Unlocking inclusivity: The benefits and best practices of online diversity and inclusion training


Online diversity and inclusion training is simply the start of a fascinating journey that people are offered to undertake. If people understand the essence of learning, they will quickly appreciate that the real opportunities lie beyond the computer interface in real conversations and in new relationship opportunities afforded by the training. 

Concepts, principles, ideas and values, etc. shared in diversity and inclusion eLearning or online interactions open up a window to explore at a deeper level in our daily realities the value to us and others of this growth opportunity. 

Best practice dictates that online diversity and inclusion convert into richer conversations on the subject with others. If we actively seek out opportunities to discuss aspects of what we have been exposed to openly and honestly, we will soon discover so much more about ourselves and others. Discussion is transformative if we really care about the people we are having them with and want them to be constructive and productive.

Table of Contents

Talking more

What makes learning exciting and rewarding is when it has a tangible impact in our actual lives that makes a difference and then begins to become more meaningful. Once we embark on an approach that has the potential to stretch diversity and inclusion in eLearning into important relationships and aspects of our work life, the training becomes more profound. 

We want to make any online diversity and inclusion training worthwhile. The experience is definitely not intended to only edify ourselves theoretically with comprehensive knowledge. Learning of a social, psychological, and philosophical nature is only beneficial if it enriches our lives. 

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A life well spent is one where we gain not only a greater appreciation of ourselves but also a deeper appreciation of the people we interact with in all their wonder. The rewards of meaningful discussion are often a surprising establishment of greater bonds and connections that have the capacity to withstand great challenges within relationships. 

Refreshing conversations

It is fascinating to see, as we discuss things with others, both the similarities and considerable differences that exist. As we get to know a person better and better, we will want to afford them the same respect and dignity we ourselves wish to be afforded. The outcome of this is greater humility, caring, harmony, and acceptance. 

As we get a more congruent picture of who they are and why, a lot more begins to make sense. This more intimate view of others and in turn, ourselves is very liberating as we are released from our inclination to mistrust and judge.  

Taking diversity and inclusion online training out of the prescribed learning environment into actual existence, through regular conversation on the variety of topics covered will elevate all aspects of the education. As our thinking is molded by quality interaction with others, we acquire actual wisdom that is helpful in confronting, coping, and dealing with challenges that inevitably arise in our journey. The more perspectives we get, the richer our reflections and choices in responding to situations maturely. 

The point of discussion is that it is a process rather than an endpoint, providing the opportunity for ever greater learning ongoing. People are at different points in their personal evolution and discussion has the power to expose us to the things that we never ever would have thought to explore or think about as individuals. 

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Discussion about differences and difficulties needs to be normalized as an avenue to provide the space to find potentially mutually satisfying solutions. Good conversations always leave us wanting to discuss and engage more. Our appetite to connect becomes insatiable and will deepen our desire to stretch ourselves. It is only through personal discussion that does not have an artificial component that we can truly let go of illusions and naïve or narrow perspectives and widen our vision to include others fully. We should not delay the process.