manufacturers are seeing opportunities to make quick money in a new marketplace and consequently, sub-par products are flooding online stores.

What’s worse is that since the broad legalization of CBD is relatively new, regulators aren’t privy to everything that’s going on which creates serious quality control issues.

All of that to say that as you learn how to vape CBD oil, make getting quality oil your top priority. The best way to do that is to buy reputable CBD oil brands from reputable sellers. You can deduce a seller’s/brand’s reputation by examining online reviews.

2. Keep Your Oil in a Cool Dark Place

UV rays can interact with elements of CBD oil and create negative effects. These effects might include a poor taste or a dulling of CBD’s healing properties.

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To make sure your first CBD oil vaping experience is a positive one, store all of the oil you purchase in a cool, dark place. Medicine cabinets, closets and drawers are all places to consider.

3. Know How Much CBD to Take

Think of CBD as a medicine when vaping. Vaping too little could leave you without any effect. Vaping too much could overwhelm you leaving you feeling bad and harming your ability to enjoy CBD in the future.

While dosing CBD correctly is a process of trial and error, you can make educated dosing guesses by looking at weight charts and discussing them with your doctor. A physician should be able to tell you how much CBD per pound you should be taking and you can make tweaks from there.

4. Carefully Assess Hardware Options

Those that are completely new to vaping might become overwhelmed by the amount of vaping apparatus options that exist. These options include vape pens, pod vapes, box mods, and more.

Look over each of your hardware options, consider their costs compared to their benefits, and determine which option might best suit your needs. If you can’t decide, going to a smoke shop and asking for guidance from a salesperson can bring clarity.

5. Read Before Vaping

We can’t tell you how many people bust their vaping hardware out of its box and rush to start using it without reading any instructions. This is acceptable behavior if you’re a vaping pro but if you’re just starting out, hit the breaks!

Not reading your vape’s guidance can put its health and yours at risk so take the time to learn how to use it and understand what maintenance is required.

6. Keep Extra Batteries Handy

If your vape uses rechargeable battery packs, investing in an additional battery/charger will save you a ton of time. It enables you to have a spare battery always charging while your vape is running.

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Believe us when we say that not having to wait for a full charge between vape uses can be a game-changer.

7. Dedicate a Tank to CBD

As you get deeper into the world of vaping, you may diversify what you smoke to include recreational eJuices that come in a variety of flavors. If you do this, keep a separate vape tank for your CBD oil and your flavored products.

If you don’t, you could pick up odd flavors when you vape CBD and cross-contamination could dampen your CBD’s effects.

8. Understand Local Regulations

Localities are increasingly cracking down on vaping. This is true even for those that are vaping CBD oil for medical purposes.

To avoid trouble, understand regulations around vaping in your community before starting. Not doing so could lead to a steep fine.

9. Start Slow

Not all people take to vaping the same way. It may be that your body reacts poorly to the activity or to CBD oil itself.

The best way to get a safe gauge on the viability of vaping CBD long-term is to start slow and build. We always recommend doing about half of what your weight dictates and scaling up to your full suggested CBD dose if you feel comfortable doing so.

10. Have Fun and Try New Things

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the world of vaping. After you build some comfort, we recommend experimenting by picking up some of the best CBD vape cartridges to buy online, trying out different vaping hardware, and perhaps even learning fun vape tricks.

Life is short so always do your best to get the most out of everything you do!

Now That You Know How to Vape CBD Oil Consider Trying It

Knowing how to vape CBD oil comes down to arming yourself with a few solid tips and giving it a whirl.

Now, it’s time to decide whether or not you’re open to experimenting with CBD and vaping as a whole!

If you’d like more context on vaping, consider browsing additional content covering the subject on our blog.


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