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Beneficial Owner

Nowadays, in a world full of scammers and hackers, collaborating with other entities has become too risky and has many potential risks involved. Many organizations are cooperating with different ranges of businesses to increase their sales and enhance growth. However, the firms who are dealing in the finance sector are too much in danger of money laundering and terrorism financing. To avoid such types of illicit entities, companies are required to conduct a proper business investigation and ensure all the individuals involved with them are legal or authentic. In this article, we will share details regarding ultimate beneficial owners and how UBO verification is the most important verification factor in the KYB checks.

Who is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner?

UBO known as Ultimate Beneficial Owner is the ultimate owner of the business and has the right to make business decisions. They are the true persons and benefit from the shares within the business. UBOs can’t be considered to be the actual owner of the firm but has the authority to perform financial transactions according to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The capable person who holds this post has a minimum share of 25% in the business. Also, have voting rights and should be guardians of minors. It is important to know the major difference between a normal employee and the UBO. The difference is the ultimate beneficial owner has the financial concern within the organization. In a simple ownership structure of a business, UBOs can easily be identified but it can be challenging to verify their authority in a complex company’s ownership structure.

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Understand UBO Verification in Know Your Business

In the process of Know Your Business onboarding, various verification steps are conducted to ensure transparency, security, and compliance with AML protocols. Concerning this, deeply analyzing the business ownership structure is essential. Every organization has different associate individuals who are declared as ultimate beneficial owners. Verifying these UBOs is important as it has the right to perform the financial transaction within the business.

UBO verification is the process of identifying the legitimacy and authenticity of the business to determine the potential risks and dangers after being involved with them. Several UBOs want to remain anonymous and hide their presence publicly. They can be the ones who are involved in criminal activities like money laundering and terrorism financing. That’s why it is highly recommended to every business that wants to associate with other organizations and build business relationships.  

How to Perform Ultimate Beneficial Owner Identification?

Most UBOs are looking to be associated with legal businesses and hide their banned activities behind shell companies. Engaging with these types of individuals can ruin the business’s reputation and can impact directly on overall business operation structures and sales. To prevent this, consider UBO identification before being involved with them. These are the basic steps to perform this verification:

  1. When a person wants to be a part of the business as a UBO. It is required by the business to demand the necessary official documents such as identity card, address, license, and banking details. 
  2. Once all the important documents are collected, the proper verification is required to determine the originality and validity. For this purpose, ensure the security elements like signatures, stamps, or other visible factors depending upon the type of the documents.
  3. In the UBO verification process, it is important to keep an eye on the individual’s financial transactions and what source of income they have. Whether they are generating black money or white. This can be identified by the previous bank transaction conducted by the entity.
  4. Real-time monitoring of the verification process assists in ensuring that nothing bad is happening and companies are dealing with legal or authentic individuals. In most cases, after onboarding, the individuals change their details, to make this process effective it is important to trace the whole verification process.
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Benefits of Ultimate Beneficial Owner Verification

Ultimate Beneficial Owner verification is considered to be the most underrated step in the know your business methodology. However, a lot of potential risks and frauds are associated with them. Few are the benefits of UBO verification businesses will receive:

  • Helps in identifying potential frauds and risks associated with other organizations.
  • Businesses will be able to make informed decisions whether to work with them or not.
  • Assist laws to minimize corruption by reporting the default person to legal authorities.
  • Enhance security and compliance in the B2B sector.
  • Allow transparency in the financial transactions.

In a Nutshell

Ultimate beneficial owners are the actual person who owns the business and can get benefit from the company shares. It is crucial for an organization to properly investigate these UBOs as there are many potential risks and dangers associated with them. UBO identification is the process of verifying the legitimacy and authenticity of the person who holds this sustainable post of the ultimate beneficial owner and helps businesses to only deal with original or valid users.