Tips for Making a Comfortable Room to Hibernate in the Winter Months

Comfortable Room

In the summer months, it feels like any time spent in the house is wasted time – time you could better spend outside relaxing on the beach, playing in the park, or just going for a really long walk in the sun. During the hotter months, you might even end up spending more time in your back garden than your main living Comfortable Room, holding barbeques, tending to your flower beds, or simply sunbathing. As soon as the weather starts feeling colder, our desire to spend more time outside suddenly disappears. Instead, many of us would enjoy nothing more than wrapping ourselves up in a blanket and enjoying watching a film on the TV or reading a good book. During the winter months, we want our rooms to be as warm and cozy as possible, so it’s the perfect escape from the cold and often wet weather we have to endure when leaving the house. So how do you make your home the perfect place to hibernate? Here are some ideas on how to make your room perfect for hiding away until the sun reappears. 

Take a seat Comfortable Room

When we want people to feel more relaxed in our homes, we’ll often ask people to simply “take a seat.” That’s because being able to rest on something comfortable is one of the most important things when it comes to feeling more relaxed. Before you consider buying anything else to make your home feel more relaxed, make sure you’ve got at least one comfortable seat in the house. You might think the best thing to sit on to feel relaxed is a traditional sofa or armchair. There is one piece of furniture that most of us fail to even consider when choosing what to fill our rooms with. Something that many of us have probably not sat on since our childhood. 

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Bean bag chairs aren’t just for children. These days there are lots of retailers out there selling adult-sized beanbags for you to enjoy. Just like every other product, there are some brands that are a lot better known than others. Popularity doesn’t mean that they’re the best product on the market, though. Some bean bags that others might consider to be Lovesac knockoffs could actually be a lot comfier and look a lot better in your particular room. Once you’ve found the brand that you like the look of, make sure you pick a color that compliments your room, so it doesn’t clash with the rest of the décor. That way, you know that your bean bag chair will look good all year round. There are lots of different sizes, and even bean bags that are big enough to fit two people at once, so pick a size that is suitable for what you want to use it for yet not too big that you struggle to move around any room it’s in.

Set the temperature on Comfortable Room

As well as feeling comfortable, you’ll also want to feel warm during those winter months. You might think the easiest way to do this is simply to crack your thermostat up to its highest setting. If you’re not sat close to a heater or a radiator, you could find that the heat isn’t reaching you. You could also be wasting a lot of money heating the whole room when you just want to feel warm in the room you’re currently sat in. Luckily there are a lot of alternatives that bring the warmth a lot closer to you. For example, an electric blanket is a great way of instantly feeling a lot warmer. All you need to do is plug it in, flick a switch, and then the elements will heat the blanket while it’s wrapped around you. You might think that a blanket with cables inside might not be very comfortable to wrap around you, but with most brands, you’d probably not feel too much of a difference between an electric and a traditional blanket. As well as electric blankets, you could use a hot water bottle to keep yourself warm. Just like the name suggests, all you need to do is fill these bottles up with hot water from the stove, and you’ve got a nice warm bag of water you can clutch to make you feel a lot warmer. These are also very good at targeting any aches and pains you may have during the colder months.

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Think about lighting 

As well as feeling colder, the winter months can mean it feels a lot darker earlier in the day. With less natural sunlight filling your room, you’ll want to find different ways of lighting up wherever you’re sat. During the day, if you’re trying to get work done, you’ll want a nice bright light to fill the whole room so you can see exactly what you’re doing. The best way to do this is to make sure you have a powerful enough bulb in the pendant hanging from your ceiling. During the evenings, you might find that your main light is too bright to be able to relax in the room. When that’s the case, make sure you have some lamps to make the room feel more cozy but still be able to see what you’re doing. 

Time to find some entertainment

Now that you feel a lot more comfortable in the room, the only thing that’ll stop you from wanting to spend all of your time in there will be boredom. Make sure you have lots of different activities to hand to entertain yourself. Don’t just rely on the games or social media apps on your phone to pass the time. Why not try your hand at a more traditional pastime like a jigsaw puzzle or a board game? If there’s been a book or a particular box set that you’ve been wanting to binge for a long time, the winter months are a great time to start it. Things like adult coloring books are also becoming an increasingly popular way to relax while doing something creative. 


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