Juwan Howard Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2023)

Juwan Howard Net Worth

Juwan Howard is a former American basketball player. He is very well-known for his exceptional basketball skills. Howard is currently working as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s team. He was born on 7th February 1973 in Chicago, Illinois. At present, he is 50 years old. He is one of the richest American players/coaches in basketball history. Due to his popularity, many people are keen to know Juwan Howard net worth. You are definitely one of those people.

Full Name  Juwan Antonio Howard
Age  50 years
Height 6 ft 9 inches
Date of Birth 7th February, 1973
Gender Male 
Nationality American 
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Net Worth $80 Million to $126 Million
Profession  Basketball player and coach
Partner Jenine Wardally

Juwan Howard Net Worth (2023)

Juwan Howard is one of the highest-paid basketball players. He is the first player to receive a 100 million Dollar from Washington Bullets. He also received a salary of 15 million Dollars each year between 1996 and 2006. This is when his net worth started to grow. As per various sources, Juwan Howard net worth is somewhere between 80 million Dollars and 126 million Dollars in 2023. Unfortunately, the exact amount is still not confirmed.

former basketball player

Juwan Howard’s Early Life 

As mentioned, Juwan Howard was born on 7th February 1973 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. As per records, his mother, Helena Howard, was only 17 years old when she gave birth to him. She was very young then. As a result, Jannie Mae Howard adopted him and took his responsibility. Hence, Juwan Howard was brought up by his maternal grandmom. His parents did not visit him much. As a result, Howard was never very close to his parents. 

Juwan Howard Net Worth

Juwan Howard’s Education

Howard did his schooling at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. While at school, Juwan discovered his love for sports, especially basketball. He joined and played for the basketball team at school. Juwan was titled as an ‘All American’ due to his tremendous performance in basketball. Surprisingly, he was not only good at sports but also performed equally well in academics. After completing his schooling, Howard went to the University of Michigan. Over there, he became a part of the Fab-Five. 

Juwan Howard’s Career 

Juwan Howard first played basketball as an American basketball player. After retiring as a player, he works as a head coach. His earnings as both; a basketball player and a head coach, added to Juwan Howard net worth. Let us learn about his career journey in brief.

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former basketball player working as a coach

As a player

While participating in the Fab-Five, Howard played the Basketball Championship for the Men’s Division of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), in 1992 and 1993. Washington Bullets further selected Juwan as their fifth pick in 1994. After playing for years and winning his first NBA championship in 2012, Juwan retired as a player in 2013.

As a head coach

After retiring in 2013, Juwan remained an assistant coach in the Miami Heat Organization for six years. After that, in 2019, he accepted the head coach position of the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team. His tremendous coaching led to the great success of his team. Due to this, he won various coaching awards.

Juwan Howard’s Source of Income 

As mentioned, Juwan Howards is a former basketball player and current head coach of the Michigans Wolverine men’s basketball team. Hence, the topic that we are reading about, Juwan Howard net worth, was built by both; working as a basketball player and becoming the head coach. 

Juwan Howard’s Real Estate

Juwan Howard has a lavish real estate collection. In 2020, Howard acquired a luxurious mansion with 13 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms valued at 18 million Dollars. Consider the following table to learn about some of his real estate properties. 

Year Of Purchase Property  Buying Cost
1996 A Town Home in the River North Area of Chicago $49.2 Million
2005 3.5 acre property in South Florida’s Gables Estate $11.775 Million
2009 A 300 square feet,  three-bedroom unit in Trump International Hotel and Tower $2.55 Million

Juwan Howard’s Car Collection

Juwan is very fond of luxury cars. Additionally, they are a symbol of Howard’s success as well. His car collection includes the following ones. 

  1. Ferrari GTC4
  2. Mercedes Benz EQC
  3. Mercedes Benz A-class
  4. BMW X-1
  5. Tesla Model X

Juwan Howard’s Investments 

As we all know, Juwan earns a lot. Juwan Howard net worth is somewhere in between 80 million Dollars to 126 million Dollars. He spends his money wisely. Along with acquiring cars and real estate properties, Juwan has also made a lot of investments. He owns a massive portfolio of stock, which compounds his net worth and wealth. He earns an annual income of 3 million Dollars from his investments. 

Philanthropic Activities by Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard has engaged in a lot of philanthropic activities throughout his life. He has donated a considerable amount over the years. Additionally, Juwan constantly visited the patients at the University of Michigan Health System hospitals while being a student-athlete. 

Additionally, Juwan runs a yearly free basketball camp for youth. 

Juwan Howard’s Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet 9 inches
Weight 250 lb, 113 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair color Black 
Complexion Olive
Shoe Size 16
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Personal Life of Juwan Howard

Juwan and Jenine Wardally have been married to each other since 2002. They have two children, Jace and Jett. Jace was born in 2001, and Jett was born in 2003. However, Howard has a long dating history. Along with his two children from Jenine, Juwan has four more children. Juwan Howard Jr., Starr Howard, Sky Howard, and Joshua Howard. This means that Juwan has six children in total. 

Juwan Howard Net Worth


There are not many controversies about Juwan Howard. However, he was believed to be involved in one during the late 1980s. He attended the Nike Academic Betterment and Career Development ( ABCD) Camp at Princeton, New Jersey. Then, he was involved in the only controversy of his life. He was accused of stealing a second pair of sneakers on the last day of the camp. Howard denied the theft. However, he was still sent back home. 

Final words 

Juwan Howard has lived an amazing life as a basketball player. He is working well as a head coach by adding more to it. He is an inspiration to many people, especially the youth. Coming back to the title, Juwan Howard net worth is still not confirmed. Moreover, it is confirmed that he possesses a net worth ranging between 80 million dollars and 125 million dollars. The exact amount is still not disclosed. However, as soon as we are informed about the precise figure, we will update it for our readers. Stay tuned. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What was Juwan Howard net worth in 2023?

Juwan Howard’s net worth in 2023 is somewhere between 80 million Dollars and 126 million Dollars, as per sources.

2. Is Juwan Howard a basketball player or a basketball coach?

Juwan Howard is a former American basketball player. He took retirement from his basketball career as a player in 2013. After retiring, he became an assistant coach. Currently, he is working as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s team.

3. Does Juwan Howard have any Mercedes models? 

Yes! Juwan Howard is a fan of collecting cars. He owns a lot of luxurious cars. Out of all his vehicles, he holds two Mercedes car models. They are Mercedes Benz EQC and Mercedes Benz A-class. 

4. Did Juwan Howard steal a pair of sneakers while attending the Nike Academic Betterment and Career Camp at Princeton, New Jersey?

It is true that Juwan Howard was accused of stealing the second pair of sneakers at the Nike ABCD camp. However, according to him, he was falsely accused of something he didn’t do. 

5. How many children does Juwan Howard have? Do they all belong to the same mother?

Juwan Howard has six children in total. Juwan Howard Jr., Joshua Howard, Sky Howard, Starr Howard, Jace Howard, and Jett Howard. No, they all do not belong to the same mother. However, Jace Howard and Jett Howard are two children that belong to him and his present wife, Jenine Wardally. 

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