Stance Swap: Facts That Will Change Your Outlook on Spiders

Outlook on Spiders

Do you remember the first time you saw a spider? Did you think of them as creepy crawlies? This view on spiders may seem harmless, but if truth be told, it is not. They are being regarded as pests even though most of them don’t necessarily harm humans. Due to the spread of misinformation, spiders have amassed a negative reputation, and we want to stop that. So carry on and read these facts that will change your outlook on spiders.

Begone, Arachnophobia!

The fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, is a common fear felt by people around the globe. It has affected an average of 300 million people worldwide. People who have this fear consciously avoid doing things that may put them near a spider-like entering a crawlspace or going to abandoned houses.

But luckily, like all fears, this condition has a cure. The irrational panic that comes from seeing a spider can actually be treated. Through specific methods like exposure therapy and desensitization, your strong repulsion of spiders will eventually be gone. The more spider facts you know, the better.

Bigger is Better

When you think of spiders, you probably imagine those small ones in the corner of rooms or the black ones without a husband. But if someone asked you if you know any large spider species, one name probably comes to mind: Tarantulas. Tarantulas are the most popular species of big spiders and are also the most misunderstood.

People often believe that Tarantulas are dangerous because of their massive size and large, sharp fangs. But that is not the case. These spiders can’t actually harm humans. If they were to bite you, a bee’s sting would actually hurt more. And since this species of spider is docile, they have become favorite exotic pets for people. 

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Strong Secretions

If you think of our 8-legged friend, you’ll no doubt also think of webs. The first impression you have of a web is most likely weak and flimsy, and I can’t blame you. It just looks delicate while it moves with the wind. However, that notion is wrong. In actuality, spider webs or silk are among the strongest substances that occur naturally in the world.

Spider silk is, in fact, stronger than a steel string with the same width. It’s so strong that companies and researchers are investigating its potential to be a material used for bulletproof clothing. Since the silk produced by spiders is light, elastic, and stronger by weight than kevlar or steel, it’ll most likely happen in the near future.

Friendly-Neighbourhood Spiders

Have you heard of Spider-Man before? If you do, then you probably understood the heading for this section. Spider-Man is known as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man because he saves people in his hometown of Queens, NY. So just like the fictional hero, spiders also protect humans from pests in their homes.

Spiders typically feed on the insects we consider as indoor pests. Some of these pests are the mosquitoes, the cockroaches, the flies, and other small insects. So if you notice that you don’t have as many annoying insects as before, don’t forget to thank the spiders living in your house because they probably ate them.

Takeaway of Spiders

Spiders are greatly misunderstood. Through stories and how they are portrayed in movies, our misconception of them only grew. But spiders are not at all like how they are shown in the media. They can be our pets, our protector from insects, and giver of a resource that can save human lives. After everything you’ve read, hopefully, you’ll have your stance swapped.


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