Laptop Speakers not Working? – Here’s How to Fix it!

laptop speakers not working
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Laptop speakers not working? Fix the issues now!

It can be frustrating if Laptop speakers not working. As people like streaming online and watching movies on their laptops, this situation can be very annoying. Meanwhile, it is not so difficult to fix this problem until there is some major issue. For example, if speakers are not working, you can use headphones also. But when your friends are with you and want to see a movie together, you cannot wear headphones. Some easy methods can quickly resolve this problem. Moreover, we have provided each method to solve this issue in detail. Continue reading the article to receive all the information for why Laptop speakers not working. 

Laptop speakers not working- Common issues.

laptop speakers not working
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Laptop speakers not working? Do not worry about this. We have many solutions to this issue for you. When you find that laptop speakers have stopped working, it may be due to the sound settings, device drivers. It can also be due to any other physical defect in the speakers or maybe the wiring. To sort out all these issues and fix them, you have to determine all the problems and perform available fixes. And then see if the speakers are working or not.

Below we have mentioned all the common issues that may be responsible for no sound in laptop speakers. 

Muted speakers: It may be the issue of muted speakers that may cause the problem. 

Configuration: Speakers may not be working due to configuration issues. It may include, default audio device that is preventing speakers from working. 

Drivers: Check if audio drivers are up to date. If not, you have to replace them with the latest ones. 

Corrupted Hardware: It may also be due to corrupted or damaged hardware. 

Fix Laptop speakers not working in Windows 

If you are using Windows, then here is a quick guide to fix laptop speakers. 

Check if the Sound is not muted.

Whenever you come across this issue, the first thing you have to do is check the volume on your laptop. It may happen that sometimes the volume is accidentally muted. First, check whether the volume is muted or not by tapping on the mute button or speaker icon on the right lower side of the taskbar. If it is muted, then unmute it and turn up the volume. 

If you have attached external speakers to your laptop, you have to turn up the volume. Still, if they are not working, check the speakers wiring, or maybe there is some audio problem in the app you are using. 

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Try headphones

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The next option is headphones. You can try plugging in your headphones or earphones. As you connect the headphones, your laptop will automatically detect them. Next, try listening to the audio in your headphones. If you hear a sound, then there is a problem with the software or audio driver. Also, it may be any other physical problem. If headphones are also not working, try another method for fixing this issue. 

Check if the device is correct.

Using multiple audios can be misleading your system audio. It can prevent the use of correct audio. Therefore, you have to set your computer to a suitable audio device. After this, you can start listening to the audio. How can you do this? Follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Start menu & type Sound in the search box. 
  2. Select the available audio device and set it as default by clicking on Set Default.
  3. If still, you are not able to listen to the audio, try another audio device.

By trying this method, you can fix if Laptop speakers not working. If not, try another way.


Windows PCs have in-built software for many troubleshooting problems. Also, there is a troubleshooter for speakers. However, for running a troubleshooter for the Laptop speakers, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to start.
  2. Click on the Settings option. 
  3. Choose the Update and Security option.
  4. You will see so many options; choose Troubleshoot.
  5. Click on the Playing audio.
  6. After this, click on Run Troubleshooter
  7. You have to follow all the instructions to do this. 
  8. Your problem will be solved. 

Reinstall Audio Drivers if Laptop speakers not working

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Windows has many Audio drivers. Sometimes these drivers get out of date, and laptop speakers stop working. you have to uninstall the drivers first and then reinstall them.

How to do this? Follow these steps:

  1. Click start.
  2. Search for device manager
  3. Open it.
  4. Click Sound, Video & Game Controllers option, then open it.
  5. Uninstall the audio drivers from the provided list.
  6. Once you uninstall all the drivers, the laptop will install the new drivers automatically. 
  7. In case it does not occur, then start your laptop again.
  8. The drivers will get installed.

Check for Updates

  1. Click Start.
  2. Go on the Settings option.
  3. Then click on Update and Security.
  4. Click Windows Update.
  5. Check for any update if it is pending.
  6. If there is an option of Updates are available, click on Install now
  7. You can choose the updates you want to install on your System. 
  8. Then click on Install

Check the speaker wiring.

Sometimes, some wires may get disconnected while you open up your laptop for some other needs. Check the cables that connect speakers to the motherboard. If there are broken wires, fix them. If this task is difficult for you, you can take any professional’s help to fix this problem. 

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Perform System Restore

When updates are installed on your computer operating system, a system restore is created if there are any problems. For example, it may be that after system restore, your audio stopped working. It is easy to perform a system restore. Follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. So the first step is, open the Control panel from the Start menu.
  2. Click on System and security.
  3. Then select Security and Maintenance
  4. After that, choose Recovery.
  5. Next, tap on Open System Restore.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Choose the System Restore Point; after this, click on Scan for affected programs. Check whether the audio driver is affected or not. If it is not detected, try the next solution provided below.

Fix Laptop speakers not working in Mac 

If you are using a Mac device, and there are audio issues, you can choose these methods to fix them. In case nothing works, you can fix this issue by approaching a professional. 

Check volume

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The foremost thing to do is check the volume of your System. Sometimes audio gets muted unintentionally. Press the F12 key to turn up the volume. If it doesn’t work, try other methods.

Check device settings

It may be possible that a Mac device might choose the incorrect audio device that leads to bugs, driver issues, wrong configurations, and much more.

To solve this,

  1. Click on the Apple Menu.
  2. Then go to System Preferences.
  3. Choose the Sound option. 
  4. Check the settings for the audio device. 
  5. Select the correct input device.

Application issues

Sometimes, audio on your Mac won’t play due to some settings in the app you are using. For example, if you are surfing YouTube, then maybe the audio is muted in the app. So, first, check it and unmute the audio. If this doesn’t work, follow another method. 

If Laptop speakers not working- Check for updates

It is the fundamental thing you have to do regularly. So, if your audio is not working on your Mac device, make sure that this is the latest version of macOS. If it is not, you have to run the newest version to fix the audio issues. The new macOS version comes with new features and some changes in audio drivers, frameworks, and tools. For this reason, it is possible to get some audio issues in your Mac device. 

Therefore, to check if you are running the latest version, 

  • Click on the Apple menu. 
  • After that, click on About this Mac
  • You will see the name and details of the version that is currently running. 

You can install the latest version from the App Store.

Final thoughts

On the whole, if, in any case, your audio stops working, you have to check the audio settings first. It may happen that audio settings sometimes are accidentally changed. We recommend you keep your drivers updated. In contrast to Windows, Mac laptops do not have any toolset that helps to check and fix the issues. You can use these methods, but if these don’t work, you have to visit a professional for any sound problem in laptop speakers. 

So, these were all the available methods or fixes you can use for audio problems in the speakers. Hope these methods will guide you to resolve the issue. Thank you!


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